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  1. Hey, does anyone know how the no rehire status works? I got fired back in June 2011. I was interested in reapplying at the park, this time in a different role in human resources, not as a ride operator. It actually relates to my major and what I would like to do later down the line after I graduate. I assume I still have no rehire status because I tried going through the application process for this job and as soon as I inputted my personal details, my application process was abruptly ended. Anyone know when my rehire status will be reopened for consideration? Do I even have a shot at this job considering I've been fired in a role of employment already at Magic Mountain? Thanks.
  2. ^ I agree with this. Though, I tend to skip X2 and go to Tatsu first then get multiple rides of Deja Vu and Termy. But I just laugh at the thought of people waiting 10-30 minutes for Revolution and Viper. Every time I go to Six Flags and make an observation, people ride these rides first.... what a complete waste of time, I think. You can catch them as walk ons later on in the day..... goes to show that many people go for the ride they see first.
  3. I like having my head slammed against the head rest and my legs broken by riding X2 in the back, courtesy of raven turn #2. Thanks.
  4. What's wrong with that? That's like saying that being that I live in America I shouldn't question or criticize the government. Isn't this the same concept?
  5. Superman the Escape, Revolution, Colossus are all as bad if not worse, and I think Batman is the worst invert I have been on. Needless to say I don't agree with your statement. Revolution is horrible. That I agree with. But lately I've been liking Superman and really Colossus. In the past I would have been happy to tear Superman down, but now I'm starting to like the simplicity of the ride, pending I get to it with no line (no wait). Just because I'm so tired of inversions. Colossus is great for me. I'd put it in my top 5 of roller coasters here (as of this year) when I'm sitting in the back row. The front row is horrible. But the back is awesome. You may get off one of them with a cracked cell phone screen aka Colossus.
  6. I agree. There's nothing that is SPECIAL about this park (from the standpoint of the type of rollercoasters that are built here). Not to discount the significance of some of the rides (might I add however). Yes, it has a lot of coasters. But there is nothing quite unique (aside from X2). Then again, X2 is so rough for me (and starting to get boring) that I don't like it as much as it is praised by everyone. I would trade Six Flags Magic Mountain for Great Adventure. Now, that park may not have as much variety as us, but they sure got unique, and top tier roller coasters. This park is great, but there's nothing top tier about it. I don't like inversions either.... inversions are starting to make me sick. What sucks is there are too many rides with inversions here. * Disclaimer -Take my comments for what they are worth --- I've been visiting Six Flags MM on and off for the last 10 years.
  7. Hey guys, Do any of you think we're going to get something special next year? I'm not talking about the obvious, Mr. Six.
  8. August is not bad. If you go on the weekdays of August you won't have to worry about crowds too much. July is the worst of the three months, June---July--August, in my experience. I'd recommend you go sometime in the middle of /late August. Sometime around there. Just avoid Saturdays. Sundays aren't bad. Don't waste your money on a flash pass, like other people tell you to. You can get re-rides on Tatsu, Deja Vu, and Terminator in the morning if you wish by going with those three as your first rides for the day. You can easily get re-rides on the rest of the rides there any time of the day, excluding X2. I usually save X2 for last and if there's time left over (there always is) I may fit in a second ride of it or additional re-rides of the other rides. But I don't care for re-rides on X2 personally, so I go ride Goliath again hehe.
  9. Yes. It does. It also says Six Flags Great Adventure, where it is currently in operation. After telling the employee that, he looked, and then he told me that "I'm right."
  10. Went to Magic Mountain today. Both of X2's trains had working audio. Don't know if this was a question for anyone. Highlights for the day: Someone threw up on Riddler's. They threw up all over the train.....in their row. So ride operators housed the train down and then did not let anyone board the train for some time. I went up into the sky tower today. I got in an argument with an employee over the model of the roller coaster, Great American Scream Machine. If you guys have seen the model they have of the ride in the sky tower, you'll know what I'm talking about. Pretty much my debate was that it was a variant of our Viper. He told me that it was the Scream! we have! LMAO!!! Pretty good day at the mountain. No need for a flash pass. Got all the rides in by 6pm. Went to Tatsu first.
  11. Not if you get to park early, before opening and hit up Tatsu---Deja Vu--Terminator with re-rides on the latter two at one's discretion. Get them all out the way for the day with minimal waits if you know what I'm saying.
  12. I think it would be a cool idea. Have trips to Six Flags Magic Mountain or Knotts for example. We're not too far from SFMM (less than 20 minutes I'd say).
  13. The Kingda Ka and Intimidator 305 clones that they're planning on building at our park next year. Duh!
  14. Have you guys been seeing those Six Flags commercials lately? Roller coasters. Roller coasters. Roller coasters. More roller coasters. More coasters. More fun! Of course... I'm loving it because I would want them to focus on roller coasters and to possibly build only roller coasters for the foreseeable future, but we are all aware that that may not be the greatest strategy. (No need for a lecture).
  15. Does that sound geeky or what? I wish there was a roller coaster club at my college, but unfortunately there is not. Thinking of starting one, but then again, I'm not the most knowledgeable on roller coasters.
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