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  1. Well you can see for yourself it's time for another great attraction in the works at Universal Studios Florida in Orlando,FL. The Mummy was brilliant but where could they put their next attraction? I think they should bring back KONG but I think it's a little too weird for that to happen,since it's just been demolished in 04'. My prediction is that they put like a Chronicles of Riddick ride in or something from THE BOURNE IDENTITY Series like a car chase type of ride,which would be real sweet!!!! I know we won't see this for awhile but maybe think about it like in 08'-09'.
  2. Something like Alpengeist at BGW or like something like Batman:The Ride at Six Flags Great Adventure-NationWide. I think it's time for a new coaster. B&M Inverted Coaster
  3. Yes I am apparently ,yes I'm looking for the next big thing around all theme parks around the U.S and the world.
  4. Wow!!!! It looks like Batman is going to come once and for all at Six Flags Darien Lake: Oh and it's just a rumor but it's still worth looking in too!!!!!!!! 2007 - Batman: The Escape - Rumor - (1/9/06) A couple of readers claim to have spotted pieces of track from Batman: The Escape either on the highways heading in the direction of Darien Lake or on the back of a truck very near to the park itself this week. This seems to indicate that the old Intamin Stand-Up coaster may find itself a home at Darien Lake in the next year or two, and certainly the park could use a new coaster. Unfortunately, this ride has been kicking around for years, moved from SFMM to SFGAdv before ending up in Astroworld for years and the ride has gotten a little rough over time. Hopefully they can smooth it out a bit or buy new B&M style trains before they attempt to reopen it again. In the meantime, if you spot track pieces at the park, let me know. http://www.screamscape.com/html/six_flags_darien_lake.htm
  5. Look here on Screamscape.com: 2007 - New Attraction / Jurassic Park - Rumor - (12/14/05) The latest rumor about the IOA 2007 project claims that Bob Gault (Head of Universal Orlando) mentioned that something major was on the way for 2007 at a recent manager’s meeting. http://www.screamscape.com/html/universal_orlando.htm
  6. You got to respect what they've done so far with the Journey to Atlantis Ride and Kraken floorless,I think it's tiime for a B&M Inverted Coaster. It's time to have something new for Sea World of Florida.
  7. Well anything's possbile don't give up on a coaster coming this year,it's not going to be some random attraction!! Or Will it??? That would be strange,it's just that BGW is lacking a coaster from Drachen Fire's loss.
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