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  1. Well im about to tell you what happened. I dont really care if you belive me but im saying what really happened. I am still in the hospital from my injury. Wont be out for another 4 days. I am here and my Mom has spent the night each night. My Dad has left to work Ike (he's an insurance adjuster). But the other night our house was broken into. My computer was messed with then stolen along with alot of other stuff like our TV's, movies, and other valuables. They messed with almost all my stuff I was logged into. I am now banned from IGN, Atari, and a few others. I just realized that this s
  2. Dosnt even resemble Thunderhead. Trust me I would know! Nice work though!
  3. Come on its so close! Fight the power! Vote Wes or Die!
  4. I just got my first coaster design done that I like. I haven't supported it yet though. Im waiting to see what my consultants have to say before its final.
  5. ^ Yeah I think thats a very good chance. Its really going to get interesting when the people who have gotten almost no votes so far are the people left.
  6. ^ Well not to far from it though! 2 more to overtake mmousefan!
  7. Im still on a block of what to do. Everything ive tried so far just dosnt come up to my standard.
  8. He's trying to brain wash you into not voting for him! lol It will be fun to see who will live. Its close this week.
  9. You also have to think the flooding and surge is still getting worse in Galveston Bay. Along the coast its evened out but up in the bay its rising still.
  10. Thats the campaign against Wes slogan! Come on two more!
  11. ^ Yeah it would be more interesting. But its the first time we have had an actual close race to the death! 4 more votes guys!
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