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  1. You missed the second best ride in the park by passing on the flyers! And indeed, the sign says not to whip the sails. I'd say it's pretty close to impossible *not* to snap them. Glad you enjoyed Knoebels, Scott...I had pretty much the same reaction. Figured that it would be overrated, but walked out feeling that it deserves every bit of the hype it gets. -Julie
  2. I've honestly never been to a Waffle House that was better or worse than any other Waffle House. But there is one on 535 just down from Crossroads that I have eaten in a couple of times that was good. From WDW, you'd go to Downtown Disney, then take Hotel Plaza Blvd until it ends at Crossroads (you'll see a McDonalds). Then turn right and it is maybe a block up on the left. -Julie
  3. I was at SFGAdv on July 12th (a Thursday) and really didn't have a big isue with crowds. Two things really influenced this though...I went to Rise and Scream an hour before the park opened, and Kingda Ka was closed. In the first hour and a half, I was able to get on El Toro five times, and Medusa, Runaway Mine Train, both sides of Rolling Thunder then hop on the sky buckets to get me over towards Skull Mountain. Had I showed up at the normal entry time, I'd have had to wait in line for all of those rides (I did the El Toro and Medusa rides during Rise and Scream, then immediately after did Rolling Thunder then Mine Train). The rest of the park wasn't even that crowded, with the only significan't waits being 45 minutes for Nitro and 30 minutes for Superman. Everything else was under 10 minutes. So yeah, if a Rise and Scream is offered and you have a pass, it is DEFINITELY worth losing the sleep to attend! -Julie
  4. But the most important question... ARE ADULTS ALLOWED ON THE KIDDIE COASTER?!?!?! hahaha I went to the Williamson County Fair last year, and it was so ghetto and so dirty that I didn't even bother posting the TR. And the "exhibits" inside the big arena thingy...horrible. I've never had people try to sell me lottery tickets so fervently in my whole life! I did notice that weird looking wheel though, but didn't want to pay to ride it then only get a view of...y'know...Williamson county -Julie
  5. There's a special place in hell for people who treat animals this way. It's right next door to where they put those who abuse the elderly. -Julie
  6. A little off topic, but I'm sure you will all find this funny in that "I really wanna kill someone" way. A few months ago, Gaylord sent out a press release saying that they had an announcement, and that it would concern how they were going to "make it up to Nashville" for closing Opryland. So all the local news stations talked about this, and made everyone really anticipate this announcement... Turned out that the announcement was that they are building an overflow hotel for the Opryland Hotel, and adding more convention space. Yeah, that really makes up for it, Gaylord. I'm sure that everyone looks back on their childhood and says "Wow mom, remember all those great times we had in that convention space?" Get real. That company needs to burn. -Julie
  7. Does anyone know why he has to change to a different coaster for night riding? And to answer your question - No, I wouldn't do it for over 9 days. Something like the Colossus backwards ride-a-thon might be fun, where you ride until everyone gradually drops out. But those only last, like, a day or so. Not 9 days! -Julie
  8. I end up going and walking around that area a couple of times a year. It's bittersweet...nice to still be able to see something from the park and get that feeling that it's still there...but extremely sad to know that I'll never be able to visit the park again. Then you turn around and see the glorious mall that you can visit every day if you like A friend of mine who used to work at Opryland said that that sign used to be over the employee entrance to the park. And it's kinda creepy how nothing about that entrance plaza has changed. The little guitar shaped pavers are still there, some of the old gift shops are now shops for the Opry, and a few years ago there was an original drink cart and some trash cans in that area. I don't even go over there too much since it's just too weird. EDIT: hahaha! Your admission only cost $13!! Gah, I miss Opryland! -Julie
  9. Can't believe I didn't respond to this thread before. I use a Kodak Easyshare LS753. It's almost the perfect camera. I do wish it powered up and saved faster though, and it is lacking the ability to set exposure times (aside from the standard speed, the next speed is 1 second...I wish I could have like a quarter or half second sometimes). But aside from those things, I have no complaints. It's rock solid, takes FANTASTIC photos, and has survived being smashed into coaster restraints, being sat on, etc, during all my trips with it. I definitely want to be brand loyal with Kodak the next time I get a camera, if I can be. -Julie Kodak Easyshare LS753
  10. What amazing photos! Thanks so much for sharing, Jeff! I'd really like to see the Barcelona as seen from Tibidabo ones full size. I've only ever been able to get one panoramic photo to come out for me, but I may try to experiment some more. -Julie
  11. I find it funny that we are having this conversation again. I still find it odd that there are so many guys out there in the enthusiast community, yet almost all my exes have hated coasters! I dated one guy for three weeks who was really into it, but everyone else either only somewhat tolerated parks or flat out refused to go to them. Funny that so many guys wanna find a coaster enthusiast girl, yet this coaster enthusiast girl can't find a good coaster enthusiast guy! Post of the day. I fall into that category too! hahaha -Julie
  12. Mine was on my 20th birthday with a man I'd been in a long distance relationship with for about two months at that point. We both knew that the relationship wasn't working, but we ended up spending the entire night together just talking, laughing, crying...and when he had to leave, I asked if I could kiss him. It was a great moment, even if it was in the middle of some pretty heavy emotional stuff. -Julie
  13. Mine so far is: Disneyland DCA SFMM Pacific Park USH Kentucky Kingdom Lake Winnie Dollywood Nascar Speedpark King's Dominion Six Flags America Six Flags Great Adventure Blackbeards Cave Funtown Pier Casino Pier Knoebels Hershey Park Dutch Wonderland Dorney Park Definites for later in the year are: Magic Kingdom Epcot MGM Studios Animal Kingdom SFoG Maybe Holiday World Maybe Sea World So 19 so far, with hopefully 7 more. -Julie
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