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  1. At this point the property owner is waiting for the right economy to close the park. Once it makes more economic sense for redevelopment the park will close. That could be never and the land could be resold if we hit (or the region hits) a major recession. This is America, whatever makes the owner the most money will be the decision taken...
  2. WoF just got a Mamba system upgrade we're all good for 15 years! Really sad news any time a major park announces a closure to be serious, though. Anyone think the pandemic had anything to do with it? I have read some grim things about the region's economy recently.
  3. WOW WOW WEEWUH! Alright, I am definitely headed to WoF this year once they figure out the train situation. This is the best news out of WoF since 2009!
  4. If they would ever shut off the dang mid course it could actually be a whole new ride!
  5. Pics or it isn't real! For real though surely someone can verify.
  6. Nice report! Shame FoF is so rough, I really enjoyed Poltergeist and imagined if it was done in the complete darkness it could be a lot of fun. Does anyone know if the one at KD has the same issue? Orion's lift looks so pretty at night. Do they have lights on in the back wooded section of Orion or is there just enough ambient lighting for it to not have "dark" night rides?
  7. Don't be silly SFStL management is surely not to see anything posted here. No use in complementing them
  8. The fact that my Google search for this yielded more confusion begs to differ.
  9. Well clearly Tom's Twister is the old flat at SFStL that I completely confused with Cyclone Sam's! Both tornado themed, totally different rides at different parks. @slickpoetry I meant Cyclone Sam's!!!!!
  10. Patriot, Mamba, Timber Wolf, Prowler, Spinning Dragons, Boomerang. In that order. Timber Wolf has a history of being rough but it has been greatly improved since they removed the helix. Prowler will beat the sh!t out of you and will definitely make you wish you hadn't ridden (unpopular opinion, ride at your own risk, you have been warned!). WoF has the best secret weapon flat with Tom's Twister. Make it your priority to ride it no matter what! I would rank it higher than Prowler myself (unpopular opinion there, but people do like Tom's Twister). I would recommend not looking anything up about it and just letting yourself be wowed.
  11. Feel free to self moderate the SFFT thread. I will continue to “complain” here in my lane. I hate this new ride, I love SFStL.
  12. A 2-3 hour wait at SFStL in 2022?! I bet NONE of the coasters had a wait longer than 30 minutes. An ode to the terrible capacity.
  13. This is exactly why I have poo poo'd this ride since it was announced. Complete waste of space. Might as well be an upcharge ride. You know they will be leaving empty seats too (there are empties in the video even). Half your ride experience is baking in the sun looking up at the sky while the other side loads. This ride belongs at a fair not a major amusement park.
  14. Don't worry this thread is spicy. Consequence of becoming a good park.
  15. Are most hotels still doing this? I just stayed at a Holiday Inn Express in rural Arkansas for work and they had their breakfast and all usual amenities open. It IS rural Arkansas, but I feel like even here in Kansas City most things are back to "normal" in terms of general operational practices that were changed due to COVID.
  16. What does one do at a facility for horse racing when a horse race is not happening? The Louisville Slugger Museum certainly won't hold a baseball game, but I doubt a museum about baseball [bats] is going to be exciting for someone who doesn't like baseball. Going to KK would add another park chain and would void the benefit of the double Cedar Fair parks with season passes (not to mention I can get my home park out of that too... not that that is much of a benefit). The Bourbon Trail is more up my alley. Like I said, call me different, but I don't recall asking for anyone's opinion. My therapist prefers to call it sassy.
  17. ^Yea call me different I guess. Horse racing is a laughable tradition, baseball is boring, KK closed for a reason, I don’t know what an ark encounter is but sounds terribly religious, and we have a Great Wolf here in KC I have proudly never been to. TTD is a one trick pony but it is one of those experiences that stays with you for a lifetime. Like seeing the Grand Canyon or skydiving. We will go to KI someday, but I don’t think this year is the one.
  18. I really really want to go to KI, but now that TTD down for the season at CP has been confirmed I am not sure... My husband is not an enthusiast and only entertains these trips for me. He asked me where I would want to go to include a park too, and Ohio was where I said. I am not sure Cincinnati provides enough of a draw for a whole trip for us. As a non-enthusiast, TTD was a must for him and CP was the icing on the trip. I also have HUGE doubts about Mystic Timbers based on my Prowler experience. I would go into it with super low expectations, surely it could beat those.
  19. You can certainly see those trims tugging hard on the drop, maybe it is extra hard for testing, maybe not. Either way that footage looked great! I am considering an Ohio trip with my husband to introduce him to Cedar Point and we would stop at KI as well. Neither of us have been to KI, but the Beast is a ride I have been wanting to ride for years. Glad to see it get some love instead of being torn out or even RMC'd!
  20. Pretty sure that was at SFOT. Regardless, no one gets their joke.
  21. Aquatrax. Shared pumping station with Thunder Canyon. Only thing that makes sense!
  22. I skipped this ride when I went last summer, not regretting it. I took a video of it because I thought it was cool to watch but when you watch what the riders are experiencing its a lot of moving metal around you while you stay in one spot and gently rock around. Too many complex moving parts for it to ever operate reliably. It looked like a more complex top spin with a worse ride experience.
  23. The recent report I saw led me to believe they knowingly adjusted these seats to be the “larger guest” seats (like B&Ms have designated seats) and directed him to that seat. I don’t have a source to cite though, I’ll find it if someone calls me out. Yuck, it makes me sick to think it was someone’s manual adjustment.
  24. ^I guess I just wonder why parks keep building these when they don’t even attract guests when they’re brand new. It sounds to me like you would have found yourself at the park this year regardless of Tumbili. Not every ride is going to be a huge magnet ride, I get that, but in my opinion the free-spin fad needs to die as soon as possible. For those that like them, there’s plenty already built!
  25. So to be clear: the new ride is good… BUT, you went to their second, third, and second-to-last newest coasters first and got the new one “for the credit.” Noted.
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