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  1. Facepalm. The panel operator has the option to lock/unlock each car manually or lock/unlock all restraints. The reason of doing it a car at a time is to ensure the attendants can check the seatbelts before guests pull down the lapbars. What slows down dispatches the most are guests that don't listen to the spiels. Between the people that are reluctant to put their bags to the side of the train and those that don't buckle their seatbelt are the greatest influence of the slower dispatches.
  2. Starpointe is now available for download at New Element. Check it out here
  3. Wait a minute, wasn't some of that yellow area used for the new Cabana Cove? Yes, almost half of that yellow space is Cabana Cove.
  4. Not entirely true, In the peak summer season both Canyon Blaster and Road Runner Express have lines and sometimes quite lengthy ones. The only kiddie coaster that doesn't get much traffic is Magic Flyer. However, I do agree that BBW does NOT need another coaster. As for Saturday, it was a really slow day at the park. The park has now gone into off season operations and the crowds have exponentially decreased which explains the lack of people in BBW. Although, the personality of the area has reduced over the years as the paint has become saturated and worn off and the lack of shows in the Carrot Club Theater leave guests with a more lifeless experience in BBW.
  5. I am not surprised something was wrong with that re tracked portion of the ride. I rode the coaster a few times in the past couple of months and that spot was unexpectedly rough. Hopefully it will ride better post maintenance.
  6. Calling hoax. The blueprint's footers in the phase 1 schematics match the already poured footers perfectly. This coaster WILL be an Invert. Period.
  7. If you look at the supports in the blueprint, they are on the inside of the loop meaning that the train would be under the track like an Inverted Coaster. A flyer train would put too much force on the riders chest in a normal loop thus it must be an Inverted coaster. Also with that second "zero g roll" after the second vertical loop I believe it will be something more like Oziris in the picture below. Almost like a wingover. The first zero g roll will likely be your cliche one on Inverted coasters. From the looks of it the coaster will have 7 inversions.
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