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  1. Lines were bad, but FastLane made it bearable. Every coaster that I saw for the day for standby had an hour plus wait though. As we were leaving people were planning their days for the rest of the weekend so they could ride 3 coasters in one day. Fast Lane kept lines to about 15 to 20 minutes on most major coasters. Most rides listed wait times for longer, but many times we got on in five minutes with it. I would not plan a day without it and on days like today. They do tend to sell out later on. Operations were good though, some slow areas. For opening day though they got
  2. They were giving out Quick Queue as a pass incentive at the end of 2019, we still have a couple. Curious if it'll be honored this year. Other than that, both Busch parks typically don't included their new coasters on Quick Queue initially.
  3. Fortunately it doesn't matter all that much since Dollywood gave us a refund for this exact situation no questions asked (we opted for a transfer). We admitted it was our fault and they actually let us apply it to the next day which was much busier. SWO is another park that's also been really good about this kind of thing as well. I don't have it in my anymore to wait hours on end, so it's not a risk I take anymore when planning trips especially over 5 hours away. Dollywood can easily be a park that it's needed for when it is busy.
  4. I think what I like about this overall is that it will be a completely different experience than traditional sky coasters. While certain aspects might not be as tension building. I still think this is going to give a very different type of ride then we've ever seen before. Hopefully a park takes a chance with this and it works as advertised. This reminds me a bit of the Terror Dactyl in Colorado. It's still hands down the scariest (and one of the best rides) I've ever done and I feel this could mimic that feeling.
  5. It's definitely been over a decade, but early on they used to do two train operation with one station and I distinctly remember it only due to the glaring sun on the brake run and sitting for what felt as an eternity with their operations. Also, these comment on Adventure Park USA have me cracking up. The owner is, well, interesting of that place. He used to run "Put Put Golf" in Frederick MD before opening the park and he's had a reputation for decades on not paying contractors. They also attempted to crowd fund a water park awhile back by pre selling season passes. I rode Wildcat whe
  6. So I'm not crazy in my feelings on this. I didn't even realize Discovery Point was anything but the dolphin experience until we decided to wander over on our way out, it's weird it's not attached to the main park since it's what I expected similar to SWO. I liked SWSA but it really felt like it was missing something the entire time.
  7. Agreed, Cedar Fair had the best practices out of every park. Sea World San Antonio was pretty good, but it was also extremely dead. Cedar Point in particular was extremely annoying on their policies, to the point that a lot just didn't make sense, but they kept the park extremely well distanced and safe even though it was packed. Kings Island was very good, but not as strict as Cedar Point. The worst park I would say was Silver Dollar City honestly, after you got through the screening process, rules weren't consistent and people crammed into lines while they overly distanced ride vehicles
  8. We were in the same boat in October at CP (It turned out to be absolutely necessary with 2 plus hours on most rides) and when they were extending it for all of 2021 it was a no brainer. I highly recommend it, even at the high price. It kind of incentivizes us to go to more parks since after the initial price it makes it quite affordable to go to any Cedar Fair park without much waiting. I have a feeling that we won't be seeing daily fast passes next year or at least for most of it.
  9. This makes a ton of sense with reduced capacity. Normally the park wouldn't be able to operate profitably with all rides open, but since most people accept now that the entire park doesn't need to be open. It's much easier to fill events like these on the weekend all year long. As long as they come up with activities such as the lights and things to do around the park when it's too cold to operate the coasters, I don't really see how this wouldn't do well. Something good has finally come from this Covid mess.
  10. Adventure Express at Kings Island... All kidding aside, Phantoms Revenge has to be it for me. It's so drastically more insane the second half than the first half. I'd also say Magnum is another great example of an amazing second half ride. There are some other great 2nd half rides, but the first half of these are so good that I just consider them overall really good, but here are some other ones that arguably would make my personal list: El Toro Phoenix Steel Vengeance Voyage Maverick Batman The Ride Clones Premier Spaghetti Bowls
  11. Did this pull the boat back up on a winch in reverse? There was a similar ride I rode years ago on a school day trip to a little backwoods amusement park (Either in Maryland or Virginia) that was a private event type of place for larger gatherings. Anyways, this ride looked very similar to this one but without the tunnel. Except this one was a bit steeper/longer shoot, you would start from the top and it would shoot you into the Potomac river. The winch would then pull you backwards up the shoot and it would drop you again. The motor was rigged to some kind of old tractor. Definitely
  12. I agree, friendly competition is fine and all. These parks and companies are hurting though across the board, attacking neighboring parks in social media posts isn't tasteful right now. Ice Breaker was supposed to open sooner and had to push back for circumstances out of their control. Universal keeps building this reputation that they don't play nice with others, which is ironic since they're number two in Orlando anyways. It's like second place making fun of third place and acting like their first. It would take one post by Sea World addressing the pandemic and not being able to op
  13. If my memory serves me correctly, this isn't Premier that's doing this. It's Busch/Seaworld that insisted on them for Tempesto and carried the trend into their other installments at other parks. What I don't understand though is why they're adding them to a non inverting coaster since that was the logic with Tempesto.
  14. Oh, a night ride on the beast would of been a wonderful experience and a great way to end the season. They did eventually open Wicked Twister for a few hours and we got to ride that as well. We made the most out of it though, got to do a lot of flats we normally skip. Fortunately we got to do a good bit Saturday night which made up for the almost non existent coaster line up today. I was honestly surprised since almost all of the coasters were fully staffed the entire time, but even the ride ops said even though things could change. It’s likely a wash for the day for any of the majo
  15. I can confirm, Corkscrew is the only coaster open with a nice 2 hour wait with one train operation for those that are worried their missing out on this epic last day of the year. The wind restrictions here are nuts, I expected a few rides, not all of them to close, haha.
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