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  1. Hey everyone, so this is my trip report of my visit to the park just after Christmas. This was my #3 most anticipated park in the US (#1 is Hershey, #2 is Fiesta Texas) to visit of the parks that I have not been to yet. I always try to temper my expectations, but I'm like a kid in a candy store so I wasn't exactly able to do that. With that said, the park EXCEEDED my expectations. As far as travel, I'm from the Detroit area and I flew Spirit and stayed in the Econo Lodge that's on the other side of the freeway from the park. I did this trip solo so I decided to do it cheap. Norm
  2. Spring break trip- Busch Gardens Tamps and Orlando parks (minus Disney) if Iron Gwazi is open. If not, probably a combination of Six Flags over Georgia, San Antonio parks, and Six Flags over Texas. Cedar Point/ Kings Island- multiple visits Fly into Philly- Knoebels, Hersheypark, Dorney Park, and Great Adventure. Kentucky Kingdom/ Holiday World/ Indiana Beach road trip. Can probably throw in another visit to Kings Island too. Fly to Virginia for Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Fly into Pittsburgh for Kennywood. Whatever trip I didn't do during spr
  3. Hi everyone, I'm thinking of visiting the park the weekend of December 11th. Just wondering how it is to visit the park that time of year, which coasters are usually closed if any, and what is the park doing for covid, access pass system or just socially distance in line? I also see that you have to make reservations. What if your late for your reservation? Thank you.
  4. Yes I had access passes for different times with the exception of Maverick and SV. We had already rode SV right when the park opened so that wasn't a big deal. I had Dragster from 1-2, and MF from 2-3. The problem was that at 1 the Dragster wait was an hour. When I got off Maverick there was next to nobody in line so my thinking was that maybe that would be the case with Dragster if we waited and did some other things. Then we wouldn't have to wait long for Dragster, and we got in Wicked Twister and Gatekeeper. But the Dragster line was still long at 1:45ish. Looking back we should h
  5. I visited the park today, which extended my streak of visiting Cedar Point at least once every year since 1988. While it was nice to be back in the park, it wasn't a great day because it was just too busy, plus I didn't care for the access pass system. I went with my GF and her little cousin, and after entering through the main gate (can't remember the last time I did that) we hurried over to get in line for SV. After riding that we snagged access passes for SV and Maverick for the 12-1 time block. Maverick was down though at the beginning of the day so we went to Dragster which also did
  6. I read that the park doesn’t start handing out the access passes until noon. So is that when those coasters open or can you get on them before noon? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I agree that Gatekeeper isn't as smooth anymore, but IMO Valravn is still smooth. Gatekeeper isn't nearly as bad as Banshee though, and when Gatekeeper was new it was glossy smooth and stayed that way until a couple years ago. Orion is brand spanking new and isn't glossy smooth like you would expect. I'm also not sure this is a B&M problem, the vast majority I have been on have been smooth. And some are pretty old. Alpengeist, and Scream were terrible and I wasn't a fan of Dominator. Like the other guy said, if KI uses the same people to install then it could be on them. That would ma
  8. To be fair, I think he said someone from the park told him that.
  9. I don't know anything about soil. Just passing on a theory that I heard. Are you saying it's total BS?
  10. Just got done watching a well known you-tubers review on Orion and he said something about the soil at KI possibly being the reason why all the B&M's are not the smoothest. Not sure if it's BS or not, but it's the best explanation I've heard so far.
  11. I was able to visit the park yesterday and it was a great feeling being back. Normally this is a park I visit every year but I didn't last year so it felt like an eternity. This is my first park since the pandemic and I thought the process of getting through the tent was quick, you just walk through and they take your temperature. But what's the point if the health screening test if it's just on the honor system? Not that I would be one to lie about it, but I'm not sure I can trust everyone else... I purchased fast lane because I only planned on staying about 4 or 5 hours because wear
  12. @ blk_mamba The holiday inn express (located right next to breakers express) which is what I assume you're talking about, is probably the best you can do if you want to stay in a nice hotel, pay a semi reasonable rate for the area, and be right next to the park without staying at one of the park owned properties. However, if you don't mind being a little further away (10-12 min from CP), I recommend the Fairfield Inn at 6220 Milan Rd. I don't usually stay overnight when I go to CP (I'm from Detroit and I am used to driving there and back in 1 day), but when I do stay for multiple day
  13. We sat down and buckled in on Maverick at 1235 and it opened up. Was down about 15 minutes and started rolling again. Only drizzle since. Unpopular opinion: Melt was garbage. Fried mac and cheese bites were great but our entrees were blah. You’re not the only one who thinks Melt sucks. I’ve never been a fan. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I was just in northern Michigan for the 4th and life is back to normal up there. Crowded beaches for fireworks, crowded sandbars in lakes. The number of masks I saw was less than 10. I think I’m going to wait until August to see how everything is going, and maybe I’ll visit some parks in the Midwest that don’t require masks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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