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  1. If they are so serious about upping the coaster count, then why are they taking out a popular family coaster (Flying Super Saturator) to put it in? They have to have room for it somewhere else. Remove a shop or something, not a coaster.
  2. Busch all the way. As well themed as Disney with great, sometimes better than Disney attractions and food, friendly staff, and Shamu.
  3. I believe Space Mountain at Disneyland is a Vekoma, so I pick that,
  4. It looks like CGA's supposedly-2009 coaster. The turnaround looks like the one that'll go around the sky tower, and I remember seeing something like that on Screamscape from the IAAPA.
  5. Sounds like something Paul Pressler would do if he was running the parks. Gotta wonder if Nickelodeon approved it or not, because that is a huge waste of space in an already starved-for-land park. Thumbs down, MOA. Thumbs way down.
  6. ^there's really no comparison between them aside from the same ride system and a few scenes that are the same. ROTM was shoehorned into the ET building at USH, while USF's was put into the old King Kong building, a likely much larger building with more room for bigger scenes.
  7. If you guys wanted fun, you should have gone to the Foam Ball War place in the Blast Zone. Nothing more fun than beaning kids in the head with neon blue-colored balls while pretending it was an accident.
  8. Eh. Pyromaniax was lame compared to Red Moon Massacre and I still miss Hatchet High. THAT was an awesome house.
  9. I'm betting that Nickelodeon Universe at MOA was the straw that broke the camels back. I'm sure that CF wanted exclusive Theme Park rights to the characters, but then Nick strikes a deal with MOA and essentially sours the deal. I personally blame Nickelodeon, they really should have thought about the CF deals before they decided to do NickU. So by 2010 Nick will be out of all Universal and former Paramount Parks and have a grand total of one theme park. I suppose it's kind of stupid for CF too, though, Nick is way more relevant and will sell more tickets than Snoopy ever will.
  10. Home park is California's Great America, about an hour and a half away.
  11. Wow. I really want CGA's Nick Central to get overhauled now. The place has a sleek, almost futuristic quality to it.
  12. does everyone realize that this "Massive" theme park is being built with less money than DCA was built on? That sure is massive.
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