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  1. What do you call the area where they bury animals illegally? Apparently there's 4 mass mammal graves on Marineland property, with about a thousand animals buried in them. I believe the illegality of this unpleasant subject is that they may have used lime and plastic sheeting to accelerate decomposition in the graves, which I believe is not legal. Another concern was the these mass graves are very close to the Welland River which runs along one of the sides of the park. There have been times outbreaks of virus have affected dozens of deer and they were euthanized,stored in freezers and eventually buried. I know it's part of life at a zoo or aquarium that animals will die, it's just that there's so many bad stories about animals treatment in both life (and apparently in death) that is concerning here. I always feel guilty supporting the place given this status... but on the other hand I don't wish the place would close. I think inevitably they will go the way of sea world and focus more on adding some new rides, if they hope to continue on.
  2. Im hearing some scuttlebutt about a new gravity group coaster going into Jurassic Park close to the old Triceratops Encounter site, any merit to this? Any activity in the area? I know many years ago there was a smaller wooden coaster in the plans for IoA. With white lightning and mine blower being big hits I do hope this is true. Also seems like Orlando May be updating JPRA but NOT go for a Jurassic World overlay as seen in Hollywood which I’m also hoping is the case. I believe if they ever get the third park going perhaps we will see some Jurassic world additions there. I kind of like the thought of two varying river rides between Orlando and Hollywood. Fingers crossed.
  3. Hello, I recently visited Niagara Falls and stopped by Marineland. It's definitely a half day experience. The S&S Sky Screamer offers great views of the falls if you get the right side. Be aware everything at this park is very spread out. Dragon Mountain is actually quite smooth for an Arrow coaster and very unique. There is a very rare Huss Magic at the park as well. I would say check the place out for sure. Also, if you like haunted Houses, and "regular" ones don't cut it anymore... I would check out Nightmares Fear Factory. I have never been so terrified in my life in a maze. It is completely pitch black aside from the stairs, multiple floors, and you will leave exhausted with fear. You basically follow a trail of red LED lights and need to use your hands to feel your way through. Be warned, the red lights are designed to mess with you, you will follow one into a dead end, only to turn around and see a new light has turned on to bring you somewhere else. Highly recommended if you like those extra scary mazes.
  4. As a huge Marvel fan, I really loved Guardians of the Galaxy makeover at ToT, I am very happy to have two distinctly different themes for each of their drop rides on the different coasts, but the Marvel theme is awesome and I'm happy to see more coming. All this talk of the anchor ride being GotG, sure this will be the case for now, one would hope that the Spiderman swinging dark ride/coaster concept will eventually get built there. There's no way you'll see it by 2020, and the building would have to be absolutely massive, and also super tall. The patents are promising, hope this comes to fruition one day.
  5. I think it was a great choice that they went with a new Vekoma family inverted coaster, will round out an already awesome variety of coasters the park already offers. I have not ridden Orkanen but I already like the smaller models, so this clone should be a lot of fun!
  6. I really loved Mystery Mine, especially for the theming. I too felt very crushed in the restraints but not so on other Eurofighters. As far as my newest coasters: three weeks ago I added Freedom Flyer, White Lightning, Hollywood RRR, 7DMT, Mako, Manta and escape from Gringotts. Busy week with many new favorites !
  7. I have to agree that Mako is very much superior in the first rows. I find this to be the same of most newer speed coasters from B&M with the "sharp" parabolic airtime hills. I was very impressed with my first rides on Manta as well. Journey to Atlantis was closed, I am hoping they get some of the dark ride scenes repaired or replaced, so much potential and some very thrilling moments on that one.
  8. Quick question for anyone who has been on a giant discovery. I absolutely love the Huss giant frisbees , the only downside for me is that they are extremely tight due to my chest dimensions. For example, I was turned away from KI’s drop zone because of the restraint (well, because of me) but I have no problem with ride restraints some people have trouble with , like Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. Are the restraints a little more giving than the Huss model ? I’m very much looking forward to Harley Quinn. I feel the park is on a great winning streak, and I feel a bit spoiled but extremely gracious to have a B&M , an Intamin, an RMC and a solid handful of flat rides so close by.
  9. Hello everyone, I hope it is ok to post this here , since my main question is regarding Animal Kingdom. I just scored some decent plane tickets and it looks like my girlfriend and I will be headed to Orlando February 7-13. A couple of people told me this may be close to February’s school breaks but I am unsure and wanted to ask some locals if this is a good week To go crowd wise. I want to get a two day park hopper for Disney, a two day ticket for Universal and a one day ticket forSea World. Should this be enough time to get everything done at Disney? (The two day hopper) I am worried Pandora will be super busy, what would be my best bet for making sure I get the Avatar rides done this week? Thanks in advance!
  10. #PlanetCoaster Happy Halloween season PlanCo fans! I am pleased to announce that Dreadwood Manor is now available in the steam workshop, please rate and comment if you have a moment. This 4,000 piece haunted house will be part of a major park launching in 2018, but I thought a sneaky peek was in order. Note: For the full Dreadwood Manor experience, acquire and set the music track to "Industrial Metal: Catacombs of Paris" as the ride synchronized to this track. Trick or treat and happy building! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1167053954 Dreadwood Manor as seen where it was built in Gateway Gardens Front view of the show show building facade Loading station The Attic The Fireplace Room Peekaboo Hallway Machine Shop Spider's Nest Venom attack The Crime Scene The ride has an "outdoor" section including rain, lightning, and the living dead! This section was made to look like you were outside, but is contained in the show building. Lightning Strikes in this cemetery... ...have been waking the dead! Dungeon The maintenance bay The rear of the show building
  11. Hey everyone, I did not see this posted on the forums but today Foxwoods Resort and Casino in Connecticut has announced a combination drop tower/bungee launch ride opening this September! The drop tower will be 12 stories tall with a ride carriage holding four riders. The other ride is attached to this same tower and is one of those newer, Y-shaped bungee launch rides where the riders flip upside down. I am unsure who manufactures this project , but according to The following news release both of these rides will be inside a tower now under construction at the resort. Including the zip line, the property will have three thrill attractions. I have been hoping to see an eventual expansion to this beautiful resort for years, hopefully this is just the start of expanding with rides! Foxwoods is fairly close to where I live I will be sure to check this out in the fall ! Source: https://www.google.com/amp/fox61.com/2017/08/15/foxwoods-resort-casino-unveils-new-thrill-tower/amp/
  12. Nice report man! I am glad to see the water park expanded to have some nice modern waterslides. I only have been once, when Excalibur was new, I remember buying a piece of wood from its construction for $4.00, it has a little plaque on it. Excalibur is seriously an amazing ride, seldom talked about but a great coaster in a beautiful setting, I am glad to hear it has aged well: time to go back!
  13. I'm actually hoping today's announcement is for a Cyborg-themed skywarp, it looked so impressive at IAAPA and would love to have one somewhat close to home. Screamscape showed some "Star Labs" teasers which seem to hint at the Cyborg character.
  14. Hi there! For those who play Planet Coaster there is a free update today featuring Cedar Point and of course Steel Vengeance! From the official site
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