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  1. If you're not doing waterparks then you can absolutely do Kentucky Kingdom and Holiday World in 1 day. Just be aware that if you do Holiday World first you will lose an hour because of the time zones. I also wouldn't spend equal time at both parks. I would spend an extra hour or two at Holiday World.
  2. The trains on RMC's could be better, but are they the worst? Probably not, although I could do without the shin guards. But I have marathoned SV many days and nights, and I just marathoned IG and neither was uncomfortable.
  3. Interesting because I disagree 100% with this. To me SV is by far the more intense/ thrilling ride.
  4. I prefer SV too, and by a very large margin. But SV is too intense for some, so maybe that's the reason.
  5. Trip report from my 2 days at the park, Tuesday March 29th, and Wednesday March 30th. First I’ll start with the area around the park. Some said it wasn’t the best of area’s, but I thought it was fine. I walked a mile and a half to and from the park from my hotel both days. This wasn’t my first time at the park so I’ll start with what’s new: Iron Gwazi, and it’s a masterpiece! The most intense coasters tend to be my favorites, and Iron Gwazi takes my #2 overall spot. Bumping I305 down to 3, and sitting behind Steel Vengeance. Everything that makes RMC’s great makes this great, but at a higher level. And it being a walk on for most of the second day was just fabulous! The addition of Iron Gwazi also shot BGT up my park rankings to #3 behind Cedar Point and Kings Island. But it wasn’t JUST Iron Gwazi that did that. Some of the coasters were a lot more fun than I remember. Cobra’s Curse was closed on my first visit, so this was a new credit for me. And no coaster has ever exceeded expectations more than this one. I thought it would be a fun family ride, but this ended up being a top 50 coaster for me. Ranked ahead of quite a few inverts, wing’s, dive’s, and a couple hypers. Maybe I just LOVE spinning coasters, which means I need to get myself to Silver Dollar City this summer! Another ride that surprised the crap out of me was SheiKra. Now I’m not sure this is true, but it seems like they hold you up there a split second longer than the other North American dive coasters. It’s still very smooth, and very enjoyable. And it moved up to #2 in the dive coaster rankings behind Yukon Striker. Montu and Kumba were both running great as usual. Montu’s new paint job is AMAZING. Montu’s first half is still the best part of any invert, but it’s second half is below average IMO. Which is why it stays at #3 on the invert list behind Afterburn and Raptor. Kumba I’m still in love with. Still glossy smooth, intense, and overall just an awesome ride! I still prefer it to Maverick… The rest of the coasters are fun, but they ran as I remembered them. The only ride I dislike is Cheetah Hunt because of the hard restraints, they dig into the top of my shoulders, and the seat isn’t comfortable at all. That ride just wasn’t designed for me at all. And unfortunately Falcon’s Fury was closed both days due to high winds, and the sky ride was closed. Overall my visit was very fun, very enjoyable, and with the addition of Iron Gwazi I think this is now one of the super elite park’s in the country!
  6. The only other coaster that I've heard of where they don't allow glasses even with a strap is Xcelerator at Knott's.
  7. I recommend Berardi's in Sandusky. http://www.sanduskyberardis.com
  8. I grew up in SW Detroit and walked to and from Michigan Ave and Livernois to Holy Redeemer school every day. That's as iffy as it gets. So I'm not worried about walking 2 miles from the park past some condos. The area north of the park up to USF doesn't look that bad at all. It add's additional Ubers because I am staying 3 nights and visiting the park for 2 days. So instead of 2 Ubers, it would be 4. And that wipes out whatever I would save on a cheaper hotel. I looked at hotels further away from the park, anything cheaper than 115 a night has bad reviews. And if I stay too far from the park the extra uber costs wipes out what I would save. The park closes at 6 when I'm visiting so I don't think it will be dark. But yeah if I'm tired a couple 2 mile Ubers instead of walking is a good idea! That Econo Lodge has really bad reviews. Sounds like a very disgusting place. I use Momondo to check out rental cars, that site is supposed to search everything.. cheapest I could find was 173 (plus gas) for the days I would need it. An uber trip right now from the airport to the park is 45. Even if that rate doubles it's still the less expensive option. I figure $70 at the most for an uber to and from the park to the airport. That's $140. I'm paying $115 a night for the Holiday Inn. Anything cheaper than that within a reasonable distance to the park has really bad reviews. So for 3 nights stay and 2 uber rides I figure at the most I'm looking at $485. I looked at hotels with free shuttles to the park, the Courtyard Tampa North was the cheapest at $131 a night. $50 more expensive than the Holiday Inn. I'd rather walk to and from the park and spend the $50 on merchandise or food.
  9. Thanks. I would if the price were lower. Everything right next to the park is either crap or too expensive. The airport is too far away. The uber costs would wipe away any savings from the hotel price. I'm going to stay about 2 miles away. I can walk that distance no problem.
  10. Thanks for all the recommendations. I am flying into Tampa and looking to stay within walking distance from the park. I looked at that Hampton right next to the park but it's too expensive. And I am not renting a car as it is cheaper to uber to and from the airport. It looks like the Holiday inn right by USF is where I'll be. Not right next to the park, but still within walking distance. Really excited to get back to the park and check out Iron Gwazi!!!!
  11. I'm looking at hotels in the area. The less expensive options like Econo Lodge, Tampa Inn, and even a La Quinta have really bad reviews. Has anyone ever stayed at one of those 3 on a regular basis, and if so are they really that bad?
  12. Hey everyone, so this is my trip report of my visit to the park just after Christmas. This was my #3 most anticipated park in the US (#1 is Hershey, #2 is Fiesta Texas) to visit of the parks that I have not been to yet. I always try to temper my expectations, but I'm like a kid in a candy store so I wasn't exactly able to do that. With that said, the park EXCEEDED my expectations. As far as travel, I'm from the Detroit area and I flew Spirit and stayed in the Econo Lodge that's on the other side of the freeway from the park. I did this trip solo so I decided to do it cheap. Normally I'm a travel snob, meaning flying nice airlines and staying in nice hotels. Normally when I'm walking through the airport I'm laughing at the people waiting to get on a Spirit or Frontier flight knowing that my plush could-like Delta seat with 100 miles of leg room is awaiting me. But I wanted to see how bad it really is. So since I was doing this trip solo I bit my tongue and went for the cheapest options. And the verdict is that Spirit sucks, I mean they really suck. The seat was ok, but the leg room sucked. Luckily there was nobody else in my row and I was able to maneuver myself into a decent position. Econo Lodge on the other hand wasn't bad at all. The bed was surprisingly really comfortable, there was no mirror on the ceiling above it, and surprisingly no shag carpeting. I was basically expecting some seedy whore house like you can find up and down Michigan Avenue in Detroit. Obviously I'm exaggerating, but not by a lot... Honestly, for my next trip I would not rule out Econo Lodge like I have in the past. Ok, so on to the park itself. I arrived 2 hours before the park closed and it was completely dead. I went right for Twisted Cyclone and wow, what an awesome ride. I had heard mixed reviews on it. Some really liked it and some thought it was underwhelming and short. Could it be longer, yeah, but I didn't come off it thinking it was a short ride. Every element delivers and the highlight is that incredible wave turn. I mean, that's what a wave turn should feel like (talking to you Orion). It's definitely a back row ride like most RMC's are. I rank coasters on a scale from 1-4, 4 being elite, 3 being good, 2 being fun, and 1 is I got the credit but I'll never ride again. Twisted Cyclone is definitely a 4. In fact it's my 3rd favorite RMC after SV and Twisted Colossus. Better than Lightning Rod, Twisted Timbers, Storm Chaser, and Goliath. Then I got on Goliath and I had some major expectations for this B&M Hyper. It exceeded every single one of them. The first drop actually kind of sucks when compared to just about every other hyper coaster I've been on, but the rest of the coaster is fantastic! Every hill delivers really good airtime, and that helix is one of my favorite elements on any coaster. Extremely forceful and incredibly intense. That's why I love roller coasters, for moments like that! Goliath definitely get's a 4/4 from me. If it had a better drop it would easily be my favorite hyper, and because it's the most recent one that I've been on right now I'm inclined to say that it is my favorite hyper with Mako and Behemoth right behind. The other coaster I rode before the park closed was Dare Devil Dive. This was a good ride. The first half is awesome, starting with a 95 degree drop, which is the best drop in the park IMO. And then it goes through a few pretty intense inversions and this one element where you feel like your about to go upside down, but you don't, it was a weird and fun sensation. The second half though is just kind of blah, it doesn't really do anything. It also only has lap bars which was great because I think over the shoulder restraints could have ruined that ride for me. If the second half was more like the first half I'd probably give it a 4, but I think a 3 is more where this coaster is at. Really fun, but could have been elite. The next day I returned and again it was completely empty. Is this normal for the park at this time or was this probably COVID related? I was planning on getting flash pass, but obviously that was a nice surprise. First ride was the mine train. It's just an average mine train. It get's a 2. Then I made my way to the back of the park, I looked at Superman, and said screw it. If you know me, and I don't know why you would because I post like once every 3 months, buy anyway... I HATE flying coasters. I love the idea, but I hate the execution. It's just not comfortable for me. So I skipped it. I was surprised to see Great American Scream Machine running because I was under the impression that would be closed, but it was open. I heard this was actually a great coaster before they put the Georgia Cyclone trains on it. After riding that is my assessment as well. Well actually I don't know if it was good before, but it was a very rough and uncomfortable ride. It's better in the front, but still too rough. 2/4 because the layout is actually really good and there were some enjoyable moments. I was also surprised to see Blue Hawk running as I was under the impression that this was also going to be closed. This was the surprise of the park for me. I thought it was very comfortable, smooth, and surprisingly somewhat intense. And I also really liked the setting river the water. I give it a 2.5/4. Not good enough to be a 3, but better than a 2. I saved the Batman clone for last and I've heard that this is actually the best of the Batman clones. And because of those expectations it was a let down. I mean it was fun just like all the other Batman clones, but not any better IMO. Still a really good ride though. 3/4. I skipped the stand up. Again, I've heard it was the best stand up but I HATE stand ups. So being the best stand up to me is like being the cleanest prostitute at the corner of Michigan and Livernois... Overall I thought the park was really fun, and really nice. I think Six Flags overall gets a bad rap that's undeserved. Maybe I just happen to visit their parks on good days, but I've never not had a good Six Flags day. The park was clean, employees were friendly, and the overall atmosphere was enjoyable. Overall I'd give the park a 3/4. Obviously I didn't get on Mindbender or any water rides. So it possibly could be even better if I visit in the summer, which I most likely will at some point. As far as how to make it better, I think at least for me, tuning the stand up into the floorless would be nice, and adding a launch coaster. I think that's the most obvious gap in their lineup. But overall I had great time, a lot of the coasters met and/or exceeded expectations, and I'll definitely be back!
  13. Spring break trip- Busch Gardens Tamps and Orlando parks (minus Disney) if Iron Gwazi is open. If not, probably a combination of Six Flags over Georgia, San Antonio parks, and Six Flags over Texas. Cedar Point/ Kings Island- multiple visits Fly into Philly- Knoebels, Hersheypark, Dorney Park, and Great Adventure. Kentucky Kingdom/ Holiday World/ Indiana Beach road trip. Can probably throw in another visit to Kings Island too. Fly to Virginia for Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Fly into Pittsburgh for Kennywood. Whatever trip I didn't do during spring break. As long as all the parks mentioned above are actually open I feel like those plans are very realistic. I'm a teacher so I've got the whole summer...
  14. Hi everyone, I'm thinking of visiting the park the weekend of December 11th. Just wondering how it is to visit the park that time of year, which coasters are usually closed if any, and what is the park doing for covid, access pass system or just socially distance in line? I also see that you have to make reservations. What if your late for your reservation? Thank you.
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