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  1. It's pretty damn busy today. Maybe some of the locals missed the memo that they were supposed to drive somewhere else? Line to Patriot extending way outside queue.
  2. Cedar Point heavily relies on international people to staff their park. And also, Cedar Point Shores is a separate admission park, where as most of the other water parks in the chain are included with the main park's admission.
  3. It applies to any season pass and their add-ons purchased for 2020. So you can still buy one and it will be good for 2021.
  4. Worlds of Fun extending all 2020 season passes into 2021, including all 2020 season pass add-ons! More information at https://www.worldsoffun.com/passholder-update
  5. They have about 30 rides open. Prowler and Spinning Dragons are the only coasters. Most of Planet Snoopy is open.
  6. Worlds of Fun announced today that since they were so close to the world record of the longest mat racing slide in the world, that they are extending the length 10 feet. So when Riptide Raceway opens next summer it will be the longest mat racing slide in the world!
  7. Depends on the day, but around $50-60. I have never bought them. The lines are long, but the park is open until 1am on Saturdays. Usually by around 10:30, the lines are manageable and continue to get shorter as the night goes on. Right after parade and Overlord's Awakening the lines to the haunts are all super long. Also, as a season pass holder, I usually go to Haunt a couple weekends, so I never feel I need to get in all the mazes in a night. If you are just spending one day at WOF and want to see all the mazes, you might want to consider a Fright Lane pass, as it will be impossible to get through them all without one in one evening. I lied, get the Fright Lane pass. This weekend was INSANELY busy at WOF and it will only get busier the closer to Halloween, usually.
  8. Urgent Scare was located in Oceans of Fun. There is no haunt in Oceans this year. Khaos Unleashed replaced Urgent Scare last year in Oceans, but Khaos has been moved to Worlds of Fun this season.
  9. Cornstalkers is always one of my favorites every year! I love the theme and detail of Blood on the Bayou, it is my favorite visually. Cornstalkers is always the tops of the list as far as scare factor!
  10. Pretty sure none of the Cedar Fair parks charge for their haunts.
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