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  1. Very disappointed to hear this news. Even though I have never visited CGA always struck me as a park with a ton of potential under the right leadership/ownership, now it looks like that potential will never be realized. I dug through the 8-K on the SEC's website and it does say explicitly in there that Cedar Fair will continue to own the rides and buildings. I gather from this that CF has at least some plan to relocate or reuse most of the rides, which I guess is hopeful. Now I like the way this guy thinks... All joking aside, I'll take a shot too at making predictions because it's fun and in the end it doesn't matter: - First the easy ones, I think it's over for Grizzly and Demon. There is just no way I can see somebody really wanting either of these rides, for sure not in the chain, but even outside the chain there just doesn't seem like there would be a big appetite for them. Demon I could see happening if someone really wanted it, especially since relocating smaller Arrow's isn't unheard of, but for sure I think its over for Grizzly. - Next the B&M's, and this one is a little trickier. I think for sure Patriot is the most likely to get relocated, with it's small size and relatively recent refurb making it attractive inside or outside the chain. In the chain, I'll say Valleyfair or Worlds of Fun. Outside, I think it could go a lot of places. Flight Deck could go either way, it's an older/smaller invert, but it could also go a lot of places in parks, so who knows. My guess is it goes outside the chain though. - I think all the kids coasters will be relocated. They are just such low hanging fruit, I can't imagine them being scrapped unless nobody really wanted them. Most of the flat rides will be relocated too, again because they are just low hanging fruit, easy to relocate, easy to market as "new rides" at other parks, and CF already owns them. - Gold Striker, RailBlazer, and Psycho Mouse are wild cards. Gold Striker because it's a woodie, but it's relatively compact and it's getting a lot of work done now. I would love to see it come to Silverwood (of course), but I think other independent parks might be in the cards as well. I don't think Railblazer is a safe as everyone thinks it is...all of the Raptors have had issues, and I think it's capacity is too low for it to go to a big park like Wonderland or CP. One of the smaller CP parks is always an option, and it could work for a smaller independent park so who knows there. And Psycho Mouse...I honestly have know idea. I've heard that Arrow mice are basically indestructible, but they also only sold three of them to who knows if someone will want it or not, or if it just goes for parts. - Actually I think the Carousel and the Sky Tower are safe. The Carousel is an icon for the both the park and the area I think, so I could easily see the city or like the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk getting it, and same with the Sky Tower. They went through the trouble to design Gold Striker around it and I think they just renovated it (correct me if I'm wrong), so my guess is they can find a home for it in the area. No matter what though I would give the park maybe 5 years. Now way, CF is going to put any investments of major or permanent size in here, and it just sounds like they really want out of the park. I wasn't gonna visit this year, but now I'm wondering if I should make a point to do so.
  2. Whoo Hoo! It looks like I'm finally going to get to go to KI for the first time this summer, and I can't wait! I've heard so much about this place, and it looks amazing. Some "first timers" advice would be really appreciated! Yes, Yes, I know...Fast Lane Plus....and....It's just not gonna happen. Period. I have tried finding a way to get it , but for budgetary reasons outside of my control it just isn't. So, that being said, I have a couple questions: Is it better to go right first and hit Mystic Timbers, Beast, and Diamondback first, or go left and hit Flight of Fear and Orion? What should we do for food here? Is Coney BBQ the same/similar as Cotton Blossom at WoF (I'm going there on the same trip as well)? Can you ride the train without having a ticket to the water park? Any additional advice would be really appreciated! Thanks in advance everyone!
  3. I know there has been a lot of jabber on here about going to HW for the first time...but I thought I'd ask for some help anyways! I have a couple questions: How should I hit this park? Go the back first and do T-bird and Voyage, and then come back to the front for Raven and Legend, or do something else? I'm on the fence with the water park, on the one hand the three water coasters look great and it does look like a solid water park. On the other hand I know we are going to have to leave early around 5 or so, in order to drive to KI for are next stop (Sorry KK, next time...) and I'd really like to prioritize the dry park. Any ideas? Any other advice would be really appreciated! Thanks in advance everyone!
  4. Looks like I'm finally going to make it to SDC this year, and I am REALLY looking forward to it. I enjoyed Dollywood, and at the very least it looks like Dollywood but better, so can't wait. Been doing some research but was wondering if I could get some advice from here! I have a couple specific questions: Does the front area with Marvel Cave really open an hour before the rest of the park? My thought was to hit the cave tour early during that initial hour and then go into the park when it opens. Once the park opens, I was planning on going to Time Traveler and Thunderation first, and then working counter-clockwise from there, is that an ok plan of attack? Most importanly...where do I find the cinnamon bread? Everyone talks about the Grist Mill at DW, but never heard where to get it at SDC... Any additional advice that could be given would be really appreciated! Thanks in advance everyone!
  5. I'm starting to plan my coaster desert escape for this year, and it looks like WoF is gonna be one of the stops and was wondering if I could get some "first timer" advice for the park? I have a couple specific questions: Generally speaking I've heard the plan of attack should be to hit Spinning Dragons first, then Mamba, and then work my way around the park. Is this still a valid plan? Edit: Awesome, just found out that this park doesn't do off season maintenance and so they are apparently "upgrading the operating system" on Mamba....and running only one train...and using "timed entry passes" for the ride on Saturdays (when I'll be there), Sundays, and Holidays...unless you are a pass holder in which you get in 30 minutes early, or have Fast Lane in which case you "don't need one"... So, should I go here first and then go to spinning dragons? Does anyone know more about this? Any tips on food here? Cotton Blossom looks solid from some reviews, or is it pretty typical theme park food? Are there bins for rides, or should I be prepared to get a locker? Does Cyclone Sam's allow single riders? Any other advice that could be given would be really appreciated! Thanks in advance everyone!
  6. Today, Cedar Fair posted their 2022 Investor Presentation! Here is the link if you want to read the whole thing: http://archive.fast-edgar.com/20220523/AO2WK222H22292T2222P22E2J2NGZ222A242/ Here are the highlights though: - In-Park revenues are down slightly from 2019 (they of course don't talk about 2020...), but per-capita spending is up. Out-of-park revenues are comparable to 2019. - Their research indicates: "Rides and events remain the top reasons guests visit our parks, while family coasters and water parks/rides are strong motivators to visit among our most engaged guests." and that "top reasons to visit parks are family rides, thrill coasters, water rides, seasonal events/festivals, and anniversary celebrations." They also say that guests seem to be motivated to visit parks by "Something for everyone - a menu of rides and activities that offer guests a wide range of entertainment choices, wholesome, simple and fun entertainment that allows guests to foster connections and interactions with others, 'Never before' experiences, an atmosphere with a 'sense of place' celebrating local authenticity and cultural diversity." - Their long range plan includes "Expanded use of use of limited duration events and more immersive experiences" (They use Knott's and Forbidden Frontier as examples), aiming to "drive more visits from existing guests and incremental visits from new, unique guests", "Food and Beverage will continue to play and outsized role in the overall guest experience", and finally (the park we all want to hear!) "Traditional rides, such as roller coasters and water attractions, still play an important role. They also say that want to continue the "evolution of our accommodations and resort offerings." - Attendance at haunt events was up 8% over 2019...and they represent some of the highest attended days of the year...(Valleyfair and CGA like...). WinterFest and Merry Farm had 1.8 million combined, and "opportunities for expanding WinterFest, or a comparable event, to other parks being explored." - Their strongest growth channel was apparently season passes, which now represent about 55% of full-year attendance. They want to more broadly roll out the PassPerks program to encourage more visits. All-season add-ons (they use Dining, Drinks, Fast Lane, Parking, and Lockers as examples) are also growing in popularity, and represent a "growing percentage of revenue and attendance". - As mentioned earlier F&B is becoming a bigger part of their business, so they say "Consumers want unique experiences, offerings they can't get at home, we [CF] have enhanced existing F&B facilities and added more immersive dining experiences, executive chefs and additional culinary talent [has been] hired at each park." They show Backbeatque and Hugo's as examples...I'm honestly not even sure what parks those are at...? - For 2022 they plan to "Invest $160-175 million to support growth initiatives at our parks and further enhance the guest experience.", pay down debt, and restart shareholder distributions by Q3. From my perspective it seems that a couple things are going on. First, the company is on the move and doing all right. They are not in a "batten down the hatches" or "we are in trouble" mode. They seem to be focusing on "guest experiences" and food and beverage more than anything. I don't know if that's code for budget cuts or "we don't want to go crazy on cap-ex now" or what, but I mean if they want to improve guest experience and food, I'm not sure I would be opposed. It is disappointing that they seem to be putting more emphasis on those kinds of things rather than adding more good/great rides, which I ultimately think is what is needed for a park to succeed, but it also seems like they aren't shutting off the spicket entirely. Secondly, I think it's interesting that they seem so optimistic about season passes, especially the add-ons. Six Flags seems to be moving away from a focus on that, and I'm not even sure what SEAS does with it's passes, but CF seems to be sticking with it. Maybe all-season dining is here to stay after all? Oh, and I think the haunt thing is hilarious...
  7. Someone on Reddit shared this photo and... hehe... Michigan's Adventure really does get all of Cedar Fair's trash...
  8. For the record, I was using this as an opportunity to make Hershey candy brand puns...and that's about as high as my opinion of Wildcat goes...
  9. Well, that be a whopper if it happens! Are we sure this is RMC, or is it just GCI and their whatcha ma call it track? Whatever it is it should be good & plenty more fun than Wildcat currently is. Or maybe it's just an Ice Breakers tie-in? Oh (almond) joy....
  10. Hi Everyone, Trying to do some planning for my annual "coaster desert escape", and was hoping to get some help. I have the parks picked out (looking at WoF, SDC, HW, KK, and KI), and I'll probably ask more specific questions about them later in their respective threads once I confirm which ones I'm actually going to. Here I just have some more general questions: I know both will be busy weekends in July, but is it better to do King's Island on a Saturday, or SDC on a Sunday, assuming no Fast Lane/Trailblazer? Sadly, skip-the-lines are just not in the cards for this trip! Assuming we skip the water parks (yes, I know Splashing Safari is an amazing water park...), is it reasonably possible to do Holiday World and Kentucky Kingdom in a single day and enjoy both parks (i.e. not credit-whoring!), if you start at HW? Or would a day at each be better? Can KK fill an entire day or even at least most of a whole day, even without the water park? Thanks everyone in advance! I really appreciate any advice you could give!
  11. Hi @Jellowithdacoastercredit! Welcome to the forums! Uhh...not trying to tell you what to do but...I would not waste your time with Elitch Gardens...and I think a lot of people on here would agree... I would do Glenwood Caverns (if you don't have a problem with their management), Lakeside (if that place is even open), or Silverwood (if your ok with a ton of driving), over Elitch any day...just saying... Also I'd say SDC over Six Flags St. Louis is probably a better choice. But that one might be more debatable... Otherwise it looks fun! Hope you have a great trip!
  12. Hey now, give'em a break... they are probably just now learning what it means to own an SLC and an Intamin launch coaster...they got bigger problems to worry about... Besides, it's an island theme, it's not like they promised a "Wildwood Grove" or anything...
  13. Confirmed: Both Tremors AND Timber Terror are receiving 208 ReTraK this off-season! Doesn't look like any profiling changes are happening, just the track replacement. Really looking forward to this, as the ReTraK on Tremors made a world of a difference on the helix. Should be good! Oh...and Stunt Pilot is getting a new shade structure for it's queue...maybe? (Whoot! Whoot!) Didn't post it, but the park previously announced that they have hired a couple from Nashville to re-do the train show this year, which is really exciting! They also will have a new show in the High Moon Saloon this year, which should be fun! Only 24 days left till opening day!
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