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  1. You should branch out a little more I love it. quote of the day for sure!!!
  2. lol , Its not a personnal ad!!! The reason I listed those things it seemed to some members who posted that coasters is all I know or care about! Also how Males tend to fixate upon a Single interest, while having no life other than that I was proving otherwise for myself, jeez!
  3. Alright I am back in town and now able to elaborate on this Post. For some this may be hard to take but my Interest is not JUST coasters and FAR FROM IT ( see Below ) as one member said that males are single focused and females like to get the full spectrum of the social circuit, so this is not the problem in my case. I am not trying to find competition as one member said,Wow that would be right the opposite of a good thing, not getting to ride certain coasters cause they have already checked it off and gotten credit! I am just trying to speak my mind in the RANDOM section of this virtual hideout; for people who enjoy the same thing as I do. This thread is not misguided, just speaking about theme parks and relationships for my first post. You got to start somewhere beemerboy!! LOL, my attitude I wish you knew me. Definitely not an accurate Assumption The Car Forums that I Contribute too as well Featured On. www.yotatech.com/f79/slick858s-99-highlander-profile-78812/ www.corvetteforum.com 4runner shots by andy m5 boards The Photography Web sites Now. All my pics on Flickr s44.photobucket.com/albums/f4/slick858/ http://www.webshots.com The Home Theater Forums http://www.avsforum.com http://www.hometheaterforum.com and I do not have to have a obsessed coaster chick to fit a single interest of mine. Now My Rock Climbing that I have been in for Ten Years. www.summitpost.org/user_page.php?user_id=2766
  4. I have had girlfriends in the past that have went to Amusement Parks with me, but they just did it because I really wanted too, and they didn't want me to lose interest. When the day at the park is over they still had a great time but would have never dreamed of the idea of going to the park on their own suggestion. This needs to change.
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