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  1. Hey everyone, so this is my trip report of my visit to the park just after Christmas. This was my #3 most anticipated park in the US (#1 is Hershey, #2 is Fiesta Texas) to visit of the parks that I have not been to yet. I always try to temper my expectations, but I'm like a kid in a candy store so I wasn't exactly able to do that. With that said, the park EXCEEDED my expectations. As far as travel, I'm from the Detroit area and I flew Spirit and stayed in the Econo Lodge that's on the other side of the freeway from the park. I did this trip solo so I decided to do it cheap. Normally I'm a travel snob, meaning flying nice airlines and staying in nice hotels. Normally when I'm walking through the airport I'm laughing at the people waiting to get on a Spirit or Frontier flight knowing that my plush could-like Delta seat with 100 miles of leg room is awaiting me. But I wanted to see how bad it really is. So since I was doing this trip solo I bit my tongue and went for the cheapest options. And the verdict is that Spirit sucks, I mean they really suck. The seat was ok, but the leg room sucked. Luckily there was nobody else in my row and I was able to maneuver myself into a decent position. Econo Lodge on the other hand wasn't bad at all. The bed was surprisingly really comfortable, there was no mirror on the ceiling above it, and surprisingly no shag carpeting. I was basically expecting some seedy whore house like you can find up and down Michigan Avenue in Detroit. Obviously I'm exaggerating, but not by a lot... Honestly, for my next trip I would not rule out Econo Lodge like I have in the past. Ok, so on to the park itself. I arrived 2 hours before the park closed and it was completely dead. I went right for Twisted Cyclone and wow, what an awesome ride. I had heard mixed reviews on it. Some really liked it and some thought it was underwhelming and short. Could it be longer, yeah, but I didn't come off it thinking it was a short ride. Every element delivers and the highlight is that incredible wave turn. I mean, that's what a wave turn should feel like (talking to you Orion). It's definitely a back row ride like most RMC's are. I rank coasters on a scale from 1-4, 4 being elite, 3 being good, 2 being fun, and 1 is I got the credit but I'll never ride again. Twisted Cyclone is definitely a 4. In fact it's my 3rd favorite RMC after SV and Twisted Colossus. Better than Lightning Rod, Twisted Timbers, Storm Chaser, and Goliath. Then I got on Goliath and I had some major expectations for this B&M Hyper. It exceeded every single one of them. The first drop actually kind of sucks when compared to just about every other hyper coaster I've been on, but the rest of the coaster is fantastic! Every hill delivers really good airtime, and that helix is one of my favorite elements on any coaster. Extremely forceful and incredibly intense. That's why I love roller coasters, for moments like that! Goliath definitely get's a 4/4 from me. If it had a better drop it would easily be my favorite hyper, and because it's the most recent one that I've been on right now I'm inclined to say that it is my favorite hyper with Mako and Behemoth right behind. The other coaster I rode before the park closed was Dare Devil Dive. This was a good ride. The first half is awesome, starting with a 95 degree drop, which is the best drop in the park IMO. And then it goes through a few pretty intense inversions and this one element where you feel like your about to go upside down, but you don't, it was a weird and fun sensation. The second half though is just kind of blah, it doesn't really do anything. It also only has lap bars which was great because I think over the shoulder restraints could have ruined that ride for me. If the second half was more like the first half I'd probably give it a 4, but I think a 3 is more where this coaster is at. Really fun, but could have been elite. The next day I returned and again it was completely empty. Is this normal for the park at this time or was this probably COVID related? I was planning on getting flash pass, but obviously that was a nice surprise. First ride was the mine train. It's just an average mine train. It get's a 2. Then I made my way to the back of the park, I looked at Superman, and said screw it. If you know me, and I don't know why you would because I post like once every 3 months, buy anyway... I HATE flying coasters. I love the idea, but I hate the execution. It's just not comfortable for me. So I skipped it. I was surprised to see Great American Scream Machine running because I was under the impression that would be closed, but it was open. I heard this was actually a great coaster before they put the Georgia Cyclone trains on it. After riding that is my assessment as well. Well actually I don't know if it was good before, but it was a very rough and uncomfortable ride. It's better in the front, but still too rough. 2/4 because the layout is actually really good and there were some enjoyable moments. I was also surprised to see Blue Hawk running as I was under the impression that this was also going to be closed. This was the surprise of the park for me. I thought it was very comfortable, smooth, and surprisingly somewhat intense. And I also really liked the setting river the water. I give it a 2.5/4. Not good enough to be a 3, but better than a 2. I saved the Batman clone for last and I've heard that this is actually the best of the Batman clones. And because of those expectations it was a let down. I mean it was fun just like all the other Batman clones, but not any better IMO. Still a really good ride though. 3/4. I skipped the stand up. Again, I've heard it was the best stand up but I HATE stand ups. So being the best stand up to me is like being the cleanest prostitute at the corner of Michigan and Livernois... Overall I thought the park was really fun, and really nice. I think Six Flags overall gets a bad rap that's undeserved. Maybe I just happen to visit their parks on good days, but I've never not had a good Six Flags day. The park was clean, employees were friendly, and the overall atmosphere was enjoyable. Overall I'd give the park a 3/4. Obviously I didn't get on Mindbender or any water rides. So it possibly could be even better if I visit in the summer, which I most likely will at some point. As far as how to make it better, I think at least for me, tuning the stand up into the floorless would be nice, and adding a launch coaster. I think that's the most obvious gap in their lineup. But overall I had great time, a lot of the coasters met and/or exceeded expectations, and I'll definitely be back!
  2. Spring break trip- Busch Gardens Tamps and Orlando parks (minus Disney) if Iron Gwazi is open. If not, probably a combination of Six Flags over Georgia, San Antonio parks, and Six Flags over Texas. Cedar Point/ Kings Island- multiple visits Fly into Philly- Knoebels, Hersheypark, Dorney Park, and Great Adventure. Kentucky Kingdom/ Holiday World/ Indiana Beach road trip. Can probably throw in another visit to Kings Island too. Fly to Virginia for Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Fly into Pittsburgh for Kennywood. Whatever trip I didn't do during spring break. As long as all the parks mentioned above are actually open I feel like those plans are very realistic. I'm a teacher so I've got the whole summer...
  3. Hi everyone, I'm thinking of visiting the park the weekend of December 11th. Just wondering how it is to visit the park that time of year, which coasters are usually closed if any, and what is the park doing for covid, access pass system or just socially distance in line? I also see that you have to make reservations. What if your late for your reservation? Thank you.
  4. Yes I had access passes for different times with the exception of Maverick and SV. We had already rode SV right when the park opened so that wasn't a big deal. I had Dragster from 1-2, and MF from 2-3. The problem was that at 1 the Dragster wait was an hour. When I got off Maverick there was next to nobody in line so my thinking was that maybe that would be the case with Dragster if we waited and did some other things. Then we wouldn't have to wait long for Dragster, and we got in Wicked Twister and Gatekeeper. But the Dragster line was still long at 1:45ish. Looking back we should have waited the hour for Dragster at 1 and then we could have got in line for MF around 2:30ish at the latest. Then we would have gotten on the big 4 and could have hit as many other coasters as possible. But that would have been a ton of waiting as everything was at least an hour+ wait by then. It was like visiting on a Saturday in July without fast lane and I avoid those days like the plague. But I hadn't been to the park yet this year and I was reading/hearing positive things about the access pass system. I didn't miss out on anything because I've been on everything in this park so many times. But I'm having trouble understanding the reasoning behind not selling fast lane and implementing the access pass system. Maybe it's a decent system for days that aren't so busy. IDK...
  5. I visited the park today, which extended my streak of visiting Cedar Point at least once every year since 1988. While it was nice to be back in the park, it wasn't a great day because it was just too busy, plus I didn't care for the access pass system. I went with my GF and her little cousin, and after entering through the main gate (can't remember the last time I did that) we hurried over to get in line for SV. After riding that we snagged access passes for SV and Maverick for the 12-1 time block. Maverick was down though at the beginning of the day so we went to Dragster which also did not open right at 11, so we got access passes for the 1-2 time block. Then went over to Millennium Force, but by that time it was noon, so we couldn't ride and had to settle for access passes for the 2-3 time block. We went back to frontier town for our ride on Maverick. Now I was under the impression that we could ride as many times as possible within the time slot on the access pass, but no, once we entered the queue they made you rip up your pass and throw it away... Now why I was under the impression that the pass was good for as many rides as we could fit within that time slot is beyond me.. But when we got off Maverick at 12:50 there was literally nobody in the queue and it would have been a walk on. So we made our way back to SV only to find out the wait was an hour and a half. If we got in line we would miss out time slot for Dragster and probably Millennium Force too. So we passed on a second SV ride. On the way down to Dragster we checked out Gemini and Magnum but both waits were an hour.. no thanks.. we got to Dragster right at 1 and the wait was over an hour. So we thought that if we waited and did other things that maybe the line would die down at the end of the hour like Maverick's did and we wouldn't have to wait a long time. So we made our way to Wicked Twister and gatekeeper, walked on WT and waited about 20 minutes and ended up with a front row ride on Gatekeeper. Easily the worst ride I've ever had on gatekeeper. It has become rough... For years this was the smoothest coaster on the planet, but the past 3 years it has gotten less smooth and after today I have to put it in the rough category. We made our way back to Dragster and the wait time had become longer than before. If we got in line we would miss our window for Millennium Force. So since I have ridden both over a million times I let my GF's cousin pick which one she wanted to ride and she picked Dragster. We waited close to 2 hours for it. After Dragster we went back to Gemini and Magnum, those lines were now an hour and a half, and an hour and a quarter... what is this, July of 1990??? We looked at Rougarou and Iron Dragon on the app, an hour each.. And if those waits are long, Valravn and Raptor are going to be longer, which they were. I looked at Skyhawk and it was posting a 40 min wait... at this point reality set in that the wait times were just too long to enjoy the park. So at about 3pm we called it a day... That really goes to show how important early entry is. On the busiest of summer days (or Halloweekends) with early entry and no fast lane I can ride every coaster by 3-4pm. Today we only rode 5. So BTW, speaking of fast lane, I wish the park would sell a very limited amount like Kings Island is doing. I would have easily dropped $400-$500 on FL+ for all 3 of us if it meant no waiting. And what is the point of the access passes if you can't use them all because the wait times force you to choose one or the other? Why not just do what KI is doing and have people enter the queue whenever they want and social distance.. Maybe with more people in the queue they think it will be harder to enforce? They weren't doing that great of a job with it anyways.. I had to be "that guy" a few times and tell people to not be right on top of us. This one older couple I had to tell twice to give us more room. I actually got snippy and pointed to the markings on the floor and said "how hard is it to stand here" And I told them that I teach PE to 1st graders (which I actually haven't taught elementary in years...) and that they can follow similar directions better than you grown adults... I actually hope parks keep the social distancing in queues when and if the virus isn't a threat anymore. It was really nice not being boxed in for 2 hours while waiting in line. Obviously I understand this is a special time, and I really am thankful that the park is doing their best to open. I realize I just picked a bad day to go... On a positive note I thought the park was really well staffed. All the coasters were open and based on what I saw they were all running at full capacity. All the major flats were open as well as the sky ride. Gemini was running both sides but not racing. I wonder if that was done on purpose to avoid guests slapping hands?? Most of the refill stations were open. At Hugo's they now slice the personal pizza for you (they didn't last year). All the gift shops were open. Obviously some things were closed, but it wasn't nearly as bad as it can be within the first month of a normal operating season.
  6. I read that the park doesn’t start handing out the access passes until noon. So is that when those coasters open or can you get on them before noon? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I agree that Gatekeeper isn't as smooth anymore, but IMO Valravn is still smooth. Gatekeeper isn't nearly as bad as Banshee though, and when Gatekeeper was new it was glossy smooth and stayed that way until a couple years ago. Orion is brand spanking new and isn't glossy smooth like you would expect. I'm also not sure this is a B&M problem, the vast majority I have been on have been smooth. And some are pretty old. Alpengeist, and Scream were terrible and I wasn't a fan of Dominator. Like the other guy said, if KI uses the same people to install then it could be on them. That would make sense.
  8. To be fair, I think he said someone from the park told him that.
  9. I don't know anything about soil. Just passing on a theory that I heard. Are you saying it's total BS?
  10. Just got done watching a well known you-tubers review on Orion and he said something about the soil at KI possibly being the reason why all the B&M's are not the smoothest. Not sure if it's BS or not, but it's the best explanation I've heard so far.
  11. I was able to visit the park yesterday and it was a great feeling being back. Normally this is a park I visit every year but I didn't last year so it felt like an eternity. This is my first park since the pandemic and I thought the process of getting through the tent was quick, you just walk through and they take your temperature. But what's the point if the health screening test if it's just on the honor system? Not that I would be one to lie about it, but I'm not sure I can trust everyone else... I purchased fast lane because I only planned on staying about 4 or 5 hours because wearing a mask for extended periods of time gives me a headache. And unfortunately I got one at the park. So I got 4 rides on Orion and 1 ride on all the other major coasters in the park, Mystic, Banshee, Beast, and Diamondback. I started the day off with Diamondback as Orion didn't open right away. It's always a fun ride but it's not smooth anymore, not necessarily rough either, but because of that it's dropped to last place among the B&M hypers. Mystic Timbers was next and this is probably the best ride I've ever had. I never disliked it or anything, but I've always just kind of thought it was overrated. It's still glossy smooth and the train just ripped through the coarse. Along with the great pacing were these little pops of air and decent laterals. the Beast was next and unfortunately I got put in the back row. Usually I ride in row 11 or 17 but all the middle seats were roped off. I knew I was in for a rough ride, but I wasn't prepared for how rough it actually was. Ouch... Still love it because I know it provides a good ride in the rows I mentioned. Banshee... I used to really love this ride but it's just plain rough now. Still the best drop in any invert! Ok now to Orion... Like I said I got 4 rides and it got better after each ride. The first drop is awesome, it feels how a first drop should feel on a giga. That first wave turn is a complete dud. That was the element I was looking forward to the most but it did nothing for me. No airtime and it was not intense at all. The turnaround is just ok, it doesn't do a whole lot. Next is that little airtime hill and it's a very good hill. I got a ton of air on it. You get more towards the front than the back. Then there is the larger trimmed airtime hill and that also provides some very good air. The helix follows and it's a fun element but again not very intense. Then you get a nice little pop of air from that little banked turn and then you hit the brakes. Overall it's definitely a fun coaster. It looks really nice, the color scheme really pops. It's a capacity beast, and even though they were only filling half the train the line was moving. The theming in the queue looked nice although I didn't stop to look at any of it because I couldn't care less about theming. But at the end of the day this didn't have that giga feel to it while on the ride. I thought the pacing was mediocre and definitely not like the other giga's. It started to run a little faster during my last 2 rides, and maybe later in the day it would have got even faster. Maybe with a full train it would be faster too, because they were only filling the trains at half capacity. Also, it was not as smooth as I was expecting. This is a BRAND NEW B&M, so why is the 50 year old woodie next door smoother? Ok maybe that's an exaggeration, but this brand new coaster should be smoother... With all that said the experience was underwhelming, and my expectations were not high. Even if it didn't have a lot of great elements I still expected great pacing and that was the most disappointing part IMO. I also thought it would at the very least be that signature attraction that Kings Island desperately needed, and it isn't because I still think Diamondback is the best coaster in the park. Hopefully whatever they put in Vortex's spot can fill that gap now. But I'm not holding my breath... It's obviously still a great park with a huge quantity of fun coasters, but not a lot of top end quality. My friend jokingly called KI the "worst of park" because it has the worst of every kind of coaster... the worst hyper, worst invert, worst large scale woodie (beast, which I disagree about), and now worst giga... It was fun to be back in the park again. Most of the restaurants were open, and most of the small little games you can play along the midways were open, which was nice to see. Even though people were walking around with masks and you couldn’t see everyone smiling, it still felt like a normal-ish day at an amusement park, which was nice!!!
  12. @ blk_mamba The holiday inn express (located right next to breakers express) which is what I assume you're talking about, is probably the best you can do if you want to stay in a nice hotel, pay a semi reasonable rate for the area, and be right next to the park without staying at one of the park owned properties. However, if you don't mind being a little further away (10-12 min from CP), I recommend the Fairfield Inn at 6220 Milan Rd. I don't usually stay overnight when I go to CP (I'm from Detroit and I am used to driving there and back in 1 day), but when I do stay for multiple days that has been my hotel of choice recently. It's usually in the $150- $170 range, (Holiday Inn looks to always be over $200) and Fairfield is usually nicer than the Holiday Inn.
  13. We sat down and buckled in on Maverick at 1235 and it opened up. Was down about 15 minutes and started rolling again. Only drizzle since. Unpopular opinion: Melt was garbage. Fried mac and cheese bites were great but our entrees were blah. You’re not the only one who thinks Melt sucks. I’ve never been a fan. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I was just in northern Michigan for the 4th and life is back to normal up there. Crowded beaches for fireworks, crowded sandbars in lakes. The number of masks I saw was less than 10. I think I’m going to wait until August to see how everything is going, and maybe I’ll visit some parks in the Midwest that don’t require masks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I honestly don’t know what to believe anymore. I went to the doctor because I was getting headaches out of nowhere, he said it was most likely because I was wearing a mask all day while working my summer job. So I switched to a shield at work and I’m not getting headaches anymore.. He also said there are smaller particles that the mask won’t stop and because of that it’s basically useless against the virus. And he sent me a link to a scientific journal article explaining it all. What I could understand (those can be hard reads) made sense. So honestly like I said I don’t know what to believe. I do think the mask was the source of my headaches so I won’t be visiting any parks where you have to wear it. So now I have to decide if I want to stay home or visit parks that don’t require a mask like Indiana Beach, a place I’ve been wanting to visit for a while now... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. fluffy, fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo are not any more safe either but they make more of a profit lol Unless they’re planning on sanitizing after each use. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Just read a statement on the CDC website. They said it can/ does happen but it’s not the main way. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Bins can’t be any safer either... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Do you intend to visit parks as soon as they open? Yes and no. I plan on visiting the parks that I visit on a yearly basis, which are Cedar Point, Kennywood (maybe if and when they open), and Kings Island. But I will be putting most of my summer plans on hold. A lot involved flying and I will not get on a plane until this is 100% over. 2) What is your reasoning for your choice? I feel if I am being responsible and following all the safety protocols that the experience will be safe. 3) Are there any stipulations that would change your mind? Of course, but I can't predict what those would be. Right now I'm comfortable visiting parks where I can drive to and from in 1 day.
  20. I’m ready for the parks, let me in!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. What do you all think of my makeshift bandana? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Ghostrider at Knotts... I'm really thankful now for my So Cal trip in February...
  23. According to a coaster studios video some rides were sold but nothing about which ones. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. We just started a new card marking so everyone is passing. I teach in a very low socioeconomic area so the big thing for us right now is finding out who actually has and doesn’t have a computer and/or internet access. So some kids might want to learn but don’t have the means at the moment. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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