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  1. This is just my opinion but honestly, no. I think people are trying to turn this into something it's not to make themselves feel like they're fighting for a cause that's much more important than it actually is. They're trying to draw parallels to things that are infinitely worse than this will ever be (like slavery). Animal cruelty is horrible and should be and is treated very seriously. I just don't think what SeaWorld is doing could be considered "Animal Cruelty" in any way, shape or form. Based on that response that was posted a few pages back and a lot of other responses that have come
  2. Maybe an unpopular view here, but is it not possible that SeaWorld is simply on the wrong side of history? Regardless of how well SeaWorld treats its animals (I'll admit, pretty well for what its worth), and no matter how educational it is (SeaWorld Camp Class of 1999 here), I don't see SeaWorld, any zoo, Circus, or animal performance for that matter, being around in 50 years, and here's why. It can often be more damning for someone to hit a dog than to hit a person, or for cattle to be treated, well, like cattle. Culturally, westerners have started to treat different species with a sense of i
  3. Looking back at these old pictures, it reminds me that the best thing about GL was also the worst thing about GL: no lines. After Six Flags sold the park to Cedar Fair, GL's attendance leveled out at 750,000 for its last four years. I remember going to the park for the first time in 1991. It was an early in September, probably the before Oktoberfest, and the place was packed to the gills. In the first two years of the Six Flags era, I remember waiting forever to get onto rides like Batman: Knight Flight, X-Flight, and even the Double Loop. By 2003, though, it was clear that people had gotten f
  4. I agree, I'm glad to see CP letting go of their record fetish and look towards building better, more visceral, experience rides. Sure, TTD is visceral and about the experience, but the moment Kingda Ka was built, the experience was diminished (if only by 26 feet). Plus TTD is only 14 seconds. Maverick kicks dirt in the face of TTD by overall satisfaction and is more inclusive because it doesn't immediately strike fear in the hearts of the fearful. CP has apparently seen the positives of this approach to attracting visitors to the park (though no one in Ohio could be convinced that anyone could
  5. Everytime I see Dominator in its new home, I'm reminded of how it was tailor made for its former location at Geauga Lake. You could literally grab the marsh grass as you zoomed past over the water, so seeing its new location kind of kills me. I'm glad, however, that such a good ride got such a good home at a park where more people can appreciate its awesomeness. I happily own a piece of the ride (I grew up near GL) and found a bolt for the ride that was left behind in the parking lot. Great report, amazing photography!
  6. Mr. Hyde's so was unreliable at Geauga Lake that when Cedar Fair took over the park, the ride idled for the whole of the 2004 season. Im sure the problem became more pronounced under Six Flag's management, but yeah that thing broke down more often than it ran. Quite humorous actually.
  7. Hey all, Sitting here in the basement of the library at college for the summer is about to wear me thin, so when my boss isn't around, TPR provides a great dose of escapism. Such escapism got me thinking...is there any ride experience (coasters, thrill rides, even tame rides) that provoked so much fear in you that your hard pressed to forget the experience? A ride from hell where it seemed like Final Destination 3 might have indeed played out if you had been selected for Death's list? If you have children, any notable freak outs in the endeavor to instill your love of roller coasters in them?
  8. having spent most of my time playing RCT when I was younger, I used to hear phantom peep sound fx. sounds crazy, but not unlike thinking your phone rang when it didn't. I also had a very vivid dream where i was in what looked like RCT3 sandbox mode: having climbed to the top of a 300 foot coaster, I immediately feel, waking up when I hit the ground. I was a little frazzled and would soon give up on RCT3. That game was a nightmare after all.
  9. I apologize for my ignorance, but is this a 4d ride like X or are the vehicles stationary like Furius Baco? College makes keeping up a challenge to say the least
  10. Can't wait to get down there this year! Finally get a B&M hyper under my belt. The Cedar Fair Maxx Pass is the one thing I like about CF's acquisition of Paramount Parks. Also, I love the Peanuts, but when is CF gonna realize that the Peanuts aren't relevant to anybody under the age of 10? I haven't been to KI since 2005, but it was really cool to see Nick characters incorporated into the theming. Notta so much anymore, huh?
  11. I agree. Its a very wise investment as it is a ride that can be appreciated by almost anyone who visits the park. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that was the goal with Maverick, until they found out how intense that ride turned out to be. Either way, CP has been an awesome home park to have for the last decade.
  12. Yeah. Its totally a joke. Not a good one granted, but today's blog post confirms its a sham. Instead of going with something like a new 800 ft coaster or that Maverick is in fact an Aquatrax, they went with something benign and almost rude to the die-hards of the blog (myself included). I guess Dick wouldn't stand for anything but an April Fools joke that was about creative as Cedar Fairs ____Hawk name scheme.
  13. I perhaps was quick in jumping to conclusions about Shoot the Rapids' theming, but as you said, Cedar Point's record with theming would suggest otherwise. Granted, Maverick's theming looks incredible, and whats more, you're too busy enjoying an incredible ride to be bothered with whats happening around you. I guess with my earlier comment I was expressing concern about CP's tendency to overlook atmosphere in their quest to build what is arguably the most incredible thrill park in the world.
  14. Im so excited to ride this thing! Though I love Maverick, Cedar Point really lost one of its biggest family rides with the removal of White Water Landing. It's great to see a modern replacement for WWL! My only qualm with the ride is that it is a demonstration of Cedar Fair's record with a love of cement. Frontier Trail remains one of the few places in Cedar Point where there were real-life trees in abundance. I might be naive in thinking there is a way to preserve as many trees as possible, because to me it just seems like they kinda axed trees all willy-nilly to construct this ride. Thou
  15. Agreed. The ride vehicles could be moving tanning beds. You could use the same trackless system they use on the Winnie the Pooh ride at Tokyo Disney. It be like actually being in a club! I think applied to "Skins" the ride would be even better, the shooting aspect could be deter the Skins gang from making poor choices. But seriously... You just rattled off a great ride wish list. Im still pumped to see how the "Cars" ride at DCA turns out.
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