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  1. Looks like a great steel coaster to me. Also looks pretty different from other RMCs. The focus is more on speed and twisty elements than it is on nonstop airtime.
  2. I might just have been lucky, but in the last two years I'd say, I've been to La Ronde several times where the lines were fairly manageable even on days where I expected crowds. However it is probable that there will be more people on a Wednesday, especially in the evening, as it's a fireworks day. It is also true that if you go right at the opening you will have to wait in line for a while to get in the park, so unless you're pressed by time or really want to spend a lot of time at the park I would suggest you to wait one or two hours after opening to go. If you have at least a Platinum membership you don't have to wait in that line as you can go through the membership entrance. I learned this when I went in May, and it REALLY helps as you get a good couple hours of no lines before all the regular pass holders and ticket people come in. I visited earlier this season and queued up in the absolutely massive regular line, until I noticed there was a membership entrance that didn't have a single soul in it. So that definitely saved a lot of time. I just have the regular gold+ membership, and they let me through.
  3. All of that plus the faucets don't come out far enough so you have to like touch the sink to even get the water on your hands. Definitely weird.
  4. Thanks. My actual 400 was Cosmic Coaster at Worlds of Fun. Shameless, I know.
  5. After a 9 day long, 6 park trip through the Mid West that got me over 400, the most recent coaster in my count is Underground at Adventureland.
  6. Oh my. How dare you! I got 10 laps on Voyage over the weekend after having not ridden it in 11 years. And it was simply incredible. It goes straight back up into my top 10, and it's my #1 wooden coaster now. The double downs, the tunnels, the length, the setting, the out of control feeling without being rough. The front is fun, but the back of the train is where it's at.
  7. My top 25: Although, as I look at it now, there's already changes I would make. That's just how this goes. I have to say I'm super impressed in how the results turned out. I think this method / algorithm works well. Steel Vengeance RMC Intimidator 305 Intamin Twisted Colossus RMC Skyrush Intamin El Toro Intamin Maverick Intamin Twisted Timbers RMC New Texas Giant RMC Mako B&M Voyage GG Leviathan B&M Mystic Timbers GCI Millennium Force Intamin Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts Ravine Flyer II GG Diamondback B&M Superman the Ride Intamin GhostRider CCI Montu B&M Tatsu B&M Kumba B&M Storm Runner Manta B&M Raptor B&M Phantom's Revenge Morgan
  8. Looks like Firebird will have a soft opening May 3-5, with diamond and diamond elite members given "priority access" from 10-3, and other members able to ride from 3p on.
  9. This. A thousand million times this. There could at the very minimum be a zippered shorts or jacket exception. But parks will often simply cater to the lowest common denominator.
  10. Interesting that Kings Dominion is trying hard to accommodate people who want their phones in line.
  11. I don't find Dominator to be rough at all. I usually keep my hands on the arm rests, and it's perfectly smooth and rerideable.
  12. I'm not familiar with this rumor, but when I walked by I didn't notice anything going on there.
  13. The top of the sign, the "fire bird," if you will, is outfitted with LEDs. Also, according to someone on the internet, the yellow of the track's spine is getting another coat of paint, which will be a darker yellow.
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