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  1. You're right, they wouldn't. The issue isn't should they or shouldn't they put a stranger with a family of 3. It's already been established that they ARE putting strangers with groups of 3. So the point is, if they are going to look for single riders, why not have a single rider line? It is for me because I love spinning coasters. No it's the guy with a common sense solution to a problem. And I've seen 3 people on YouTube videos who have suggested the same thing. Because we've actually been on the ride and observed how it slows down operations. It's a pretty simple idea, have a single rider line because if you're going to be looking for single riders it makes it a lot easier to find them. No not exactly. I said I didn't think WM was the best fit because of capacity. I was asked to provide a better alternative. One of my ideas was a family wood coaster of the same scope (1300 ft of track and around the same max height). I was told it wouldn't fit in that space. I said if Boardwalk Bullet could fit (3200 ft of track) then a family style wood coaster built in the same compact way like Boardwalk Bullet would fit. Now you made a good point about maintenance. But I don't buy that the extra cost to maintain a 1300 ft wooden roller coaster is that big of a deal for Cedar Fair/ Cedar Point. The rest is people trying to paint me as a mad coaster enthusiast who just want's to crap on WM because it's a family ride and not a big thrill ride. Which I'm not... I've said multiple times that I really like WM.
  2. Wild Mouse doesn't have individual row lines. There is no station wait. Each car only holds 4 people. So with this ride they ask for single riders as people board the car and hold the car until they have a single rider or realize they don't have one. It would be so much more efficient if they could pull people out of a single rider line when there is a group smaller than 4. And if nobody is in the single rider line then just let the car leave with the empty seats. Absolutely no waiting around to fill it. So the ONLY people who use single rider lines are enthusiasts who go to parks alone? A bunch of different people use single rider lines. For example, someone who is part of a group who is the only person that wants to ride, someone who is a part of a group that wants to ride for a 2nd time while nobody else does, a kid who wants to marathon it while dad relaxes and little sister and mom go on the other flats in the area or to kiddy kingdom, kids from a school group who just don't want to wait the hour+ in the regular line...
  3. I was talking about space. It did slow down the operations. They held the car while looking. You don't have to waste any time looking if there is a single rider line. Again, there would be no lost time at all if there was a single rider line. It would make the process much more organized and efficient.
  4. Boardwalk Bullett is 97 yards by 83 yards. The space CP had in that area is 95 yards by 95 yards. A family Boardwalk Bullett could easily have fit there. And yes they were asking for single riders. LOL so because you have never seen something means it never happens?
  5. Bordwalk Bullett would fit. So my thought was a family Boardwalk Bullett. Because they slow down operations looking for single riders. If they have a Family/ group of 3 they will spend time looking for single riders to fill the car.
  6. So a steel spinning coaster is cheaper than a wood family coaster of the same scope? Apparently it's harder to imagine that you would actually read what I wrote. I didn't suggest they build the coaster to the clouds that stretches across Lake Erie to Vermilion and back. I suggested a family dark ride. Which ok, fair enough, would have been a lot more expensive. (Although CP has never been a park to skimp out) But the family wooden option is not more expensive and also checks off numerous other boxes. It is fun. I LIKE the coaster. I also like how that area is the only area on early entry. So I will ride it every time I go without having to wait. But for most others that will not be the case. The vast majority will wait a very long time, and that is NOT fun. Which is why I think a family coaster with better capacity would have been a better fit. One thing they could do now is add a single rider line. But I don't remember the park ever having a single rider line for anything.
  7. LOL, wow. I think you're blowing this completely out of proportion. What exactly are all the things I'm not happy with? Did you not read the part where I said I LIKE Wild Mouse. I think it's a GOOD ride. I LOVE the boardwalk. However, I think a coaster with higher capacity would have made more sense. And I'm kind of dumbfounded that they would put such a low capacity ride in a busy park like CP. Now I'm definitely a food snob. I cook for myself and very rarely go out. So with that said I would respectfully disagree that anything CP has is fabulous. And aside from the cinnamon bread I wasn't impressed with anything at Dollywood or Busch Gardens. Now be fair I haven't come close to trying everything at those parks as I've only been to Dollywood once, BGW once, and BGT twice. Any recommendations would be appreciated
  8. I don't know about that. Does the average person even know about it? I think the average person would say "this is cool" after seeing it. But I don't think the new boardwalk area in general is going to be a selling point that attracts people. Last year was the first year I didn't add on the dining plan. I did try the steak and chicken from the farmhouse last year. It was OK. When I was asked if I tried the new offerings I thought it meant new for this year. You're right. I don't know about the food in the grand pavilion until I try it. But the years of dissappointment have added up. For someone like me who visits the park 15+ times per year, the dining plan add on should be worth the cost. Fair enough. But maybe a better/ higher capacity ride would leave them more fulfilled. AND possibly even attract more families who wouldn't otherwise visit.
  9. To you, yes. But is that going to attract more families to CP?
  10. It's worth the price I paid for it. Just trying to make light of the fact that their food isn't the highest quality while charging premium prices for it. If you want to buy me a $20 meal I'll gladly eat it.
  11. Any ride can be made to fit any theme. Yes this option is cheaper than what I brought up. But this is CP. They shouldn't be doing anything on the cheap. If the goal is to draw more families then you gotta give them a reason to come. Does this ride do that? I don't see it. They don't have plenty of non spinning moderate coasters. The coasters you named have a height restriction of 48". They needed something that smaller kids could ride. But at the same time they should have went with something with a much better capacity. Again this is CP, low capacity rides don't work here. The dark ride in the ballroom could have an outside section too. It could have started on the boardwalk, entered the ballroom for the indoor section, and then ended on the boardwalk. I don't have the dining plan. I pack my own meals in a cooler and leave the park to eat. So no I haven't tried anything new. Capacity sucks and it's not unique.
  12. So I was at the park for the whole weekend and what they decided to do to the boardwalk is really perplexing. First, the Grand Pavilion is an awesome addition. The building itself is extremely nice, and even though I don't eat that over priced dog food, it's a great place to grab a drink, take in the view, and relax. So I see myself spending a lot of time there in the future. What I just don't get is why they decided to build Wild Mouse. The park needed a family coaster, no doubt about it. But why pick THAT family coaster? It's a low capacity ride that couldn't be less unique. And it will turn a lot of people off because of the fact that it spins. A lot of people skip those rides. Why not go with a family woodie, something like Kentucky Flyer? Or a launched family coaster? Or if they really wanted to draw more families, why not finally clear out the arcade, and add a very good a family coaster/ dark ride with indoor and outdoor sections? I dunno, I just don't get it. As for Wild Mouse, I actually really like the ride. I LOVE spinning coasters. I just don't see how it fits here.
  13. If you're not doing waterparks then you can absolutely do Kentucky Kingdom and Holiday World in 1 day. Just be aware that if you do Holiday World first you will lose an hour because of the time zones. I also wouldn't spend equal time at both parks. I would spend an extra hour or two at Holiday World.
  14. The trains on RMC's could be better, but are they the worst? Probably not, although I could do without the shin guards. But I have marathoned SV many days and nights, and I just marathoned IG and neither was uncomfortable.
  15. Interesting because I disagree 100% with this. To me SV is by far the more intense/ thrilling ride.
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