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  1. Shut Up BeemerBoy You Proboly Did Not Kiss Anyone And Lied
  2. Speaking of girls i took a shot at one yesterday. Yes I do like her but when i told her she was shy and ran away. Her name is Nena. Oh well there are more fish in the sea.
  3. I am not THAT conserned about it
  4. Ok CCJARED Your video Is On Youtube Just Go There And Type redlaser21 In The Search Box Enjoy
  5. Ok First Of Sorry I Was Gone So Long. I Moved So I Did Not Hae Internet For AWHILE. Second I Have The Rita Video Ready
  6. Aww Heck I Can't Go To Cedar Point This Year We Have To Blow Our Money Moving
  7. If There Is A Girl I Like In My New School I'am Gonna Try Your Tips Ginzo Did I Mention I'am Moving
  8. Hey Does Anyone Have Any Tips On How Tog Get A Girl To Like You. A Girl Can Reply To This Better.
  9. Good Point And As For CCjared I'm Try But My Grafics Card Is Bad So The Video Is Goning ASlow So Until I Get A Better Grafics Card In About 2 Weeks Its On Hold
  10. Hey Is There Any Wre To Get The Entire Scream Machines Game Simulator For Free If So Can You Leave Me A Link I'am Ascking This Because I Just Pent My Spare Money On Transforemrs The Game Thanks
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