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  1. Happy you liked SFGAM! That's my home park! I love Maxx Force but I did think the launch would be a little more powerful (I thinking too much about Do-Dodonpa lol). The app I think is pretty inaccurate, not just with Whizzer but American Eagle and Viper definitely have more airtime than -.2 gs I think.
  2. "Outta My Life" - Deadmau5 I wish EDM was still as relevant in music today as it was 5-10 years ago :/
  3. Sounds like someone saw that Volcano closed and ran with a fake rumor about a similar ride. V2 is a simple enough ride that I am sure if there are stress cracks a couple sections could be replaced easily enough That's what I'm thinking. I've just heard quite a few people mention it and because it was closed I was just wondering. It's not as extravagant as a ride as Volcano - there's no 40 year old mountain and twisting layout involved - it's just two spikes which I think is fixable. It's something though that I'm keep my eyes on at the moment for sure.
  4. I've heard some people I know saying Vertical Velocity has stress cracks in its towers, can anyone else confirm if this is true or not?
  5. One of Motionless In White's fabulous new songs, "Disguise".
  6. I think it's really cool but it might not be necessary for a lot of rides. For instance any ride where the wheels are covered obviously should not get them. But I don't think the park would invest in that for a ride like that to begin with. It would be great for Intamin coasters. I think to complement it though, and this is just my opinion, but the trains with the wheels should also be lit up so it isn't just the wheels, if that makes sense.
  7. I think instead of making this they channeled their energy towards their 4D Freespins instead. I'm guessing the freespin had less issues than something like this. Regardless I would have loved to ride something like this.
  8. The only ones I can see are the Mack Power Splash rides like Pulsar at Walibi Belgium. They have a smaller footprint and look really appealing, and I could see more parks including them. Maybe a few parks will buy a water coaster. I don't see a huge wave of either of those though because most people go to waterparks to get soaked, and they would rather stay dry a dry parks or ride the already-existing water rides if there are any.
  9. It's also really strange why their 10 inversion coaster is the only coaster, according to RCDB, that is open. I'm curious to what else is open in the park and what is still under construction/SBNO.
  10. This is actually really cool! They could definitely use a coaster, especially a family one. This is a good fit for the park because some people who go to Tokyo Dome are either to small to ride Thunder Dolphin or are too scared to/haven't been on many coasters, so this is a good step-up/intermediate roller coaster for them.
  11. I'm not sure where to put this but I wonder, if Anton Schwarzkopf was still alive, how he would design roller coasters in this day and age and what kind of coasters he would design and what elements he would have.
  12. Honestly it looks like a great ride, and Japan isn't used to having RMCs so it's a great first RMC for them. I think the locals will love it. If I go it'll likely be my favorite coaster at Nagashima SpaLand. They do have the most original RMC train design too in my opinion (the Gerstlauer RMC trains don't count). I do hope a few more parks in Japan/Asia install RMCs of some sort in the future.
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