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  1. Coasterdynamix released a model of Kangaroo! https://www.coasterdynamix.com/products/the-kangaroo
  2. With all the re-theming and painting going on, what color is Montezuma's Revenge now? I saw some recent (January 2022) photos of the track being orange and the supports being green, however I can also find photos where the track is green and the supports are light yellow.
  3. It seems there have been a ton of rides getting painted this past year. Does anyone have a list of major overhauls? I know so far of: Tatsu Kraken Alpengeist Bizarro (Maybe?)
  4. Hey! Do you still have the Rye Airplane model? I'm with CoasterDynamix (Model builders as well!). We would love to have it!
  5. You should check out CDX Blocks then! www.cdxblocks.com
  6. My guess is metal fatigue. Notice how there is no bending or twisting at the break point? It looks like the metal simply cracked and sheared off. If it had hit something I think you would see much more damage at the break point because the metal didn't WANT to come apart. They're supposed to do non-destructive testing to check for metal fatigue. I'm mostly curious how that testing went or if it even happened.
  7. Check out this really good video of a Valravn construction video!
  8. Fury and Millennium Force should be for sale this weekend at the parks!!!
  9. Hey all! Dan here from CoasterDynamix. Things have been a little quiet on the coaster model front, but we've been working on a new concept that I think has turned out really great! We want your feedback. Here are a couple pictures of a stainless steel racing coaster concept. Ideal price would be in the $30 range and come as an (easy to build) kit. Let us know what you think!
  10. This is a long inversion headed back to the station. Are we sure this isn't a flying coaster? Seems like a very strange track shape for an invert
  11. Honestly guys, if it's not a B&M Wing Rider I might have to eat my hat. Parks buy these kinds of coasters in sets often and B&M is pushing this style hard. It's also not hard to do 'record breaking' things with a ride that only has 4-5 cousins in existence.
  12. Hey all! Here are a couple pictures from the debut at BrickWorld in Chicago (A lego convention)
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