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  1. Hey everyone, I might be at Silverwood during the eclipse, and I am wondering if anyone has plans to try to get on a coaster or ride while the eclipse is happening? It won't be a full eclipse up that far in Idaho, but I'm sure there are some parks in the path of totality--Enchanted Forest in OR actually the only one I can really find--and that would be just bad ass to be on any ride while that's happening. I've never seen one, and I am really tempted to drive down south in ID to see the total eclipse, but I will probably just stay in Coeur d'Alene and possibly try getting on Timber Terror whil
  2. Hey! I just booked my hotel rooms for a visit in August, so I'm just wondering if there is anything that has been significantly changed this year. I haven't been there to try the new racing slide, but as far as I know, that's the only new major attraction? I am really going to try to eat at the restaurant this year, especially since my stomach has randomly started a mutiny and I can't eat the normal "theme park" fare anymore
  3. I want to bring this thread back from the dead because; 1. are there any of these still around? and 2. I live about an hour north of Puyallup, and I went to the fair the last couple of years but I never knew they brought one to The Fair... here's a crappy video and a website with the "x-treme" rides from 2003--now it's called "Adventure Zone" at the fair each year, and they still have the Slingshot and S&S Combo Tower, which is pretty damn fun. They should bring the SCAD back! Anyone know if Funtastic was running the midway back then? Start @ 1:20 http://www.daffodilvalleytimes.
  4. On Sunday, October 30th I tried to go down to the south Seattle area to go to the Georgetown Morgue haunted house. I had bought the combo ticket from Nightmare on 9; the same company runs both haunts, so you can buy a combination ticket of both haunts for $30. I drove all the way down there and then realized I didn't have the address or know exactly where it was. After searching around (too far south it turned out) for about half an hour, I gave up and decided I could go the next night if anything. Looking back I am glad I did, since it ended up taking me to the best haunt I tried this year.
  5. I don't normally go to haunted houses or that sort of thing, but since some family and I went to Scarywood last year I have been craving some good walk-through haunt action. This year I wasn't able to make it over to Idaho, but I figured since we have quite a few haunts around the Seattle area I would visit some of the higher-profile ones and see if anything compares to Silverwood's very nice Halloween event. Keep in mind I have never been to any major theme park Halloween events, so these are nothing to compare with the big productions, and overall I was slightly disappointed by most I tried,
  6. Just want to say I went to one of my local haunted attractions in the Seattle area and it wasn't nearly as well-done as Scarywood, both inside the haunted house and themeing outside. It really makes me appreciate our trip there last year much more; even Blood Bayou alone, maybe the shortest haunt when we went, was quite a bit longer than the one we went to last night and had much better actors. I think I will have to make it back over for Scarywood next year, especially if they get something new again next year Comeagain, it looks mostly the same from the website, but anything new going on
  7. I wanted to head to this fair last year, since I saw they had a KMG Freak Out and that was the first time I had a chance to ride a "big boy" ride like that. I rode SpinCycle a few times when I was at Silverwood, and I was left wanting a little bit more intensity from such a huge, impressive-looking ride. Unfortunately I didn't make it to the fair last year, so between then and now I have ridden probably the craziest pendulum ride around up in Playland, B.C., but I decided to go back this year to try this much smaller version and see how some of the other rides at the fair were. I got a lat
  8. Zillerator was OK, probably would have been better if I didn't have to keep an eye out for my backpack lying back at the station--again, no one wanted to go with me so I didn't have anyone to hold my stuff I thought Butler did a great job, most of the rides were in really good shape with most lights working etc. I enjoyed the KMG Freak Out, although the amount of spinning made me a little sick-feeling after each ride. It had a nice long cycle, they ramp it up to the max swing 3 different times, the final time with full spin as well Here's a video of part of the midway while I get the tri
  9. Hello ladies and gents, I'm planning on heading out to Monroe WA this Saturday for the Evergreen State Fair, and it looks like they have a decent flat ride lineup so I was wondering if any of y'all wanted to join me. I haven't been there in years, literally since I was a kid. I went to the Puyallup Fair last year, and I would have gone to this one last year except all of my days off ended up being rainy. This year they seem to have a couple more rides so maybe it was worth waiting! http://evergreenfair.org/148/Carnival The KMG Freak Out is the main thing that drew my attention last ye
  10. The new Scarywood site is up, and I'm really impressed with the intro production: http://www.scarywoodhaunt.com/ I loved the event last year, and I think I will try to get over there again this year but earlier in October, so maybe it won't be 30F by the end of the night Sadly all the attractions seem to be the same, so on second thought I might wait until next year to see if they create anything new Check the site out!
  11. Well that's not true at all, according to the internet all but the one from SFOG are still operating. I know for a fact that there is still one in Idaho, because I rode it last year
  12. I joined a private server but I keep getting kicked off once the map is downloaded, anyone know where I can seek help for this? Is there a community board? It gave me an error file or whatever it's called
  13. Anyone been to the park yet this year, and had a chance to try out the racing slide? I am wondering how fast it actually feels, I have never seen one of these IRL. Pics would be awesome!
  14. That sounds awesome actually, I bet it will be really fun to try. It sounds like/reminds me of Most Extreme Elimination Challenge or WIPEOUT
  15. I like that pic of Atmosfear, and I see why they don't allow cameras- even something like my smaller camera falling from that height could be deadly Thanks again for showing me around, I hope I can come back up sometime for the Fair or Fright Nights and ride Coaster and The Beast at night
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