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  1. Intamin: Have you received interest from any parks on plans to break the current height or speed record?
  2. Ah, those pictures are peaceful yet exhilarating at the same time. Hope we can see more.
  3. The awkward moment when it falls in the opposite direction instead...
  4. Basically anything in this video. But it has to be ridden there specifically. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwigzl83sOk
  5. At first it was Ghostrider. The curve at the bottom of the first drop sent a jarring pain up my spine. But X2 topped it. 2nd to back, outside seat, right side. I didn't know it was possible rides could get that painful.
  6. Supposedly S&S blast off towers achieve -2g at the top. And the Mondial Capriolo flat ride hits -4g. I wonder what kind of possibilities we could have if humans had as high as tolerance for negative g as they do positive.
  7. In terms of the flow of the ride, that slower portion (and I say slower relatively speaking) offers the only break in the ride. It gives riders a breather between the intense first half and the also-intense second half, without a pace-killing brake run - which would also be unnecessary on a ride of this size and length. So the reason for that turn is a) to line up the corkscrew with the front end of the second loop for the crossover, and b) to maintain the ride's flow while offering a breather that doesn't kill its entire pace. Ah, I see. Thanks for clarification. Just thought it would be cool to have a tight turn directly from that helix that meets with the first corkscrew, so there is no breather whatsoever. Not sure if that would be a good or bad thing. Guess it depends on various things.
  8. So, I've got a quick question for anyone that pertains to Batman. I'd have to say it's one of my favorite rides at the park. I'm still in awe to the size/intensity ratio that thing delivers, but there is only one part of it's design I find somewhat odd. I'm curious to why the turn is so wide after the helix and before the first corkscrew. For me, it's kinda the only dampener out of the entire layout, and it makes it's very compact footprint somewhat "stick out" in that location. Not sure if anyone would know anything about it, but you never know with this site!
  9. That was most definitely awesome. I hope for similar stuff like this in the future. You know, there was some stuff you said about the TPR trips somewhere around the beginning that I think a lot of people would take interest too, including myself. You mentioned something about, "all you have to do is be smart enough to get a plane ticket to the starting location, leave your brain at the door, and we'll do the rest." After you said that, it made me really want to go on a trip next year. And from how you described ERT as well. Overall though, it was fantastic. Entertaining for both, GP-like people and us enthusiasts.
  10. Coaster: X2. I had two bruised shoulders. The other injuries weren't visible. Flat: Zipper was mentally painful, but other than that, cannot think of any.
  11. Man, I absolutely LOVE the slanted brake section before the drop. The suspense would be awesome! After that, it looks like a GIANT corkscrew. After the lift hill, it looks like a diving loop like on Riddler's Revenge, followed by a stretched version of the cutback inversion on Drachen Fire, and then finally an immelman. I'm really liking the fact that this coaster uses inversions that haven't really been done before, nor named. Makes it that much more interesting!
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