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  1. Dude I think theirs only two inverted in Orlando/Tampa area brotha, Montu(Busch Gardens),Dueling Dragons(Universal IOA),then (B&M Inverted or Flyer Coaster at Sea World of Florida-2007)!!!!. I think you were one short on that one my friend. If they don't do an Inverted coaster,they'll have to do a flyer. I'm totally suprised no one agrees with me here,don't you realize how bad Sea World of Florida needs a new coaster ladies and gentlemen???
  2. I'm sorry Sea World of Florida needs just one more coaster,I know it's not a theme park with a ton of coasters but you could at least put one more in their to seal the deal,can ya?? A good B&M inverted or maybe even a flyer coaster?
  3. What could we see in 06'??? I hope not a show,just something else like a Drop Zone Stunt Show.
  4. I don't think we will be seeing any B&M type of rides coming to USF anytime soon,but I guarantee a new type of ride like in 2007.
  5. I hope a coaster rather than a random attraction in 06'. 07' I beleive we'll see a coaster then.
  6. I hope KONG comes back to USF but most likely not Universal wants to see something new all the time,but what are we expecting???
  7. So if no new coaster comes in 07" what could we be seeing in 06'? Some random attraction,hopefully it won't be a show.
  8. Yeah but they need something else like a B&M Inverted coaster like in 07'.
  9. AC was ranked 14 not 4. And my source was very reliable, I'm just not saying who so I don't get them in trouble. He didn't know what type of coaster it would be. I'm guessing flyer in Drachenfire's old spot. So what do you expect coming to BGW in 06"?? I'm hoping at least for a drop zone stunt tower similar themed to TOT.
  10. Yeah but when are they getting it? What about for 06' a Drop Zone Stunt Tower like Tower of Terror since most of BGW attractions are themed really well.
  11. Hey guys check this out: 2006 - Unknown - (1/9/06) The park has stated than an announced about a new attraction for 2006 will take place in early February.
  12. Let's just hope it won't be like 2009 or 2010 before they add their next coaster!!!! Maybe it'll take alot of preperation since they're rides are mostly themed and unique. I'm predicting something like a 2007-2008,unfortunately it can't be earlier but who knows? :?
  13. I hope they do this but,if they do this why not keep the stunt show??? The question is where can they put it? :?
  14. What about a B&M floorless coaster in Ireland or Oktoberfest next to Curse of DarKastle? I went on that ride by the way at the end of June,and it was spectacular!!!!!!! 8) My other option would be a good B&M flyer. Maybe in 2006. Both of my options would probably be in 2006. I hope. :?
  15. I'm hoping for something like a floorless for sure because that's the only type of coaster they don't have in their park. Maybe the fastest & tallest floorless coaster!!!!!
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