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  1. *Disclaimer I don't hate your memes, laughed at many of them it just fits the first world problem theme
  2. I lied, have to do one to honor an upcoming movie I am quite fond of! Be my best friend please!
  3. Poo lake 2.0? I just can't see comparisons between blue and brown unless you are a fan of brown water? Idk. haha
  4. OMG how can this even compare to the view of a giant POOP colored lake in Ohio? I mean seriously POOP!!! But no alas this is absolutely spectacular and I would love to see it some day!
  5. Poll looks good to me! That other El Toro, don't know much about it, but does it suffer from inflated rank due to being a new GCI syndrome? I've ridden RFII, Pheonix, and Thunderhead!
  6. Done! Top coaster was still Thunderhead with Ravine II a close second. Biggest changes this year was moving Ravine II ahead of favorite steel (MF) and Mean Streak out of last place which now goes to Grizzly.
  7. That dude was freaking out hahaha Best thing this year, I got in line before bed last night. Closed my browser before work today on accident. Logged in just now with 35 minutes to go! Guess it holds your place which is awesome!
  8. Or this The only people over the age of 7 that I've seen fit to walk out of the zone were having asthma issues in the fog. In 2.5 years I've never seen a grown person who was so scared they had to be led out.
  9. Personally if I recognize that a person is scared and not enjoying being scared (Crying, panicked, etc.) I will ask them if they want an escort out. If you are really panicked or crying or something and want out, be sure to ask. It is not always recognizable that you are not enjoying the scare zone and if you say things like, "Stop," or,"Please don't scare me anymore," we won't necessarily take that as a serious request. Asking to be led out however is always taken seriously. Edit: Should be noted that this is coming from an outdoor scare zone. In a house escorts out may be more difficult however they all should have fire exits of some kind it would just depend on the who can we let out of those policy.
  10. Not a beer but just picked up a bottle of JW Black recently. This is by far my favorite Scotch to date. Though it is only about the 5th one I've tried. Photo not mine of course, taken from random google search
  11. Fairly certain there was sarcasm in that one hahahahaha Great TR. Did you do any of the outdoor walkthroughs? Just like feedback tis' all! Enjoyed reading thanks for posting!
  12. Why is that? Because it is lame that's why. Boo is so, traditional. It is just one of those unwritten rules I guess. I wouldn't say it was unprofessional, just lame. We tell the Screamsters to use, "Hey!" If they want something generic until they flesh out a character.
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