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  1. Any non-season-pass-holders looking for some single-day HP tickets? I bought 4 of their spring sale tickets in March, and wouldn't ya know it, I haven't been able to and won't be able to make it at all this summer. Anyone interested in getting them? They're for the regular season so gotta use them before the 11th. $48 even each, plus the satisfaction of helping a fellow enthusiast and really-active-in-like-2012 TPR user out.
  2. Hey folks, heading to SDC for the first time next Friday! Aside from bringing in a Coke bottle, anyone know of good discounts for tickets? Sadly can't go the day before and get the Price Cutter Thursday. Also, is there any difference between online and at-gate ticket prices?
  3. I'll be headed to SDC for the first time this fall, going to Thanksgiving in Springfield. Our options are the Friday, Saturday, or Sunday after Turkey Day. I assume all of these will be terribly crowded, but which of the three would be the least terrible? Also, would the basic Trailblazer 8-ride pass be worth it? Thanks!
  4. I've got a bit of an odd souvenir-related question. I went to Dollywood recently and bought one of the name mugs for a friend, but it broke on the way back, and I'm nowhere near Pigeon Forge normally. Is there anyone here who is 1) Going to Dollywood soon anyway 2) Willing to pick up a name mug and ship it if I reimburse you for your troubles?
  5. Part of me thought that was the case, but it's so stupid and pedantic I didn't want it to be true
  6. The Great Adventure website says that Nitro and Skull Mountain are temporarily closed, which is a concerning surprise especially because I'll be going there tonight Anybody got any word on why that might be?
  7. Food for Thought: If there was a CGI movie about the anthropomorphized coasters of Cedar Point (a la Cars or Toy Story), who would voice each coaster? As examples, I could see Ed Asner as Blue Streak, Christopher Lloyd as Corkscrew, Dwayne Johnson as TTD, and Sigourney Weaver as Millennium Force. Maybe John Goodman with a cameo as Mean Streak
  8. Fixed that for you. But back in early December 2015, while the world record breaker, Valravn, was being constructed, many people were complaining shocker about people posting photos of the littlest things happen, I.e. track piece coming onto site, a bolt being tighten, the usually. So someone posted a photo from the webcam and said a long the lines of "as you can see, a boat is leaving the marina" and then that started the whole boat thing. It went on all off-season. ["gif of Robin Williams saying 'good times'] Let me stop you right there. It was horrible.
  9. I... need more coffee. Words are hard. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAI6awt5fpM
  10. I have been played for a fool then. If they were to announce something any time in the recent future, when would that likely be?
  11. Is the announcement for whatever-they're-going-to-do-to-Mean-Streak's-spot coming sometime during the day, or will be at closing, like "oh buh-bye Mean Streak, oh and also here's what's next"?
  12. So has anyone else heard the "news"/teasing that Melt Bar & Grilled is putting a location in or near Cedar Point? I for one am UTTERLY STOKED. Cheese 4 dayz
  13. I wonder if this is the start of a beautiful new era of SF Corporate kinda sorta paying attention to Six Flags America?
  14. This is a solid addition to any park! Also that's the same Roman dude on the logo as Goliath at SFGAm
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