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  1. I admit that I definitely care more about rankings/stats than the average enthusiast (and more than I should), but not including any SLCs or Boomerangs feels like an oversight to me. I think "Fav SLC" is a good option for enthusiasts with high ride numbers, but I agree with AJ that it isn't super friendly to casual enthusiasts. With that said, even I can't imagine caring about the ratings of specific Pinfaris or other small random rides. Not grouping rides and filtering out anything too small/insignificant, which I think is how the list is currently set up, avoids catering to the extreme
  2. Any Compounce locals have opinions on crowd size for a Friday vs a Saturday? Debating which day makes more sense for an after-5 entry, especially now that BD is permanently one-train. Also has anybody used the after-5 discount this year? They never advertise it on their site but I assume they still do it?
  3. Free soda makes me like a park a hundred times more. Partly because it's awesome to be able to grab a soda or a water whenever, but even more so because it's just so much the opposite of the Six Flags "These are the smallest cups we could buy" free water policy. It's nice to be able to enjoy a park without feeling like you're constantly being taken advantage of.
  4. Ok so just based on the info at hand and ignoring the possibility that you want to do stuff outside the amusement parks which affects your timing, here's my reaction to that itinerary: 1. If you're looking to not be rushed and want to go to Hurricane Harbor, do the safari, and see lots of shows, you probably are good budgeting that amount of time for SFGAdv. If you're going to be mostly focused on rides though, I think two half days and one full day might be a little excessive. Depending on when you leave Maryland and when you want to leave for Connecticut you can really get most of a full
  5. I lost a phone on Skyrush and Hershey mailed it to me two days later, not a scratch on the thing and still 15% battery when it got to me. I'm not certain where on the ride I actually lost it so it was probably just at the bottom of the lift hill, but that kind of ruins the magic of the whole thing so I pretend otherwise to myself
  6. ^ I've been following it closely, here's what's been reported either by the park or in the news stories I've found: • The ride (or possibly a different part of the park's electrical system) was struck by lightning, which caused an electrical issue on the ride • On Saturday the park said they were waiting on parts, which apparently arrived on Tuesday • In the most recent article I've seen, a park spokeswoman was quoted "In order to repair Boulder Dash, we're in the testing phase, they're doing a lot of testing, trouble shooting, just to get to the bottom of what the problem is and we're anti
  7. Oof that's rough... how much of a wait should I expect for a Friday night with one train?
  8. Also missed out on BD today... thinking of going on Friday the 14th, assuming BD is back up will it most likely be running two trains or only one? I know the park can be stingy with that second train so if it's just going to be the one I'd probably postpone my trip until Saturday.
  9. Yeah personally I've never gotten the wristband when I went to Knoebels and I don't think I've ever spent enough in tickets to justify it. If I remember correctly, you can swing by a Weis market in the region surrounding the park and get $20 books for $16, which means that for the $46 rides+coasters wristband to be a good deal you would need to spend like $57 of face-value tickets in a day -- unless you want to marathon the coasters, I don't think you'll hit that ceiling. Also I think $30 in tickets a piece is the way to go, you can always buy more and save any extras you're left with,
  10. Quite a bit of driving on this trip! Here are some some quick thoughts. When to visit SFGAdv, Knoebels, or Hershey, assuming you're visiting in the middle of the summer SFGAdv: Budget for a Flash Pass, visit on a weekday, and see if you'll need the FP OR visit on a weekend and almost definitely buy a FP Hershey: Visit on a weekday, consider doing the preview the night before, especially if you're unable to do your main visit on a weekday Knoebels: Visit pretty much whenever. The park will be crowded on weekends but in my experience if you give yourself a full day at the park you should
  11. A good number of the bigger coasters don't allow seat choice (WC, Goliath, B:TDK), but on the big one that does, Bizarro, I really highly recommend you spend the extra 20 minutes and try the front at least once. My last time at the park I got one ride third from the back, one ride third from the front, and one in the very front. The back ride was great, and the third row ride was meh, but the front row ride was AMAZING! Being in the front just showcases the power of the ride so much better than any other row, that one ride instantly went into my memory as one of my best all-time roller coaster
  12. Breaking off from the new coaster talk briefly, has anybody else ridden Boulder Dash this season? Is it really as bad as CPmillenia94 was saying? I rode in early August last year and while the ride was a bit rough I didn't find it painful or even uncomfortable really. I'm bringing some friends to LC in a few weeks and I'm really hoping that the ride hasn't taken that big a step back!
  13. Before I recommend any others: The Flop House If you like comedy podcasts and haven't listened to it, I can't recommend it highly enough. It's by far the most consistently entertaining show I've listened to, and I'm on my third or fourth play-through of the entire series. Other things I consistently listen to, in rough order of preference: Hockey Marek vs. Wyshynski Comedy Mike and Tom Eat Snacks If I Were You Comedy Bang Bang Car Talk I could honestly go on forever breaking down my opinions of podcasts, but those are what I'm listening to at the moment.
  14. I'm not sure if you're still looking for advice on which parks to visit, but looking at the route you have planned out I'll say that unless you're specifically trying to keep costs down by sticking only to Six Flags and Cedar Fair parks, you're passing up a few very good parks along the way. The big ones that jump out to me are the aforementioned Hersheypark and Knoebels, Lake Compounce, Quassy, Darien Lake, Waldameer, Kennywood, and Six Flags America (I might be missing some). Personally, I think if I were doing this trip I would plan on cutting out SFNE and Great Escape and instead do so
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