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  1. I would put it like this....Either the people who worked for walmart wanted to be heros, or they take their job really, really, really seriously. In other words, even though they were brave, it doesn't exactly mean they had a good reason to fight back.
  2. Because Wal-Mart is not the juggernaut they were a few years back. But most shoplifters won't pull a gun when they get caught. Not only is Wal-Mart failing morally for not backing up their employees who made a split-second decision, but they're also failing at loss prevention because they've basically told all their retail employees the following: Don't get involved. Just let thieves take whatever they want. Damn, Wal-Mart still sucks. I wish Costco was closer so I could not renew my Sam's Club membership. How are they failing at loss prevention? do you REALLY think they are going to tell their workers to try and keep the robber from stealing, if it means risking people's lives? it's so much easier to just have a one time loss that probably won't even affect them, than to have people get shot at in their store. Honestly, fighting back with an armed robber over something like that is just stupid, and not fair for the other people who choose to be safe and let the robber leave. it's not like one robbery is going to set WALMART back at all
  3. this is more of a rap but oh well TPR--- im posting in this thread the word "park" on the top is red theres crazy people here and lame people here people who probably shouldn't drink beer there's rob alvey and wes i could beat both at chess suck ups and nerds they put me at a loss for words cause lifes not about parks or sarcastic remarks bout a company like vekoma hey whats that bad aroma its the virgins in the back studying the dimensions of a coaster track
  4. Learn how to use your camera, first. Then learn what shutter speed, ISO, and your apeture settings do. Things to know- -An apeture number like 4.0 will make a more shallow depth of field (less in focus) and let more light in. An apeture number like f/16 will let less light in, but will make a deeper depth of field (more in focus) The combination of these three will expose your photo -ISO bumps the light up, the higher the number. But be aware that the higher you go, the quality of your photo goes down. Especially with long exposure times (shutter speed) Usually people use a higher ISO to get faster shutter speeds if it's too dark, or the opposite if it's too bright Idk I could go on but I have a feeling you're gonna read half of this and then decide to give up and just use auto -_-
  5. Good luck keeping this thead open According to my calculations, a mod is 75% likely to jump at the chance to lock a thread also nb4lock
  6. Sitting on your butt, reading a forum all day is ALSO bad for you!
  7. ^ French presses are cool. You can make the coffee so strong with them. It always gives them a thick, smoothness kinda. I don't know how else to explain it haha. But I love grinding up some good coffee and using the press, I just don't do it every morning. Only on occasions when I have good coffee/time
  8. I think we should all take a moment to appreciate that we live in a country that doesn't have insane rules like this college!
  9. Whatever you do, do NOT assault them. I've heard that one of the ways that they make money is by getting assaulted and then suing for it. On the plus side, this couldn't have been done without them: That's a Micheal Moore thing. I stopped watching when I heard that gay people had to be scared of getting arrested in America... Sorry but if you take all this stuff seriously, you really need to learn about other parts of the world. His movies and stuff are extremely biased!
  10. You should probably stay home from school. It's a good excuse
  11. That's a lot of feet. I once hiked 4,800 feet in a day (double that if you count down hill) ...It was quite a view at the end.
  12. Hey those pictures are pretty awesome. What kind of lens/camera do you have? They look really sharp and crisp Thanks! At that time, I was using a Canon Rebel T1i... That camera is gone now though. Was great camera, but I upgraded. Most of those shots were with my 70-200mm f/4L IS lens, and with my (old) 17-85mm lens. Right now, I use a Canon 7D, along with the 24-105mm f/4L IS, 70-200mm f/4L IS, 50mm f/1.8 II, Tokina 12-24mm f/4 DX, and Tamron 1.4x Pro teleconverter. If you want to check out some other photos of mine, check out http://www.flickr.com/invertalon Appreciate the comments! Ill look to post up some more CP ones here. That's cool. I added you as a contact btw, on flickr. I almost bought the 70-200 f/4L but I ended up buying an xbox instead I have a 40D with the 50mm 1.8, and the 17-85mm also. All my better pictures are the older ones. I don't know why, but I think I've slowly got worse at photography haha
  13. How is my point invalid? I said curling might take a lot of physical fitness to be really good at it, and you shouldn't make ignorant assumptions on things. That's my point. How hard is it to understand? Apparently really hard for you who are challenging me on a simple statement that most normal people would agree with. Whatever though I will let you (beemerboy) sit and think about how clever and funny you are for beating me in an argument by not responding to anything I said and insulting me. Real mature
  14. Hey those pictures are pretty awesome. What kind of lens/camera do you have? They look really sharp and crisp
  15. That's a nice picture.. A thing I learned from shooting something that has a lot white, (like in that picture) it's always good to overexpose it a lot. The camera's meter see's all that white and thinks the scene is really bright so it underexposes the picture, and it will give you a correct exposure reading and you will end up with a dark depressing snow scene instead of a bright, happy snow scene. I forgot how much compensation you need, but I would try one stop and higher and see what looks good from there. For sunsets/sunrises, if you want a really detailed sky, undercompensate. I learned all this stuff from a book
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