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  1. Ok, so yeah. It's been forever since I posted here on TPR. A loooooooooooong while. But I'm back, right? So I went to Disneyland on Saturday, for my third time there. That's not very much seeing as I'm like 45 min. away from it, but that's beside the point. Honestly, it was probably one of the best, if not THE best theme park trip I've ever been on. I had so much fun! So, I don't have any pictures, but our first ride was Splash Mountain. We had a group of 7, and we were slit up into groups of 4 and 3, because they couldn't fit 7 to a log. Nobody really got wet
  2. Dwight from the Office. He is hilarious. Everything he does is just so stupid! It's awesome! _Mike
  3. Here's my guess, and there are rumors about this anyway of what will happen. (Got it from macrumors.com) -Touch screen video iPod with cover flow, osx, and a 480x320 display -iPod Nano "Phatty" featuring optional bigger storage, and videos. It'll be fatter than the current Nanos. Mock Up: Credit goes to Engadget for the photo -iPod Shuffle Product (RED) -Possibly wifi and internet browser for the full sized iPod. -Wireless iTunes store for iPhone -iPhone ringtones -The Beatles on iTunes Sounds like it'll be a huge day for Apple tomorrow!
  4. Original Article: http://www.luckywhitegirl.com/2005/11/medium_rare_ele.html
  5. I just love that photo! hahaha! Looks like a fun first day, and Robb sounds tired. Enjoy the trip without me, while I stay at home eating stale Teddy Grahams!
  6. Link to original article: http://www.10news.com/news/13799759/detail.html That is just horrible, and sad... It's important to find who did this...I mean, as the video said "Serial killers often start out abusing animals, ,and then they move on to people" -Mike
  7. Last July. When was the last time you played video games? -Mike
  8. I'm sorry about your loss... I don't really know what else to say... However, even dead, your mother probably wants nothing more than for you to be happy. Just remember the good times with your mother at theme parks, and everywhere else. -Mike
  9. I usually just am hanging out, talking to friends, browsing the forums...it's pretty fun, usually. I go to bed at midnight when I don't have school the next day. -Mike
  10. So my brother is browsing Youtube for coaster videos, and he comes across this: Link I'm thinking-WTF!? But then, I noticed at the end (I don't know if it applies for all of them) that a couple were actually stationed in Iraq, and that Six Flags provided them with a wedding, since they did not have the money to have one. I think it's very strange to be married on Tatsu. -Mike
  11. I don't work in a Disney park obviously, but I doubt it really has to do with other people. I think it's probably mainly the job of the people who work the rides and attractions. It's the workers' jobs to make sure everything is good, locked up, and safe. -Mike
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