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  1. Does this help? Park tweeted this yesterday: I believe landfall is early tomorrow morning, and Galveston is currently under a hurricane warning. I’d be kind of surprised if they weren’t closed tomorrow too:
  2. ^Aaaaaand now its a cat 4. Still tracking east though, but storm surge sounds nasty, 20 feet! Port Arthur is doomed.
  3. Prozach do you realize how much of a hypocrite you are? Here is you saying you think SFStL is better than WoF: And here is you in the WoF thread saying the opposite, all while joining in on the ever cliche topic of Patriot's "forcelessness": But wait, is that you saying you haven't been to SFStL in years?! Ah, now I totally understand why you're so qualified to be SFStL thread records keeper... what? Let's keep going though. Here is you getting corrected in the WoF thread for incorrect reasoning and conceding that you should have checked your facts: You're so cal
  4. Timber Wolf was plenty rough for my visit too, it always amazing me how strong of airtime it has though. Prowler was just okay for me. Not bent up about waiting so long to ride it at all. Too much throwing you around back and forth and not enough airtime... like at all. I wouldn't even say it cracks my top ten. Poop.
  5. ^I haven't ridden Prowler yet but judging from past "post retracking" rides on Timber Wolf and rides on other GCI coasters I hope that isn't true; and I feel like it's probably a bit of a stretch. Unless of course the rehab has been incredibly extensive or Prowler has deteriorated like Gwazi.... I'll be there next week so I'll be happy to share my findings.
  6. Drove past Schlitterbahn today... Can't say I'm all that drawn to visit but Verrückt does look intimidating. I can't tell if its all the Kansas nothingness behind it or if it's actually pretty dang tall!
  7. I've always thought WOF could benefit from a good solid launched coaster. A launch is something they've been without for... well... forever.
  8. Fixed. Mamba's height doesn't make it any more thrilling, and Patriot is just fun; if it didn't have inversions it'd be a family ride too.
  9. Wow, sounds like a case where a supervisor wasn't available when they really should have been. I can understand the general employee's inability to issue a refund, but it seriously should not have been that hard to find someone with the capabilities to provide an obviously warranted refund.
  10. I may be biased, but if enthusiasts were able to ride Ninja with anticipation of the only rough part of the ride (the half loop "immelman") I doubt they'd rate it so low. I've ridden much more boring rides in the same park (River King Mine Train, anyone?) and I'd hardly rate it as my worst coaster.
  11. Looks amazing! Wonder why one of the car's lights weren't working yet, though. Hopefully a minor glitch and not an ongoing problem, those lights are definitely a defining feature of the ride.
  12. Amen to that. Ninja's shelf-life is way over overdue. Yank it, scrap it, melt it down ..and then put in this 'Signature' ride. They don't need to bother using Ninja's space, a real signature ride wouldn't fit there anyways. There's lots of land in the northeast section of the park near SkyScreamer that is currently full of storage, FrightFest stuff, and trees, which would work great for a signature ride. That area needs a bit more to complete its revitalization anyways. Totally agree SFStL needs a signature steel though. Freeze is great, but it is a clone after all.
  13. ^I understand the reference, but I personally wouldn't consider a drop tower with a unique vertical-to-horizontal aspect the same as a standard vertical drop tower. Nor would I consider the experiences provided by Behemoth and Leviathan the same. A standard drop tower and a retrofitted WindSeeker would, as far as I know, have the exact same straight-up-and-down belly-dropping experience. Feel free to describe the difference in more detail, but otherwise I just don't see the point in converting these rides.
  14. That would work if most of the parks with Windseekers didn't already have drop towers... Demon Drop - Power Tower Behemoth - Leviathan Point? Demon drop no longer exists and Behemoth and Leviathan are not drop towers.
  15. ^Patriot is actually pretty fun. Mainly "forceless" as far as positives go, but it has quite a bit of airtime for an inverted coaster. Don't expect much more from Banshee... New B&Ms are all pretty much the same in terms of conservative-ness. Awesome picture though, definitely makes SteelHawk look a lot less out of place.
  16. That would work if most of the parks with Windseekers didn't already have drop towers...
  17. Sour much? Ten years of tradition shouldn't be wiped out by one bad experience. If you really loved the park, you'd be able to see past a less than 10% failure rate... ESPECIALLY on opening day.
  18. Or some b-roll of the coaster's chains This is how I read his post at first and I was thinking hmmmm, that would probably be boring for most folks but us enthusiasts would be totally down! Funny you mentioned it. Great to hear Cedar Fair is doing well! Especially Oceans of Fun with Schlitterbahn across the border.
  19. It looks a lot like American Thunder's final hop into the brake run which turns to the right without much banking. If it's anything like American Thunder, there will be a nice toss to the side as you enter the brakes. I have to admit it can be quite strong if you aren't expecting it. These are the best pictures I could find, those who have ridden can attest.
  20. These are from last week, but here are a few more shots of SteelHawk for perspective:
  21. My first legitimate creation in NL2, didn't take all that long to get the hang of the basics. All hand-built... likely more to come.
  22. Tom's Twister! Still miss that ride, its too bad it closed when Bugs Bunny National Park opened.
  23. My two favorite colors look so great together on horribly named Goliath at SFFT:
  24. I thought the six flags late deadline was July 4th? But seriously, who thought of this? Maybe it'll get one of those "must be 18 years or older to ride... and also sign this release" signs when it finally opens up.
  25. ^^While we enthusiasts may think it would be a horrible addition, a large roller coaster is a necessity at SFStL.With Vekoma's new trains, a heavy rehab, a new paint job, and a nice upgrade to the surrounding area (ala Carolina Cobra) you can't honestly tell me this wouldn't be a welcome addition to the park. Most park-goers at SFStL aren't going to know any different. The lines stack up for all the other clones in the park don't they? (...Mr. Freeze, Batman: The Ride, American Thunder, Pandemonium...) It would be an inexpensive way to liven up the park with a new coaster. Even though I'd
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