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  1. ...is effing amazed that this thread is still active after all these years...
  2. Because people forget all the stupid mean stuff they did when they were alive. Who touched my gun?
  3. Death Note. Just Death Note. (...and maybe the occasional Bleach) I don't think of Hayao Miyazaki as anime, more as art.
  4. ...resurrect a dead thread! Woo hoo! Suddenly, out of nowhere, a giant flying hamburger hit...
  5. ^ is completely right about the squaredancing clothes < Has not been to the site in a LOOOOOONG time, and kinda regrets it \/ Is wearing a turkey suit
  6. Dammit! I wish I wasn't MIA for this, I TOTALLY would have gone to Adventureland on that cold April day!
  7. I am ALWAYS playing Team Fortress 2 on the 360. The PC version is better, but I have a 6-year old Mac that can hardly run MS Pinball.
  8. I know this a sad topic but that comment is my exact sense of humor! That really does suck! I've seen someone die, I'm not sure if it was a suicide or not but he walked out onto the freeway and got beheaded and we had to drive past the headless body on the ground right after. Two days later on the same freeway I had a major anxiety attack (though I didn't know what it was at the time). That incident completely messed me up. I kept and continue to keep having anxiety attacks. For a while I couldn't drive on the freeway because I'd end up freaking out. Now I have a ways of calming myself down and noticing when an attack is coming on. But due to seeing that guy do that I'm pretty much F'd for life. The past 2 years I've dealt with 2 suicides, one was family and he was only 20. He wasn't a depressed person at all, usually all smiles, normal teen angst. The other was almost a year later to the day and he worked at Disneyland as a ticket taker. He we knew had some issues with depression due to his home life but he wasn't really alone. He had moved out of his house and he had a lot of close friends. Both guys knew that they were loved and had a lot of close friends. It unfortunately wasn't enough. I know one of them could be attributed to mental illness but the other still leaves me confused and feeling like it was done for stupid selfish reasons. There's a really good movie that I saw called The Bridge, its a documentary that talks to suicide survivors of people that have jumped off the Golden Gate. It was very interesting hearing what the witnesses, families and friends have to say. That's horrible! I can't even imagine having to drive past a freshly decapitated body. I have seen people die, but not firsthand. I've mostly seen videos of car crashes (I guess i am a bit of a masochist when it comes to that kind of stuff) and in a few of them I have seen even limbs and such fly from the vehicle. It's really disturbing stuff!
  9. Around The World/ Harder Better Faster Stronger - Daft Punk (Yeah, more than one person listens to Daft Punk on this site )
  10. BOO! Anyway, I'm not in a relationship at the moment, but I am looking! I agree when you all say that relationships at my age never last. LOL, it's a shame how true this is!
  11. Pendulum - "Granite" PS> I'm not dead, I swear!
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