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  1. Well, I mean it could of always caught on fire again... lol Anyways, when you have nearby parks like Knoebels and Kennywood, does this really matter? No, it doesn't. You can ride better versions of these destroyed rides at other parks in the same state. I don't like the current owner because I know his type in business and it's more of a personal issue with him than destroying the park. I'm still more saddened Williams Grove was let to rot but that's probably because it's only 20 minutes from my house.
  2. My comment is coming more from my issue of arrogant Pennsylvania folk that often times find belittling one group to be acceptable and funny (Having lived in PA for almost 2 decades, there's definitely a type). To me, it's just in bad taste, the guy is trying to be some wolf of wall street wannabe with this latest stunt. I couldn't care less about the park or his intentions, he definitely bought it on false pretenses which is dirty, but hey, it's business. I just want the guy to fail because he seems like a d*ck. If it's going to go down though, he definitely pulled off making it go down in the biggest white trash PA way ever. That to me is comical, and here I thought Williams Grove finding that the parking lot made more money being a flea market to be more profitable was one of the biggest PA amusement park fails. I now stand corrected.
  3. Some may be upset or sad, but with this latest "event" I'm glad the park is done. I'd rather the park be failed and the owners name tarnished than a man like that to continue to make any money what so ever by revitalizing it. Hope the rest burns to the ground at this point and with any hope the parks legacy will be remembered for something better than him.
  4. Not sure if they do still, but they did a lot in the PA/MD areas about a decade ago. I know they used to do the York Fair out my way and also did The Great Frederick Fair for years (they may still be doing it). I always liked Reithoffer, made friends with some of the older employees throughout the years. Of course it's still a fair setting and that means some questionable operations at times, but the people I knew took safety very seriously at their shows.
  5. This is really hard to process how this could happen on a modern designed drop tower. Something similar happened years ago (decades) on California Great Americas drop tower which I believe resulted in the addition of seat belts as standard design practice. I get it's been decades and most people associate drop tower Intamin incidents with Six Flags, but there is a reason why they've standardized these practices in their design. It's shocking to me any other company wouldn't be aware of these precautions and why they're there from pretty much every manufacturer. Perhaps the operators should of known, but I could also see why they would think it would be fine. The joke they made was in bad taste, but the restraints do look snug on him. Really sad all around, I have a few larger friends that are his build type and we push to put them on rides stapling them with seat belts and such. We had a trip planned here we cancelled for last week, I get chills even thinking about it. Never even considered this was a possibility and will keep this incident in mind for them regarding rides and restraints.
  6. The park in April is a bit short staffed, but shouldn't be as bad as previous years now that things in the area are getting back to normal. All the major coasters should be up and running unless there's mechanical issues. I'd imagine the new rides should be ready by then since they started them so early, but they might be closed until May. You're not missing out on much except a boomerang. Apart from water rides I think you should be fine to do just about everything at the park. Also, I highly recommend avoiding the chocolatier, it's "okay" for Amusement Park dining, but it always has a ridiculous wait and is overpriced bar food. Hershey has some wonderful restaurants all within a mile. Any of the places at the Hershey Hotel are all good, Devans is also good and Hoolihans is essentially the same food as the Choclatier but less busy. All are Hershey owned properties and theres a ton of other great places all within walking distance of the park as well such as The Mill, Primanti Bros, Englewood to just name a few.
  7. Hershey has been refreshing a good bit of their coasters and SDL/Sidewinder got updated color schemes as well. I've noticed this year lots of painting, I'm curious if the cost of material is down nation wide or something.
  8. I want to think that this project as a whole is too good to be true type of situation, but the more that falls into place the more feasible it's becoming. I do not think the money will be an issue at all for this project, I think if anything, politics would hold a project like this up before anything else. Even then, I don't see it being too much an issue. I'm interested to see how this progresses from here on out and I'm sure the ride will have a ridiculous price tag, but 100 million dollar rides are becoming less and less rare these days with giant investments from the big players.
  9. It appears to be your standard kiddie coaster with a faux wooden structure around it. Assuming to replicate a mini version of Colossus. You can get a better view of it at 3:16 and a few seconds before it.
  10. I've heard the horror stories, but the five or so trips (Probably 15 days total) we've been to the park since it's opened I've only experienced one break down with us on it on our first ride. I think two years ago when we went for Christmas it also went down for weather for one of the days, but overall we've been lucky I suppose. It seems that when it is running, it runs well, just the periods it goes down for are extended. The launch is great, but the ride is great with or without it in my opinion. I could really see them ditching it after the re tracking didn't work, or completely work I should say.
  11. The name isn't the best, but I at least respect the intention behind it. This layout even with a lot released already still surprised me some and definitely appears to be a top tier RMC which is something to look forward to!
  12. The park tends to do fine as long as it's not any lightning forecasted. With a poncho and some warm clothes I'm sure today was absolutely amazing for those that risked it. We did the same thing at Kings Island 2 years ago during a rainy day/night. Did everything we wanted 20 times over and it's honestly one of my favorite days I've had at any park. Doing the indoor haunts as the only people walking through, the night ride marathons, we stayed until closing and I would take it over a mob of people. Going through a haunt full of actors as the only people in it is always ten times more terrifying than the typical conga lines.
  13. I was honestly wondering the same thing. I made my first trip to the park over the summer and it was a complete sleeper for us. We rode it just as it got dark and it was honestly an easy top 10 wooden coaster for me. Reminded me of the Phoenix which I thought I was insane to compare it too. It was so much better than I thought and I wasn't even really aware the park had such a good wooden coaster. I honestly thought the only stand out ride was going to be Mr Freeze (which was also a top 10 for us) but wow we loved Eagle. This was after riding The Voyage earlier in the day so our threshold was pretty high all things considered.
  14. It's SFA, there's a 99% chance the sign for the temporary closed broke so they brought out the indefinite closed one instead of purchasing/fixing the old sign.
  15. SDL loop is entirely white now, I've been watching it progress for a few weeks now. They were first pressure washing the paint off then started painting it white. They've also started painting Sidewinder and a few of the slides. Seems like they did a pretty large contract with a local company that's redoing a fair amount of the rides/slides. The company posted up about doing the refurbishment work on a few local pages around here. It's a neat process and it appears we're going to see some fresh coats and color changes for next year. Cocoa Cruiser was also painted the inverse of Candimonium colors instead of the Skyrush colors, fits in a lot nicer with the theme and park.
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