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  1. Kuth Ranieri Architects transforms an abandoned roller coaster into an aviary in China
  2. Wow. I would never have guessed that a Togo Ultratwister would have ended up in the top 30 if it had enough riders.
  3. I think you're right. Their website lists them as Loony Loop GmbH & Co. KG and has them based in Nurnburg.
  4. Wicker Man is testing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOEuEMZOViQ Edit: The person who uploaded it took it down.
  5. Really glad to see they managed to figure out the solar farm, seems like a win for all parties. Solar panels over the parking lot Only 40 Acres of trees cut down instead of 90 200 Acres set aside for preservation Solar powered GAdv Couldn't really think of a much better solution. Yay Compromise!
  6. Doing that all in one day sounds a bit much in my opinion. You'd be doing 8 hours of driving on top of 2 parks which I personally would not want to do. I'd suggest just pushing the drive back to Maryland to the next day and taking your time at the parks.
  7. Someone on Reddit managed to get a pretty decent picture of the ride from up close. Regardless of how it rides, this thing is going to look spectacular.
  8. Saw this posted on Reddit and figured I'd share it here since it doesn't seem to have been posted before.
  9. Heading to the park today for a spontaneous solo adventure, if anyone else is at the park and wants to meet up, message me.
  10. Probably a stupid question, but how crowded do the season pass holder ERTs get?
  11. Wow. That thing looks absolutely mental - I need to ride it. Fixed link
  12. One small thing I noticed was in this image, they list it as the National Air and Space Museum, but it's the Udvar-Hazy Center. Side note, It amazes me that the attendance at the UH Center isn't higher, Its way better than the Air & Space museum on the national mall and the best of the Smithsonian Museums IMO.
  13. Praise be, the world can always use more chickies.
  14. The park has a 75t Height Limit, Is on 70 acres, and according to Six Flags 2006 Reports- Has less than 5 million people within 100 miles. Where's the Potential? 100 miles? What an arbitrary distance. Within 170 miles you hit both Portland and Vancouver. That's another 5 million. It's still a small park with a low height limit 170 miles is a lot more than 100 miles. It's also over 3 hours away from Vancouver and almost 3 from Portland - which is out of day-trip range imo. It's too far out to be in market for wild waves.
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