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  1. No offense, but none of that makes you qualified to know what happened based upon looking a photo. Robb knows all of that already. That doesn't mean it could not have been caused by a bad part or an engineering problem. I agree with you. That doesn't make me qualified, but the accident made me interested in safety, and maintenance of amusement rides. I just spoke out my thoughts about what caused the accident. We don't know what caused the accident, but the poor maintenance is my speculation.
  2. Well, when a ride is maintained properly, they just don't fly off the track. I don't have experience in maintaining amusement rides, but I do know a lot about it. Roller coasters need their wheels replaced a lot, and some coaster like Millennium Force has special wheels due to their high speed, and to help reduce wears on the wheels. During the off-season, the cars are inspected through and looked for any defects. If a defect is found, they will be fixed. Disassembly of the cars/trains are pretty much required during the off-season. If you have been to an off-season tour, which I believe you been to before, you can see the park are taking care of their rides during the off-season. Sometime, they might evaluate a decision during the off-season to remove a ride, like what Kings Dominion did with Volcano: The Blast Coaster. I am somewhat similar to you in a way because I know a lot about amusement parks, and watching your videos, and looking on RCDB.com, and watching roller coasters video, and following PTC facebook page, where they post picture of disassembly of roller coaster trains for overhaul during the off-season.
  3. Indeed, but judging on the derailed car picture, in my opinion, I think poor maintenance on the park part were to blame. Remember what happened on Fujin Raijin II where the park hadn't replaced axles for 15 years. That's what likely happened on Quimera.
  4. Also the accident was caught on the video. It's on Facebook for anyone interested to know what happened. https://www.facebook.com/Trendingmx.news/videos/2930217730330418/
  5. Yes, Robb, I was aware. There's a picture of the derailed car. I'm going to edit the picture to remove blood on the door.
  6. I don't think Anton Schwarzkopf is to blame for the accident. I believe the park aren't taking care of their rides very well. Look at how rusty the track, and that amusement is sketchy at best. It just bothers me why would anyone in their right mind to go to that park when Six Flags Mexico, a superior park to La Feria is 8 miles away. Edit: Grammar.
  7. https://www.forbes.com.mx/reportan-accidente-en-juego-de-la-feria-de-chapultepec/?fbclid=IwAR0q9jj0mjQxKiSvWmUTZq9OGUdRj9AfJpekzkfIoQJjYx8TNyDCsa6DkBw Translation: On September 28, an accident was reported in one of the mechanical games of La Feria de Chapultepec, in Mexico City, called "Chimera." Two people died and five more were injured, according to data from the Attorney General's Office in Mexico City. "Inside the area of ​​the game known as 'Chimera' are two bodies (male between 25 and 30 years), who lost their lives to fall from one of the cars of the aforementioned game, which suffered a mechanical failure", reported the System of Protection and Restoration for Mexico City. "The Triage was established in the western part of the fair (parking lot), where two women between 25 and 30 years old were evaluated, who were transferred to Mocel Hospital by ambulances 30 of CR and 5 of PC," he added. On its Twitter, the Attorney General's Office of Mexico City informed that the Expert Services and the Investigation Police are at the scene of the accident and carrying out the corresponding procedures. At the moment, the evacuation of all those attending the Chapultepec Fair is carried out. Picture of the accident. Last car derailed.
  8. Good news! Euro-Star got a new home at Detskiy Park in Anapa, Russia! It's looking nice with a new coat of paint. Always nice to see this unique coaster not scrapped. Credits to VHCoasters for the pictures.
  9. Look like they put back the track for the first drop back on. Wonder what was going on with that section.
  10. Why not lock this thread and let get over with it? You have a FEC near Austin, Texas that has a roller coaster -https://rcdb.com/11759.htm, and you're around 64 miles to ZDT Theme Park, and 82 miles to SFFT, and 93 miles to Seaworld San Antonio. https://rcdb.com/r.htm?ot=3&no=11759&ec GP never cease to amaze me.
  11. https://at-raku.com/attractions/geopolis/new/ According to the website, they are adding a new Gerstlauer Family Shuttle coaster called Panic Coaster - Back Daaan ( パニックコースターバックダーン) It is going in the Geopolis section of the park, where Geopanic once operated. It is a great addition after the loss of Linear Gale and Spinning Coaster Maihime. Panic Coaster - Back Daaan will be the park first new coaster since 2003, and will feature special effect as riders traverse the ride layout twice, first forward, and second in reverse. Opens March 23, 2019
  12. Sorry to bump this thread, but, I am the bearer of good news. A company named GBM Trade and Steel Enterprise Group obtained the rights to operate the park for 29 years. It will open March 2019, and OCT Group will be running the park. Source: Turkish news website article - https://www.emlakdream.com/ankaparkta-acilis-hedefi-mart-2019/
  13. It's also a mirror image too, Coasterbill. Flying Eagle goes to the right while the one in concept art goes to the left.
  14. It is definitely Zierer. Look at the track. It's similar to this coaster track styles. https://rcdb.com/14417.htm#p=77069
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