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  1. Waking up to the worst news ever . I seriously expected something a little exciting, even if not RMC Roar, like wtf? With the initial rumors that we would be receiving V2, to rumors of RMC Roar, this was one of the biggest let downs ever. Don't get me wrong, this is a needed upgrade and it's good to see Six Flags renovate the water park tremendously in the last few years. I just feel like this was such a huge let down. That being said, I have a prediction that the other grim reaper stops might be teasers pointing to other future additions at SFA. And since Roar was one of them, maybe we will see it RMC'd in the future.
  2. Yeah I wouldn't get your hopes up. They probably referred to loading the trains. What if SFA is adding V2 AND rmcing roar the same year? That's a lot of wishful thinking, but I think it would bring revenue to the park if they did.
  3. Went to Six Flags yesterday and Roar was open again. It is so smooth compared to the last time I rode it in 2014. It was like as smooth as a baby's bottom. I really do wonder if we will see an RMC conversion of it though. I really hope so (sorry to those of you who love roar).
  4. Roar was closed again today . . . . . didn't see a "closed for the season" sign nor did I see any RMC guys there. Great weather today . . . . but no performances of the stunt show today. Roar was closed on Tuesday too. Maybe this could be a sign of an RMC makeover in the next year or two? Also, Six Flags doesn't have "closed for the season" signs. When Two-Face was SBNO for the entire 2008 season, there was a sign similar to the one in front of Roar's entrance all season.
  5. Yeah, there is a ridiculous lack of shade at this park, especially considering how hot it is. I've got risk for skin cancer too, so I have to be careful when I'm out in the sun for long periods of time. Most of the roller coasters have shaded stations with ceiling fans, but others suck. Ragin Cajun has a terrible excuse for a station, and there is absolutely no shade. I remember when Two-Face used to occupy that spot, there were large umbrellas all over the queue. They could have reused those. I also think that they placed ragin cajun in a terrible area. I honestly wish if V2 from SFGAm would have gone where ragin cajun stands now (if it is coming to sfa), and Ragin cajun go where the rock climbing wall is. Ragin Cajun is an easily moveable/portable coaster as well, especially with the very non complex "station" it has.
  6. I wish if I competed in that, I would have beat all of them But I also find it unhealthy at the same time.
  7. Truth. I have never heard anyone complain about teenager fighting in the park. I've never even seen teenagers fight in this park at all, and I've been going to it frequently since 2006 (though, I did stop visiting from 2014 - just recently). When jokers jinx got stuck this season, 15 of my Facebook friends shared something about it, some of them even saying things like "wow, I'm never riding that again." Everyone knew exactly what it was, and all the major local news stations wrote multiple articles about the accident, so I would be surprised if anyone who knows of sfa is unaware of what happened. It was also closed for a few weeks, probably leaving guests questioning why and then finding out. I have seen bad reputation and over exaggeration of media kill a roller coaster at this park before, and at other parks. I would not be surprised if it happens here again.
  8. Okay... I hate to be that guy, but I'm going to be that guy... Let's go to the EXTREME here, but according to that logic, New Texas Giant would be gone. That made national news and was on seemingly every major, and minor media outlet yet New Texas Giant survived. That's because the media made it clear that a woman fell off the Texas Giant because she was too obese for the restraint system and not because of the ride itself Having a ride being stuck because of a chipped tire or because of debris on the track makes it sounds like it's the rides fault, and thus more sketchy. Jokers Jinx has a less trustable reputation among GP, and according to my friend who works there, it has noticeably lower ridership since opening again after the accident. Invertigo at CGA only got stuck one time for a few hours, yet even that caused its removal from the park a year later (because of bad media press). Jokers Jinx stranded riders for several hours twice in the last three years and recieved a lot of negative media coverage (especially in 2017). As much as I hope I'm wrong, I wouldn't be surprised if Jokers Jinx will be removed from SFA in the near future. Am I saying that it 100% will be removed? Nope. But is it likely to be removed? Maybe, especially knowing how Cedar Fair and Six Flags respond to incidents like this.
  9. Nobody WANTS to see Jokers Jinx leave the park obviously, but knowing how amusement parks generally respond to rides that have an awful public image as the result of an over exaggerating media (even the Two-Face accident wasn't as bad as the media made it sound), I predict that Jokers Jinx won't remain at Six Flags for much longer. Hopefully I am wrong, but after being a roller coaster enthusiast and observing patterns for 10 years, the ones with bad media coverage tend to leave their parks. I really wish if Apocalypse would leave. That coaster sucks lol.
  10. I don't ask for anything too major to replace Jokers Jinx. A euro fighter type coaster with a unique layout could be really cool, or even a relocated nice B&M coaster from another Six Flags park such as Scream from SFMM will do for me. Jokers Jinx was a slightly above average coaster so I only expect a slightly above average replacement for it, if it does leave SFA. I think that if Scream from SFMM and V2 from SFGAm come to SFA, the park would have a pretty spot on line up and it would really start to compete with neighboring parks again. From there, if the park gains competition, I could even see a giga being added after 7 or 10 years. I think they're testing out how much attendance increases from various relocated coasters before investing in something bright and new. I'm also curious where Jokers Jinx will go if relocated. The only American Six Flags park I think it would be really helpful to have at is either SFNE or SF the Great Escape (the Great Escape hasn't had a new coaster in ages, so Jokers Jinx would do wonderful there). I could totally see Six Flags Mexico or La Ronde getting it as well. Yeah, I love premier launchers, but I don't see one replacing Jokers Jinx
  11. I visited the park for the first time since 2014 the other week. I stopped going to the park after being a passholder since 2006 because I thought it was going downhill and getting lame. But to my surprise, the park has improved a lot since 2014, and the increase in crowds really show it. I think that they have done a really good job by filling in holes that removed flat rides and Two-Face left at the park between 2003-2009. I remember SFA used to have rides like the Octopus, Alpine Bobs, Iron Eagle, and two other flats that were removed but not replaced during that time frame. They did a good job by adding in the new Wonder Woman swing set, Fireball, and French Quarter flyers. I think that they spent the last 5 years trying to fix what they have, and the mess that Shapiro made. SFA is a pretty decent park now, and in the future, it has the potential to be on par with Carowinds if things go well. The new CEO seems to want to show more love to this park than past CEOs have. One sad thing I think will happen in the future is that Jokers Jinx is likely to be removed from the park after making headlines twice in 3 years. Two-Face was removed from the park after receiving the same kind of treatment from the media, and Invertigo at Great America was also removed a season after receiving media attention for being stuck, so the same is bound to happen to Jokers Jinx in the near future. The only difference is that this time, I think Six Flags won't sell Jokers Jinx (like they did with Two-Face), but will instead move it to another park in the chain (maybe Six Flags La Ronde, Mexico, or New England). I am excited for the rumors of V2 coming to SFA. I love inverted impulse coasters, so having one at my home Park would be pretty sweet. However, I feel bad for SFGAm go'ers who seem to be saddened by its possible removal. I could see SFA adding a new major coaster within the next 4 to 10 years, especially if we do see Jokers Jinx leave.
  12. ^ I could see how that would be a problem. A stream which flows into the Patuxent River, a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay, runs right behind the Mind Eraser, and goes past the rapids. There's a lot of patches of wetlands around there. It would make more sense to build it near Apocalypse and Roar.
  13. The college I go to is like an hourish west of that park. And yeah, most people don't know that SFA isn't the only park in MD, haha. But that's awesome. When I was back home in the Annapolis area and my family drove through Western MD, I always saw Wildcat on the highway. It looks like an interesting park, and I plan on checking it out this year.
  14. I also don't see SFA getting a giga, at least not anytime soon, even though that would be really cool. I like the idea of building a SkyScreamer that would be taller than KD's to bring more GP to SFA, though. I don't really see them replacing Mind Eraser or any other coaster anytime soon, either. However, I think that if they do remove Mind Eraser, a Eurofighter could be a great replacement, if it would fit. Unfortunately, I didn't get to go to Fright Fest this year because of college, but I can't wait to check this new attraction out! It reminds me of those Ring Of Fire things at the carnival. I wonder what improvements will be made to the existing rides during the off-season, too. It feels kind of crazy that we're going into the 2015 season already...
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