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  1. I haven't had the pleasure of riding any other rides that actually have Topper Track on them, so I don't know how it compares. It is the noticeably smoothest part of the ride though, not that the rest of the ride is that rough it's just noticeably a little smoother. Word on the street though is that the park doesn't want to add any more, so I'm guessing that either it's more trouble than its worth, or they don't think it helped that much. Silverwood does a pretty good job on retracking their wooden coasters, so I'm not too worried about it, but it's interesting how such a seemingly really
  2. Yeah, unfortunately I'm not that familiar with the details of Railblazer or Wonder Woman, but I think it's plausible that there could be some changes. My guess is either their to accommodate the longer trains, or RMC learned from the first two Raptors so Stunt Pilot and Jersey Devil are kinda a Raptor 2.0, with the longer trains, moving loading stations, and a slight overall redesign. Plus there had to be some changes to accommodate the terrain of Stunt Pilot's location.
  3. The park got out a drone and shot some really neat areal footage of Stunt Pilot! I just screenshotted the highlights but you can see the whole thing on the parks socials here: https://www.facebook.com/silverwoodthemepark/videos/786719738613646/ I can swear that ferris wheel looks red...and if it is... (I really hope they didn't paint it that color...) RMC was working on the dive loop while they were filming. Oh...and the park is copying CGA and calling it a "Raven Turn"... It looks like they have almost all the lower track in pl
  4. Isn't Greezed Lightnin' (or whatever their Schwarzkopf shuttle loop was called) in storage at Wonderland as well? I thought Cliff's owned it but for some reason it's still in Texas.
  5. Well...I wouldn't travel across the country for that log flume...I would for Stunt Pilot, but maybe not the flume... Although I'm glad it was noticed! What's also funny is that now Silverwood has two rides originally for Kentucky Kingdom, right next each other, and both came to Silverwood because of financial issues at Kentucky Kingdom. I'm not sure if that's something to be proud of, or something to worry about for KK's sake?
  6. I'm in the camp that none of this is actually gonna happen. I think its part of a chess match with the City of Anaheim to get planning changes, or tax breaks, or something. They really seem to focus on the "Resort Plan" or whatever they call it, that was passed in the 90's. My guess is Disney is trying to get the City of Anaheim to change the "Resort Plan" from what it is to something that they think is more accommodating to Disney's future plans, or it's just an attempt to get back on good terms with the city after the hotel and gateway project fiascos. ....Or its just a bunch of WD
  7. We got more Stunt Pilot updates! Park Journey got an up close construction tour of Stunt Pilot yesterday, and they have a pretty well done report on it. I'm not gonna repost all their photos so here's the link (https://www.parkjourney.com/other-parks/silverwood-stunt-pilot-construction-update-2), and I'll try and summarize. Plus, here's an overall shot the park took form the top of Corkscrew! Edit: the Twitter embed didn't work for me (1000% user error) do here's the park's photo just copied and pasted from their social media. Looks like they are really cruising now! Highl
  8. Well folks we got quite the update! The park has not received any more approvals for their permits, but hopefully they'll have some progress on that next week. Construction is still ongoing as track piece number 3 was in a couple of days ago. I do like how they are incorporating some of the terain there, which should make Stunt Pilot stand out from the other raptors. It also looks like the park is really getting ready to ramp it up on construction and marketing, based on the following social media bits... I'm really excited that the park looks to be produ
  9. This is definitely my main concern. Looking at some video of Wonder Woman and Railblazer, they both look pretty dirty after only a couple years. Plus you have to consider that Silverwood doesn't have the best track record on repainting their steel coasters... They installed more track today, looks like they are moving right along! They got approval for the station's permit, so maybe we might get a look at that soon? Jordan Carter (the park's marketing director) commented on one of the park's facebook that while they don't have an official opening date yet, but they are shooting for
  10. I totally forgot that ride existed (thanks for the reminder!). In other news...WE GOT THE FIRST PIECE OF TRACK INTSALLED!!!!! WHOAH YEAH!!! (Ok, sorry just...really excited...) Looks like the bottom of the "S" bend after the off- axis airtime hill. Plus, I officially think the colors look amazing!! If this is where they are at in construction, I'd expect more track to be installed in the next week or two. I can't quite make out if all the supports are up, but that might be because it's easier to install some of the track before finishing the rest of th
  11. Well, I'm grateful that at least RMC seems to have tried... I have not had the pleasure of riding the other two raptors, but based on the descriptions form others, I hope that RMC at least minimized the issue. I think the stipes also look great. Infinitely better than what they had in the concept art a few months ago! In other news...the park filed some another permit today! Again, they are from the Kootenai County Building Department's public records, so no insider info, just what's publicly available. It's labeled as "New structure that roller coaster travels through" and "Silverwo
  12. More train pics! Sadly, it looks like we are getting harnesses... They don't quite look the same as the ones on Wonder Woman or Railblazer, so that could be a good sign? I think the striping on the front looks better than in the concept art.
  13. Thank you for the info, It does make me feel better...except I don't think I have a high desire to travel across country for a Pinfari Zyklon...especially when there's a shiny new RMC within 6 hours...
  14. Not riding Looping Thunder at Oaks Park. Another one of those "They'll never remove it!! It'll be there next year, to punish me! Oak's hasn't got a new coaster in like a thousand years!"...well...that winter Oak's called my bluff and got rid of it...although the replacement seems to be much better.
  15. Isn't the land and rides actually owned by the State of Kentucky? You would think if it was going to be sold, or if Herschend was going to take over the lease, then we would have heard about it by now. Also, why would the park need to tease the sale? Wouldn't they just announce it? A sale to Hershcend could explain the canceled raptor though. I'm not saying its not happening, I'm just a little skeptical of the whole thing.
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