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  1. That's, great news! They did say that they extinguished it with a fire extinguisher so it doesn't sound like it got very far. Thanks for the update!
  2. Uhh well this is rather odd... Looks like someone tried to set fire to one of our beloved wooden coasters. Any body know any more about this? https://cdapress.com/news/2021/jun/05/arson-reported-silverwood-theme-park/ Says it happened at about 1:30 in the morning, and they set fire to one of the wooden support pieces. Security found it and was able to extinguish it before it spread luckily. They did not say which woodie it was, but my guess is Timber Terror since it is right next to the road and perimeter fence, which could make it an easy target. There has not yet been a statem
  3. SOUNDS GREAT!!! I'm hoping to make the trek out there in a couple weeks, but all of the initial reports seem to indicate that it's a great addition. Glad to hear that they are using both trains, and that the ops are doing excellent. A lot of times I will be frustrated by the seemingly tortuously long loading process SW does on TT and Tremors, so having them be able to pump trains out on this thing is amazing! Did you get a chance to try out Tremors and it's new RetraK (or whatever RMC calls it)?
  4. The log flume (or at least the lift hill, boats (or at least the original ones), and I'm assuming a large part of the ride hardware) was relocated to the park after KK originally went bankrupt, before Ed Hart took over for the first time. At KK it was replaced by Vampire, and Lightning Run is in that same/similar spot today, I think? There is some debate (or at least in my mind) of whether the flume trough itself, lift hill and drop aside, was relocated or if the design was just copied. I think there might have been a couple other rides that Silverwood got at the same time after KK closed
  5. Sorry again for the double post (sure has been quiet around this thread lately...) Interesting bit on RMC from the Spokesman-Review article on Stunt Pilot (https://www.spokesman.com/stories/2021/may/27/heres-how-stunt-pilot-silverwoods-first-new-roller/) "“We were very lucky that everything worked out,” said [Gary]Norton, who watched as members of the media took turns on the coaster Thursday morning. “The bad year last year, the pandemic, caused (Grubb) to actually almost shut down. He was going to have to lay everyone off. I said, I’ll tell you what, I’ll take a chance that we’re going
  6. WHOLLY CRAP!!!! THERE'S A POV!!!! (Sorry for the double post, it literally came out right after I posted) AND IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!!! It was definitely filmed by the park during the first test run we saw a week ago or so (it's exactly the same audio if you listen closely), so I would expect it to go faster when warmed up and fully loaded but it looks even faster on-ride! I LOVE the bran flythrough finale and the twisted airtime hill looks incredible!! None of the reprofiling seems to have impacted the ride from my perspective. I don't know about y'all, but I'm SUPER EXCITED now!!!
  7. ONLY 9 DAYS TO GO!!!! WHOO HOO!!! In the park's monthly newsletter that went out, they included some more photos of construction! Some of these we've already seen on the park's socials, but the last one is new!! Look it's themeing!!!! I hope it lights up at night because that could be so cool!!! Also looks like the barn flythrough (in the background) is gonna be an opening day feature! I'm not the hugest fan of the "batting cage"-esque queue fence, but I guess it kinda fits in with the theme? In other news, here's another view of the ride testing: Is it just
  8. The T-Rex is an interesting one. I think it's kinda like the Intamin Xcelerator in that because that model is all about the height and big launch, only park's with big budgets bought one (Knott's, Cedar Point, Hershey, Thorpe, and (at the time) Six Flags for example). There's a reason no smaller park built one, they were too expensive and if thoose parks wanted a launch they could easily go to Premier, Gerstlauer, and (now a days) Mack. I think the T-Rex is the same story, because it is designed around a tall height and speed, the pool of parks that would be interested in buying one is too sma
  9. Thanks for the tip! That's what I suspected... Upon second thought, it doesn't look like it was pushed. Sorry about the excitement, my original post will be corrected.
  10. YESSS!!! MAY 29 HERE WE COME!!!! Not gonna lie...a little underwhelmed by the pacing, but I guess it is the first time it's ran ever and we don't know what speed it had going off the lift (for all we know they could have had a mouse push start it...) Even if that IS the pacing, I think it will still be great. The hangtime/upside town floater it looks like you could get on the dive loop looks like so much fun! Plus I think if you throw in the twisted airtime hill thingy and the barn flythrough finale, it's gonna be fun no matter what! ONLY 17 MORE DAYS!!!
  11. Hi Everyone! I'm new to this whole "Create a thread" thing, so please bear with me as I figure it out. As a side note, if this thread/post breaks any rules or there is a better way to do it please let me know! I looked in the TPR Rules thread and couldn't find anything, but I want to respect the rules of the forum above all else! Today, RMC (Rocky Mountain Construction) introduced a new website! While that may not seem newsworthy on it's own, what is notable it this introduction of two new ride/track models and a new standard Raptor layout!! First up is the new "Hybrid Fami
  12. Well, welcome to the coaster desert!! Really glad to help! Silverwood (family owned, smaller/less-frequent major investments, no rides over 200 ft tall,) is no Carowinds (Cedar Fair, Fury, lots of investment, need I say more?) by most standards, but I think it's the best the PNW has as far as the whole package goes (Good wooden coasters, unique/rare steel coasters, descent water park, good entertainment, and great landscaping/atmosphere). Wild Waves is a Six Flags wannabe (except the budget is like a 10th of Six Flags'), and Enchanted Forest is too small to get much. Oaks Park has been m
  13. Well the woodies run one train all the time...and the ops are hit or miss so those lines can range from 45 minutes to an hour and half, although they tend to change throughout the day. The park counts their busy season as the 4th of July through Labor Day, but some days are better than others. Days to definitely stay away from are Opening Weekend, 4th of July, Toyota Tuesdays, or pretty much any day the waterpark is closed. Boulder Beach (the attached waterpark) is the "people eater" for the park, so not having it open really puts too much of a burden on the theme park. I think the Canadian bo
  14. I haven't had experience with Fridays in July, but I think you might be ok. I know that Saturdays tend to be the worst, and that July is technically part of their busy season. However, if you get to the park before opening and spend the whole day there than you should be ok. I know Idaho is one of the few states in America that doesn't have laws specifically governing amusement rides, only requiring an electrical inspection upon completion. This probably makes it so that they only have to test till RMC give the "Ok" and then they are good to go. They mentioned somewhere I thought that som
  15. Welcome to the forums @OrbitalObject! Thanks for the report and the photos! Yeah, I've had generally negative experiences on opening day in the past. I don't know if its the $19.88 admission or what, but it seems to attract a more...errr..."rougher" crowd than the park normally does. There wasn't really a problem with line jumping, but other rules were not being adhered too like smoking where your not supposed too, not respecting the landscaping, breaking rules on rides, etc. Couple that with the notorious one train ops plus the "it's the start of the season and it's everyone's first day"
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