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  1. My comments have been over medical bags. My supplies will not fit in the bag restrictions they set. You can disagree with me on this subject, but I cannot risk it without it. I let the park talk me into putting my bag into a locker and sure enough it went bad in line. Since then they’ve given me ADA passes which fixed that issue, but now this creates a whole different issue. Granted my bag is just slightly larger than their rules, but it’s filled to the brim with medical supplies at that. My preferred way is to go with just money and that’s it, but my health condition doesn’t permit that anymore. With the no reentry rule, it’s made it virtually impossible to re supply. Which honestly has always given me anxiety at Kings Island and Carowinds. As for kids and diaper bags I agree, they shouldn’t be at the park for the event. The only other valid concerns I’ve seen have been women’s care products, but I’m neither a women or know the work around on that one so I’m not touching it.
  2. Honestly this might make the couple hour drive worth it for us. It's been hard to justify stopping and seeing just the water park or just the dry park since they both look pretty good, just not good enough to make a weekend trip out for essentially $700 for both of us with hotels/tickets to both. This would actually get it to about $500 overall which is cheap enough that I feel like I'm not getting completely ripped off. I'd much rather use that extra money saved for Fast Pass which is now an option as well and also a reasonable price. Overall I think this is great news and enough of an incentive to get me out for a trip finally at least.
  3. You're smart for that, because every year this park manages to take away something I love about It. I'm still a bit hostile on the Garfield's bad acid trip being remodeled, I mean sure I miss the other classics, but nothing ever has given me a "WTF" moment like that ride and it'll be forever missed. Steel Curtain is good, I'd even say REALLY good, but it's not enough of a pusher with all of it's issues to go to the park, you'll just be angry that you enjoyed it so much and realize you don't want to wait in a 3 hour line to do it again.
  4. Interesting, makes sense for the alpine coaster and given the example in the video that's a pretty clear cut case of not being the parks liability or fault. This accident is a bit different, but it might/probably does cover the park. I'm curious if it'll cover the manufacturer though, which is a whole different issue I suppose. Overall, from what I've heard I don't blame the park based on what we know so far. I could kind of see the manufacturer to partially be blamed for not having higher requirements I suppose, even then it's hard to blame. I have a hard time blaming her or the family either, she was six and scared. No one went into this thinking she would wiggle out (if that's what happened) and she might not of even known what the ride did or was going to do. Reminds me of when I was that age and backing out of Tower of Terror because honestly I was worried about this exact thing back then. I could of definitely seen myself trying to get out at that age even if logically it wouldn't of made sense, I chose to wait by the exit though after backing out right before stepping in that elevator. This whole situation is tragic. I have a hard time saying anyone was negligent, sometimes accidents are just that, accidents. Hopefully they correct the height requirements on all models for this ride moving forward. That seems like the only concrete thing that should be done so far.
  5. This is probably the best news we've heard on the coaster in awhile. Hopefully this means fixing whatever kinks it has to get it to a somewhat normal operation. Whether that's retraining, second train, or a quicker lift, all together would result in amazing operations but even just one of those things would at least cut down 5 minutes on each cycle.
  6. FL+ does not work for early entry. I would recommend using the early entry time for Raptor, Valravn (I believe this is early entry now), MF then Maverick. Steel Vengeance always gets mobbed in the morning anyways and you'll enjoy yourself more waiting until the afternoon. I recommend this course of rides if you have FL+ or not. FL+ is great, I even opted for the season long one. My only caveat is that I know it's not as necessary as some might think it is. So it comes down to budget, if you go to the park with a similar game plan as I mentioned, you'll be on all of those coasters by mid afternoon with or without it, with it you'll likely get through the park two or three times over though. Letting you finish out the day on Gemini, Magnum, Corkscrew, Iron Dragon and GateKeeper. Just know that it isn't necessary and even on the parks busiest of busy days, we've pulled off riding everything working our away around the crowds. Also, I recommend planning a late lunch if it's possible. You'll avoid waiting in lines if you're willing to wait until 3 to 4pm to eat, which is also the time most of the restaurants in breakers open. Since it'll be a Sunday though they might be closed for the week. The Melt is a good alternative if you're looking for a sit down meal.
  7. I wouldn't bother buying it for Saturday evening, just try to do some of the coasters that typically don't have lines such as Magnum, Gemini, Gatekeeper, etc in the evening. Sunday won't sell out, so judge as the day goes in the morning. We went Friday on labor day weekend and the park was moderately busy. All the rides had longer times listed then they were (SV listed as 2 hours, but really was only 45 minutes), the park wasn't dead, but many coasters were walk ons still such as Magnum, Gatekeeper, Wicket Twister at times (RIP), Raptor, Rougarou. Valravn probably had a 30 to 45 minute line, MF might of been the only coaster I remember having close to an hour wait. I would expect a Sunday to be similar, but this is the first weekend where everyone that typically comes during the week is limited to the weekend so who knows for sure. Saturday I believe is one of the 250 dollar FLP days which is probably overkill, I'm a huge advocate for FLP but it's honestly probably not needed, especially at that price.
  8. Well my experience this year at Valravn and Cheetah Hunt were lightning fast compared to Steel Curtain. I do remember those two coasters being a bit slow this year, but nothing like how horrible Steel Curtain is. Even SFA wait times and operations were better every single time we've went, even with 1 train operations on Superman with very similar conditions as I described with Steel Curtain it was still quicker. I do want to emphasize this is only for Steel Curtain, I can't think of any other ride in the park that has bad operations. Everything else is lightening fast and particularly the Phantom's Revenge crew is amazing. I highly recommend marathoning that one at night if you have the opportunity.
  9. Steel Curtain has the absolute slowest operations I've experienced on any coaster ever. The staff is slow, the one train operations are slow. I don't understand it at all since other coasters in the park are perfectly fine, it's like they put the worst employees on the most popular coaster and said "hey we don't need both trains, what's an extra 3 minutes per dispatch on top of the 15". So while you could get a few rides on it, I would plan to buy the VIP pass if you want re rides. I pretty much skip the coaster every time we go unless we have a pass for it. Even the one time the ride had a small wait outside of the station, the wait for that was 45 minutes to an hour for essentially 5 to 6 trains worth of people and that was with two train operation.
  10. So my best answer is, maybe. Busch parks typically do give right around 50% off of quick queue with the platinum passes. My suggestion is to call the parks phone and buy through there, they typically have the cheapest options for tickets and bring a friend tickets. The online purchasing and site is sometimes very inconsistent and/or broken. On some slower days, our platinum pass got us Quick Queue for 15 dollars. When we went to pick them up the park actually refunded us the money and gave them for free, essentially saying you'll only need it for one ride today. Guest services with Busch parks can sometimes be inconsistent, but they're normally pretty good about these kinds of things. Just know, if they can't select the discount from their system they can't reduce the rate easily. There was an issue we had with inconsistent discounts on our QQ at BGT and they couldn't really adjust or fix it. They did however give us a bunch of Busch bucks to use in the park to make up the difference. I hate their automated systems since they work 50% of the time from my experience, but if you're being offered 50% you'll "probably" get it honored or something close to it. Busch in my opinion has the best season pass discount perks on pretty much everything for platinum members, it just tends to not always work, haha.
  11. I won't be asking for a refund, but I will be asking for an extension. I personally paid for the top tier membership with the expectation that I'd be able to ride at least some of these coasters this year. Everything since the beginning of the year has been reduced and the Busch parks honestly were the worst in terms of available rides. We cancelled a few of our trips in light of this news, I didn't expect them all to open, but I did expect at least one or two by haunt. We'll likely hold off or shorten our Orlando trip for October, hold off on BGW for their haunt and hope that the Christmas event isn't reduced again. The only park due to the states absurd protocols that I don't blame the company on is this park, which we decided to hold off just because California needs a bit of time to get back to the real world still. I gave a lot of leeway and bought full passed in 2020 and 2021, I think it was supposed to carry over but honestly I didn't mind all that much since the parks clearly needed it then. From my perspective, the parks this year held off opening due to marketing and not so much the issues of 2020 so I'm to the point I want the service I paid for.
  12. I'm so glad I'll have one of these contraptions closer, we spent an entire night re riding the one in Branson at Bigfoot Park. These things are insanely fun, terrifying and great all around rides. Surprisingly the drop tower is way more scary once you're on it versus the slingshot. I'm assuming this version will have both since the concept art shows the slingshot attached to the backside of the tower which is identical to Bigfoot Parks, it is also a seatbelt only model and is quite terrifyingly awesome.
  13. I'm going to go off of the last 15 years and parks I could go to again and haven't. Six Flags America, when it's an extra 30 minutes to go to GADV it's hard to justify going to it. Even though it's an hour and a half away, I haven't gone in a decade. Idlewild, I've only done it once and while it's a nice little charming park. I haven't gone since 2008 and don't really have any plans to unless they build a new family coaster. Likewise, I live 30 minutes from Dutch Wonderland and have passed it 100 times or more, but I can't justify making a day out of it when I can just go to Hershey. Even though they have 2 coasters I would enjoy, I find myself just waiting for a younger family member interested in going rather than myself riding a couple of things and leaving. Lakemont, the operating schedule is too annoying to bother with it. I've gone to this park when it's supposed to be open for it to just be closed, got the credits about a decade ago and while the classics are decent I hated the park. The only park I've ever been to they kept operating rides in a thunderstorm. The scariest memory I have was the slow load/unload while we were essentially trapped on the Skydiver as we finally got off in the middle of lightning storm, they were still putting riders on! I don't know who was more crazy, the people riding it anyways or the people operating the ride, that's Altoona for you. Sea World San Antonio - I can't see myself going back, it's a strange park with okay coasters. It's really out of the way for us and if we're in the area there's enough nearby to try different things. I hold SWO near and dear to my heart but this park felt like 20% of that park in almost every way. Every other park I've been too, even small, I've enjoyed enough or have had reason enough to go back. Even the parks I don't like all that much like the OC boardwalk, at least have enough of a reason to check them out. Here's some honorable mentions, some defunct: Hard Rock Park - The park was cool, but expensive and we found ourselves spending just a few hours and that was with re riding everything. Clearly we weren't alone in our feelings and while it was cool, it would of taken a lot of motivation to go back to it over Carowinds or any other park within 8 hours. Nascar Speed Park - Not much to do, but I love roadside attractions for some reason so to say I'd never go back or feel the need to go to is probably not true, but it's pretty lame compared to everything in the area. Pedroland - It hardly exists anymore and I did stop by recently to get a good laugh. I can't believe the few rides that are still there are even standing anymore. About a decade ago they were refurbishing the coaster and a bunch of other things, but I've never actually witnessed anything ever operate. That's probably for the best!
  14. To be completely fair, SWO started after Universal posted about ice breaker not opening. The "tired" joke in that one article from SWO is deserved. I've thought it since the beginning, reveling in another parks misfortune doesn't help them and if they want to pick on someone their own size take on Disney, now I'd get a kick out of that. Two giants that are doing well would be much more interesting. I'll admit I chuckled at the last tweet from Universal, but the "feud" thing works well for charities, sporting events and things like that, bullying not so much.
  15. I work a ton so my time as I've gotten older is limited with my companies, so I normally buy them unless the park is dead. I'd rather have a good day and enjoy myself than missing out on the rides I went to ride. Even if I'm not re riding a bunch, the extra time saved gives us time to explore areas we otherwise wouldn't of appreciated or known about. Even though I control my own schedule, weekends are naturally more open so we're at parks on the busier days, fast lane, fast passes, VIP tours, etc give us the ability to use our time wisely at parks.
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