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  1. Revere Beach Cyclone(Church) or Coney Island Bobs/Tornado(Church). Church was a mastermind, its such a shame so few of his coasters survived to the present date.
  2. My copy of NL was installed on my laptop HDD. The laptop's screen broke, so I put the laptop HDD in my desktop. Now, when I try and run NL, I get the error about how I don't have the full version, and I need to enter a code. How do I use NL now? I bought this with my money, I want to be able to use it.
  3. I'm disappointed I never got the credit, but now that its gone, there is room for something better to take its place!
  4. A campground at Lake Compounce would be amazing! As previously stated, the only campground in the area I've found is this creepy place on this back road with no signs around it. All over the place are bible verses on sign poles, and they have a giant wooden cross. Which functions as a swing, except, all of the swing seats? They drag on the ground. The whole place just makes no sense. I haven't been since 2009, so I don't know if the place is still like that.
  5. MadJennyMorgan of the CanobieFan forums posted this video of it testing.
  6. Does anyone know the last time it was retracked? I wonder how many times it has been retracked in it's history. I seriously hope they keep the original cars, or at least make new ones using the exact same design.
  7. Oh, and of course, Leap the Dips is a one of a kind now. Until a few years ago, it had a partner, Runaway Coaster.. Too bad it was torn apart.. After surviving for so long, starting out as a German fair coaster, then rotting in a field, then refurbished by an English park and torn to bits shortly after..
  8. Wasn't the issue with Flashback that SFMM maintained it poorly, and the track got misshapen? I wonder if it was any good in its first few years.
  9. Why do I have the feeling one of them is going to have to detonate it manually and suicide...
  10. Runaway Mine Train at M&D's was an obscure spinning coaster with a spiral lift hill made by Barbisan, called Jamming, which was later converted into a unique, but more conventional, mine train coaster with a straight lift hill. Also, Cyber Space at Grove Land and Galaxia at Wiener Prater are pretty odd, also made by Barbisan. Fish shaped, roofed cars, sort of like a Chance Toboggan, and a semi-enclosed track layout, kind of like Pirate's Cove or whatever that thing is in New Jersey by Wisdom Rides. Speaking of that, that Wisdom roller coaster Pirates Cove or whatever it was is a one of a kind, I think. Kind of pointless from TPR's POV, as well.
  11. Corkscrew at Canobie Lake Park, age 8. I got a headache. I quickly learned the "force your head to the left" trick.
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