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  1. Zambezi Zinger lead car was revealed at the IAAPA expo this past week. Safari jeep themed Infinity Flyer trains!
  2. Looks like WOF opens for 2023 season on April 8th. Goes to daily operation after Memorial Day and is open 11a-10p from mid June through August. Love seeing later hours for this next summer.
  3. Last issue of Amusement Today has an article about the new Zambezi Zinger and other information about 2023 at Worlds of Fun. Enhanced theming throughout the park, renaming of Orient to East Asia, Africa being split into three sections, new bird show, history display in Tivoli Theater lobby, 50 Days of Celebration for the 50th Anniversary including the 50 Nights of Fire show and more.
  4. Went to SFSL today. The positives: crowds were very light so nearly everything was a walk on. American Thunder was running great. And my tickets were free. The negatives: The Boss and Screamin Eagle both just had one train operations today; multiple rides were closed (Thunder River, Joker, Supergirl, Dragon's Wing, Tsunami Soaker, of course the normal Xcalibur and carousel, Boomerang and Fireball were also closed until mid afternoon); The Boss was very rough, not sure if it was the row, but it was almost the rougest coaster I have been on; the only landscaping I saw was overgrown weeds. The only ride my group re-rode was American Thunder. We were actually able to just stay on because the queue had nobody in it.
  5. The poverty rate in Des Moines is higher than the poverty rate in Kansas City, according to the US Census Bureau. If you compare the entire metro areas, the poverty rate in Des Moines metro (16.8%) is nearly twice as high as the poverty rate of the KC metro area (9.6%).
  6. Same location, same name, same queue building, spiral lift hill, tunnel, track going around the spiral lift hill, track that races through the trees, both about 2500ft long, family coaster for everyone to enjoy. Not sure how you can say they aren't paying tribute to ZZ.
  7. Worlds of Fun adds some Sunday nights to Haunt schedule this year! Haunt starts Friday, September 16th. Then will be on Thursday and Sunday nights in addition to the Fri/Sat nights in October starting on the 6th, except for Sunday, Oct 30th. The park will also be open the first two Sat/Sun in November.
  8. Worlds of Fun announcement on 8/11/22 https://twitter.com/worldsoffun/status/1551971879866535936?t=_MaXvO7KmKmkMyhd2DvIsA&s=19
  9. GCI has 2 Infinity flyers with steel track for new coaster for next year
  10. The carousel from Geauga Lake is a big upgrade from the one we had before. It was a much smaller carousel. They both operated in the park until Falcon's Flight replaced the original smaller carousel.
  11. The entry is the original Scandi gate or essentially back entry to the park. The original gate was located near where Steelhawk is now. Trams would take people from the parking lots to the gate or people walked to the Scandi gate. When the trams went away, the American gate went away and the Scandi gate became the main entrance to the park.
  12. If you think Timber Wolf is rough now, good thing you didn't ride it a couple years ago before the near complete retrack.
  13. The operating system was upgraded during the off season. The issue is the trains needed new parts for the new operating system and so unfortunately right now, only one train is able to operate. They are waiting on parts for the other trains. Mamba is running the best it has run in a long time. There are bins at almost all the rides, no need for a locker. Cotton Blossom is BBQ, its good for a theme park, the new set up at Coasters is good. The pot roast is really good. Cyclone Sams allows single riders.
  14. Mamba had excellent dispatching of trains late last season. I went several times during Haunt and they were great. Patriot and Timber Wolf were both painfully slow.
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