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  1. What, No picture of the hummel boy? It was a great day at BGW! Sorry I didn't run into you.
  2. after a few days with her you might rethink her name, maybe Great American Poop Machine or GAPM
  3. What the hell? Somebody drove down here just to get Brew Thru shirts. Its okay, I used to drive from the OBX to BGE from here to put Alpie through her paces once a week. If anyone would like a brew thru shirt or photos from the OBX just let me know, I live here.
  4. I checked out the auctions and it looks like someone is going to get the VIP treatment for two at Six Flags in New Jersey for 200.00,I'd bid on that but I have a restraining order that keeps me out of Jersey, Oh wait. That's just my personal preference. I'm going after the gravity group stuff!
  5. I came across this yesterday, http://kdfansite.com/ video mentions a behind the screams podcast and blog, but no other information. Anybody know anything else about this?
  6. Hey Chuck, It was great to see you at the park on sunday. The afternoon turned out great, nice and sunny. Hopefully I will get to be there when the TPR trip rolls in depending on what ERT is offered other than polka and Wolf hat!
  7. 4 parks= yippee! However, I'm having trouble getting over the irony of building a man made island, then putting sea creatures in tanks on that island in the ocean.
  8. Two houses were open, Elm street and The Holiday house.
  9. Found some IAAPA expo coverage including photos of X2 train, premiere ferris wheel lift, and bunch more stuff at http://coastercrew.com/
  10. You guys have said all the important stuff, so here goes with the other side. Did the croc at least get an egg roll after his meal? or Said one Croc to another, "Dang, I never get enough Duck sauce". or "Wow,they do taste like chicken" and don't get so upset, it not like there is a shortage of chinese children! If you have a complaint, please email DAN or Don Imus. professional-engineer without-a-prescription toy-stores geology Levaquin nursing-association marriage-license animal-shelters bass-federation journeyman private-school manganese-injury pets-for-sale gastroen
  11. It was nice to meet you cfc, thanks for taking time to say "hi". So I guess that shout out I did on the station mic for cfc and TPR only made him seem more sad and pathetic...my bad. CFC, If you'd like I can arrange some BGE crazies to play in the park with you for your next trip,just let me know. But be warned, if they find out about your special Hummel relationship you have going, there will be hell to pay. That guy has a lot of irons in the fire, if you know what I mean. Robb, Where do I send the bill for mentioning THEME PARK REVIEW, to hundreds of guests waiting in
  12. No, no one has ever shipped me a dog ON PURPOSE. But I keep getting accidently shipped 3 or 4 a week. I don't mind, the extra cash form the Vietnamese resturant down he street is being put to good use. chevrolet-dealers tourist-attractions veterinary-medicine driver-license cardiologist medical-schools banks yorkie-breeders economic-development x-ray-tech no-call-list contractor veterens psychiatrists school-ratings mental-health educator gynecology cosmetology veterns beauty-schools aesthetician crops medication-online veterans anesthesiology line-pharmacies passport-renewal lvn c
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