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  1. I'll be working Xcelerator that morning, so I hope to see some of you there!
  2. Personally I like them on the park index more. Then again, depending on the update, the forum might be better!
  3. EDIT: Okay, okay. I realize that probably wasn't the smartest move on my part. So, I decided to remove it. Happy now? (I know I am...)
  4. I can't believe I'm just finding out about this now! I didn't think Rocky Mountain would be able to top themselves, but they clearly proved me wrong! I know where I'll be in 2 years' time!
  5. These pictures are gorgeous! I really need to make another trip back there...
  6. Great coverage indeed! Glad to hear that it's not just some gimmicky, one-trick pony; sounds more like a ridable, even enjoyable one-trick pony. Although I do miss the log ride too, I can't wait to get back to SFMM to ride it myself! (One of these days...)
  7. I just made a mess in my pants. I absolutely cannot WAIT to ride this thing!
  8. Hello everyone! I apologize for leaving this thing to gather dust, but I'm at college doing at a summer program (not like summer school) so I havent' had much free time lately. I will definitely be responding to your comments and posting a new update as soon as I can this weekend though! Hang in there! Thanks!
  9. Adam, I now dub thee the "King of Detail". Now that that's done, I'll say that this is a GREAT trip report! Reading (slash seeing) your view of some of the parks that I've visited many times gives me a new view on things. Awesome job!
  10. Hahah...Hans, don't worry about it pal. Like Mike said, you'll pretty much be immortal to everyone who reads this report! (and everyone who was on our bus) First off, this forum is very dog-eat-dog, isn't it? You gotta keep up-to-date if you want to keep the readers flowing in! That being said, here's the part you've all (probably) been waiting for: the visuals! This picture depicts what this ride will temporarily do to your vision. Hmm...this looks familiar... "Harvey Birdman: attorney at laaawww" Walking adds years to your life. You call it scenery, I call it technology used to find interplanetary species. We all know what this is, right? For those who don't know, this is Euromir, the crazy spinning coaster with an annoyingly catchy theme song! "Dun. Dun dun, dun, dun..." Follow this link ( ) to listen to the proper song while you look at the rest of the pictures. You can thank me later. This ride writes its own joke. Swimming anyone? *gasp* What could that be? Why, it's Blue Fire, Europa Park's newest thrill ride! Check out that sexy loop... Ohh yeah...you know you love it. Twisty goodness. More twisty goodness. Easily the best part of the ride. BRAKES! "Ejector air" helix. The train sits and waits to be...well, "shot out". We call this the "money shot" in the business. Ker-SPLASH! How did we get to Spain?! SCIENCE! At the fair, we find the one, the only... Olympia "effing" Looping! Culture time! Here we see the beginning of the beer tapping ceremony. Blah blah blah...where's the beer?? TPR members already enjoying themselves as the band comes marching in. Dwelling in the German culture. Is this what I think it is? Almost there... FREE BEER!! People desperate to receive free German beer. On a random note, I wonder what the two in the foreground are looking at? The mayor (and other people wearing white shirts) pose with beer in hand. (hands?) Our group enjoys the atmosphere and the food. In the fair itself, we find another big @$$ wheel. This thing will FLIP YOU OUT. How Germans perceive America. The aformentioned "beyond-90 spinny ride" and one of its operators who seemed to have a case of dance fever. Even German kiddie rides are a bit odd. This is the most pedophilic ride I've ever seen. (so far...) The "legendary" Olympia Looping starts to shine as the sun goes down. Random fact: this is the first fair log flume I've ever ridden. Creepy pirate guy. So many helixes in this update! This ride did have awesome airtime, but it turned my stomach a wee bit. Oh yeah, this ride is totally original. Our beer tent. (where people were still drinking beer) This makes me like Valentine's Day a tiny bit. (just a tiny bit) Taking a picture of picture-taking devices. Total mind****. This ride was broken for a while before it opened. I didn't trust it enough to ride it. (I also didn't have enough time or money.) One of the ghost train's live actors messes with the crowd. This guy dances around this blur of a ride. Bow before His Majesty. I'm actually quite proud of this pic. I'll end this update with a wee bit of Würzburg culture. Thank you for sticking around, and I hope you keep your adhesion long enough for the next update: Phantasialand!
  11. First off, I sincerely appologize for not updating this thing sooner. I've just been quite lazy lately! :-S Secondly, I shall reply to all comments collectively with a huge THANK YOU, as I made it to the front page! (thanks Bob!) ^_^ Thirdly, I'll reply to some comments that I feel need replying to : --Ben: There's a lot of things you don't know about me! --Morgan: What can I say? That's just how we roll. --Edward: Hah...sorry about that. I was about to be late for the bus to Walibi World and made a split-second (and admittedly not very wise) decision. :-S --Robin: Hi Robin! I wonder what you and Morgan had in your room anyway? --mightbeawannabe (you'll have to tell me your real name hahah): When I arrived in London about a week earlier I remember we drove past it and the flag was flying. I honestly can't remember if it was flying when we ate dinner. --Justin: Thank you very much for your kind comment! It was definitely the time of a lifetime (especially at my age), and I'll remember it forever. Switzerland was probably my favourite country we "visited"; it's truly breath-taking when you're there in person! Also, people were standing up on pretty much all the raft rides we saw! They're very lenient over there in Europe! --Thom: I'm sure we'll have plenty of chances to get to know each other more when I'm in college! Also, I'm gonna be doing a lot of saving with all the different things I wanna do in the [hopefully] near future! Now that that's done with, let's move on to the next update! This update chronicles what a lot of us thought to be the most epic day of the entire trip! The day started off with another day at Europa Park with ERT on Eurosat (with the lights on!) and surprise ERT on Silver Star. After a few more hours at Europa, at around noon-ish or so, we packed onto the bus where we headed over to Würzburg, Germany for the opening day of the Würzburg fair; this included ERT on Olympia Looping! The ride was definitely pretty intense for me, but I still rode a good few times. (peer pressure) After that we headed over to the authentic beer tent where we had at least 12 tables reserved for us for the entire night. Ordering was definitely confusing for most of us, and the entire dinner portion of the night was quite hectic; thankfully, Morgan helped out a LOT, so make sure you send him your regards! During our food consumption, we were served heaping glasses of German beer while a band came and the beer tapping ceremony began signaling the official opening of the fair. It also meant free beer! (while supplies lasted) As the day/evening rolled on, some of us stayed at the tent and drank our brains out, while the others (like me) went into the fair to check out some of the fair "attractions" that the fair had. One of those attractions included "Psychodelic", a trippy walk-through where you wear colour-bending glasses, a ghost train that had live actors, a frisbee-like ride with awesome airtime, and a spinning ride where the cars exceeded 90 degrees! As the day came to a close and night started to fall, we all somehow made it to the bus on time, and were on our way over to the Phantasialand hotel. On my bus imparticular, a lot of people were drunk off their @$$es, and I had to sit in the back (by Vekoma Erik) where almost everyone was drunk. So, eventually Erik fell asleep, and before we left, Larry and Scottish Steve traded places, so lots of fun was had. We took pictures with Erik "asleep", Steve (the non-Scottish one) gave me and BeatleBen mohawks, I moved to the very back of the bus and sat next to Scottish Steve and listened as he and Karl riled each other up and "pseudo-argued", Hans moved up and down the bus taking a picture of EVERYONE (except me) after asking their nationality and if they were nice, we had a very short rest stop (where, of course, some drama went down, but I shall not speak of it (as I wasn't involved)), and we got back on the bus where we all fell asleep, Scottish Steve eventually resting his head on my shoulder. (awww (hahah)) We got to the Phantasialand hotel at about 1 AM, and, thanks to Robb and Elissa, quickly and easily got to our rooms and got to sleep for the next day at Phantasialand! (next update ) All of that taken into account, you can see why the whole day was soo effin' epic. Now I'm going to be in Vegas for the next couple of days, so if you can all hang on for a few more days I promise I'll put up the pictoral part of this update this weekend! Stay tuned!
  12. Wow Eric, you really do take some really beautiful pictures! Compared to all of the other Europe trip reports (including mine), you really capture the beauty of the continent and its countries. Also, I'm totally ruining the picture of the fire on Magma! (hahah) That ride was seriously awesome, though! I like this PTR so far, so I'm looking forward to more! ^_^
  13. ^That picture right there is awesome! Anyway, I really like your trip report too, Larry! You take some great pictures, and it looks like your group(s) had lots of fun! Shame I didn't get to hang out with you guys at any of the parks... Maybe next time! Your TPR section was great, so your non-TPR section should probably be great plus one!
  14. --Larry: Thank you! I think I might like your's a wee bit better. --Mike: Thank you as well! I think those two should've just eased into the front by sitting where we sat. It was almost exactly the same! --Joey: I suppose you could call it a show. But now it's more like part show, part stationary shooting ride. There's lots of red lights on the targets during the shooting part, so it's very confusing. :-S --Ben: I was going to ride it towards the end of the day but the line was too long. I'm pretty bummed that I missed it! --George: Thank you, and you're welcome! Prepare for a new update....now! Now that I've replied to all of the comments, let's go on a bit of a journey! After our jam-packed, quick day at Movieland Studios (and Aqua Studios), we had a long, 7-hour drive from Italy, through Switzerland (and the Gotthard Tunnel), and up to Germany, followed the next day by a full day at the amazing Europa Park including morning ERT on Blue Fire! A little bit about Europa Park: it was easily the highlight park for a LOT of the people on the trip. Everything there is highly themed (each area is specifically themed to a European Country), they have many fun (and many unique) rides (being that the park is owned by the Mack family), a great atmosphere, great operations, and lots of other great things! We had a two-day trip there as well, so this update will consist of the trip there, the first day at the park, and a look around the amazing hotel we stayed in. You can find more info...along with the pictures below! Looks like we're not in Italy anymore! On the bus ride there, among all of the awesome stuff we watched, my wallet finds its home. ^_^ I'm likin' this change of scenery. If you stare at this picture long enough, a lake monster will appear. Ohh it only gets better from here. At our dinner stop, most of us eat the most expensive meal we'll ever have. (15 euros for spaghetti?!) We also see oversized Chupa Chups... ...and oversized containers of Nutella. They must serve giants as well as humans here! We also get another culture credit! The friggin' Swiss Alps! More random greenery around the Alps. Beware! More lake means more lake monsters! A beautiful sunset over a beautiful country. Segue to...our room at Hotel Colosseo! (I slept with the horses.) I smell irony! (And it smells like cigarette smoke!) "The next day..." Another in the line of water rides themed to Atlantis. Pirates of the Atlantis! Poseidon splash! People wet! Typical woman... Barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. This robot greets us at Eurosat's entrance. Venturing into the unknown... In case you forgot the currency Germany uses, the ride reminds you. Think of the ride in this building like Clive Barker's take on "The Haunted Mansion". Proof! A spooky face stares down at you in the queue. Aha! But I reveal his secret! Football with cars? (carball?) Yes, please. The Globe Theater finds its way to Germany! I wonder what this is a float for? Another one of Europe's "Pirates" rip-off. I can't remember how it ended 'cause I fell asleep... Dypo? (Or maybe I've been doing it wrong...) Back at the hotel, we've been transported back to Italy! It's all about the detail. Lots more detail. A-ten-hut! Oh yeah...this is totally in the lobby. During dinner that night, we're all surprised with an awesometastic mariachi band performance! (Complete with a crazy German guy to get us all worked up!) Random details around the hotel. BOOBS! This fountain was really fun to watch, so I just sat there for about ten minutes just watching the kids play in it. (That's not as weird as it sounds.) Can I count this as an Italy culture credit? The fountain does its thing, and the kids do their's! I hope you enjoyed this longer update, and stay tuned for the next update about the most epic day of the trip: more Europa, the Wurzberg Fair, plenty of German beer, and a bus ride of drunken shenanigans! Don't touch that dial!
  15. I don't know about you guys, but I LOVE this show. True, Bert can tend to be a bit annoying and he seems to yell more than he talks, but he's just fun to watch and seems like a really cool guy. If you don't watch it for the roller coasters and thrill rides and crazy adventures, watch it for his amazing facial expressions and gutteral screams.
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