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  1. I'm running RCT3 on Windows 8, and when I go to install CTR/CSO in the x86 folder, there's no files there. None at all. I have no idea where I would be installing custom content otherwise. Any help?
  2. Considering that Dorney's only remaining woodie was built 90 years ago, I'd say that those are all fairly recent. And all of those parks are among the biggest in the chain with top of the line attractions. I don't think they need a new wooden coaster (well, Cedar Point could), but I feel that Dorney deserves a GCI the most out of any Cedar Fair park. KD could be thrown in there too.
  3. Well, Dorney normally puts in a new coaster every four years, so I'll cheat and say for 2016, a GCI. Or GravityGroup. Just SOME wooden coaster. Dorney has to be one of the only parks in Cedar Fair's lineup without a GCI or modern wooden coaster. I don' care if it's good or not, but a non-recycled coaster would be great. For 2015... hmm. There's not anything realistic to suggest that Dorney needs. The old bumper cars would be nice to have again.
  4. Medusa has a good layout, but it is WAYYYYY too big for a park this size. It just looks so huge and out of place compared to the other smaller and themed rides. Other than that, I like it a lot.
  5. I can't tell whether Nitro is actually that much faster than normal B&Ms or if it just looks faster because of the shorter trains. Either way, it looks like a great ride.
  6. ....It just looks painful, good lord. That seems like the worst ride ever created! (In a good way!) Suspension of disbelief aside, I give some props for the creativity. I don't think many people would have thought of making a 250 ft tall Arrow looper. I'm intrigued by that first drop straightaway...thing.
  7. Millennium Flyer trains (the ones you used on Forest Singer) didn't exist until the early 2000s. An Intamin woodie would not use them either, since they're made by GCI. Other than that, pretty good job. I'm not too hot about the "budget issues" for the Shuttle Loop without a back spike since the park has a multi-million dollar B&M looper. But your scenery is great.
  8. Wow. It's simply incredible. Everything... it's perfect. The waterpark, the coasters, the flats, the atmosphere, the scenery... job WELL done. That B&M Invert layout might be the best I've ever seen.
  9. I'd give them some credit for even knowing that Intamin is a manufacturer, even if they got the ride completely wrong.
  10. Gotta be Skyrush in the back row. It's totally insane. Even the pull-out at the bottom is ridiculously intense.
  11. I really like the theming and effort put into this, but your sense of scale may be a bit off. Those slides are absolutely massive. It's just my opinion, but they look TOO big.
  12. For sheer balls-to-the-wall insanity, Skyrush. I honestly can't believe a ride so aggressive exists, let alone in an American park. There is not a single point on that ride to catch your breath until the break run. In terms of forces, probably Batman at Great Adventure. I haven't traveled very well, so that's the only intense B&M ride ride I've been on besides Raptor.
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