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  1. I beleive CP only owns the water on Lake Erie about 40 or so feet off the shore
  2. Well...the subject says it all....(i dont know as much about computers as some people do)
  3. last song on Hoobastank's album "the reason" (Disapear)...after this song is over i'll start Hybrid Theory- Linkin Park
  4. I'm not going to vote since i have only ridden the screamin' swing, but that was very good...(where's the slingshot/springshot/ejectionseat??)
  5. All of these songs have something to do with coasters so here- 1.Livin’ on the Edge- Aerosmith 2.Chap Stick, Chapped Lips, and Things Like Chemistry- Relient K 3.Falling for the First Time- Barenaked Ladies 4.Fun, Fun, Fun- Beach Boys 5.All Down Hill From Here- New Found Glory 6.Leave You Far Behind- Lunatic Calm 7.Love Rollercoaster- Red Hot Chili Peppers 8.Adrenaline- Gavin Rossdale 9.Vertigo- U2 10.Roller Coaster- blink-182 11.Carousel- Linkin Park 12.Shoot to Thrill- AC/DC
  6. Superman is great- my personal number 5 coaster out of 143 Predator is hated by many, but i like it...its so rough that it turns out fun at the end Mind Eraser- bleh Boomerang- bleh Viper- fun, fun....i find it quite unique and an overall good coaster
  7. sry for the double post (forgot to post a sig)
  8. well i think im gonna have to give u 3 different ratings.... 7/10 hmm why not? 0/10 WORST SONG EVER!!!! 8/10 I used to love tigers too
  9. i have only been to SFot and SFFT...but the 2 SFoT coasters were fine, Rattler at SFFT was very rough imo tho
  10. they definetly needs some kind of coaster with inversions...i mean out of their 16 coasters, only 3 go upside down...im down with a floorless, flyer, or 4D...there was a wild rumor a while back about Dueling Flyers, but personally, i don't see that happening.
  11. YES! Thats exactly wat kept pissing me off the most...its not even a theme park to begin with! its an amusement park!
  12. cool- i havent seen ANY of those, and i like discovery channel's stuff on coasters
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