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  1. I'll be working Xcelerator that morning, so I hope to see some of you there!
  2. Personally I like them on the park index more. Then again, depending on the update, the forum might be better!
  3. EDIT: Okay, okay. I realize that probably wasn't the smartest move on my part. So, I decided to remove it. Happy now? (I know I am...)
  4. I can't believe I'm just finding out about this now! I didn't think Rocky Mountain would be able to top themselves, but they clearly proved me wrong! I know where I'll be in 2 years' time!
  5. These pictures are gorgeous! I really need to make another trip back there...
  6. Great coverage indeed! Glad to hear that it's not just some gimmicky, one-trick pony; sounds more like a ridable, even enjoyable one-trick pony. Although I do miss the log ride too, I can't wait to get back to SFMM to ride it myself! (One of these days...)
  7. I just made a mess in my pants. I absolutely cannot WAIT to ride this thing!
  8. Hello everyone! I apologize for leaving this thing to gather dust, but I'm at college doing at a summer program (not like summer school) so I havent' had much free time lately. I will definitely be responding to your comments and posting a new update as soon as I can this weekend though! Hang in there! Thanks!
  9. Adam, I now dub thee the "King of Detail". Now that that's done, I'll say that this is a GREAT trip report! Reading (slash seeing) your view of some of the parks that I've visited many times gives me a new view on things. Awesome job!
  10. Hahah...Hans, don't worry about it pal. Like Mike said, you'll pretty much be immortal to everyone who reads this report! (and everyone who was on our bus) First off, this forum is very dog-eat-dog, isn't it? You gotta keep up-to-date if you want to keep the readers flowing in! That being said, here's the part you've all (probably) been waiting for: the visuals! This picture depicts what this ride will temporarily do to your vision. Hmm...this looks familiar... "Harvey Birdman: attorney at laaawww" Walking adds years to your life. You call it scenery, I call it technology
  11. First off, I sincerely appologize for not updating this thing sooner. I've just been quite lazy lately! :-S Secondly, I shall reply to all comments collectively with a huge THANK YOU, as I made it to the front page! (thanks Bob!) ^_^ Thirdly, I'll reply to some comments that I feel need replying to : --Ben: There's a lot of things you don't know about me! --Morgan: What can I say? That's just how we roll. --Edward: Hah...sorry about that. I was about to be late for the bus to Walibi World and made a split-second (and admittedly not very wise) decision. :-S --Robin: Hi Robin! I wond
  12. Wow Eric, you really do take some really beautiful pictures! Compared to all of the other Europe trip reports (including mine), you really capture the beauty of the continent and its countries. Also, I'm totally ruining the picture of the fire on Magma! (hahah) That ride was seriously awesome, though! I like this PTR so far, so I'm looking forward to more! ^_^
  13. ^That picture right there is awesome! Anyway, I really like your trip report too, Larry! You take some great pictures, and it looks like your group(s) had lots of fun! Shame I didn't get to hang out with you guys at any of the parks... Maybe next time! Your TPR section was great, so your non-TPR section should probably be great plus one!
  14. --Larry: Thank you! I think I might like your's a wee bit better. --Mike: Thank you as well! I think those two should've just eased into the front by sitting where we sat. It was almost exactly the same! --Joey: I suppose you could call it a show. But now it's more like part show, part stationary shooting ride. There's lots of red lights on the targets during the shooting part, so it's very confusing. :-S --Ben: I was going to ride it towards the end of the day but the line was too long. I'm pretty bummed that I missed it! --George: Thank you, and you're welcome! Prepare for a
  15. I don't know about you guys, but I LOVE this show. True, Bert can tend to be a bit annoying and he seems to yell more than he talks, but he's just fun to watch and seems like a really cool guy. If you don't watch it for the roller coasters and thrill rides and crazy adventures, watch it for his amazing facial expressions and gutteral screams.
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