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  1. For those who love Katapul (old Thunder Looper Alton Towers), some pictures of her getting the theme of Superman: The area Aribabiba is getting the theme of Justice League, that should open in late August/2012. The area Infantasia finished with the theme of new Looney Tunes: More info n' pictures: http://www.hopiharimania.com
  2. Awesome! The next trip report will be the parks of Brasil! haha
  3. Photos of the area premiere of Looney Tunes Show only to guests in January. Infantasia Theme Area - Looney Tunes Show Lokolorê Snack bar - Snacks do Gaguinho Dispenkito da Vovó Trakitanas Studio Shopi (Store) Snack Klapi Klapi Looney Tunes Show (Theater) Klapi Klapi Looney Tunes Show (Theater) Klapi Klapi Looney Tunes Show (Theater) Klapi Klapi Looney Tunes Show (Theater) Missing some finishes in the area, but everything is being completed in time. Aribabiba The area that will receive the Justice League characters
  4. New pictures of roller coaster 10 inversions of Hopi Hari Theme Park, Brazil. Source: www.portalhopiharimania.blogspot.com
  5. On last Friday , 16, came the first pieces of the new roller coaster inversions of the 10 Hopi Hari. With a top speed of 52.8 mph, it has a route length of 2870' 9" and 2'20. Only it is being invested $ 25 million (R$ 50 million). The Hopi Hari is the first park in the world to feature the new version of roller coaster inversions of ten. The attraction is scheduled to launch in Abril/2012. Source: www.portalhopiharimania.blogspot.com
  6. Hi guys! In March, the Hopi Hari released a 10-year contract with Warner Bros. Consumer Products which provided a new area of Looney Tunes (substitutions the theme of Sesame Street) and also an area of ??the Justice League and a space with the theme of Penelope Pitstop. Two months ago began the work in both areas, Infantasia (later to receive the Looney Tunes theme) and Aribabiba that will receive the theme of the Justice League). Scheduled for opening in December, the area of Looney Tunes is being finalized. While the area of the Justice League started the works for a short time and w
  7. Fábio, great pictures! Your trip report is awesome. It is amazing what we have here in Brazil, is well worth knowing. I could never go to the park, only city of Sao Paulo (Hopi Hari Theme Park, Playcenter etc). But I'm scheduling my trip to Santa Catarina in the end of the year. haha We want the TPR in Brazil!
  8. Not! The 12 inversions will be in Wild West, one of five thematic areas of Hopi Hari. The Justice League character will stay in Aribabiba - another area of the park. There rumors (only rumors) that he had a "Bizarro" or one Zac Spin, for Intamin.
  9. Hopi Hari, a Brasilian amusement park, is planning to introduce a new rollercoaster ride, keeping in mind the World Cup of Soccer of 2014 in Brasil. It will be a record breaking multiloop coaster of Intamin, with 12 inversions. 12 times upside down! The current word record of inversions on a roller coaster is set to 10. Both Colossus in Thorpe Park as 10 Inversion Coaster in the Chinese amusement park Chimelong Paradise have an Intamin ten-looper model. Eejanaika and X2 are also being mentioned inside the Guiness Book of Records with 14 inversions, but this is because during the ride
  10. Good photos! That's cool, made ​​me very miss. I'm from Brazil and I was in Orlando in January and unfortunately these shows had not happened overnight. Too perfect. I can not wait to go again!
  11. Yes, it was a partnership with Schwarzkopfs Playcenter and where they brought the first Double Looping model for the park. It's getting two years and was quite successful, she was called Colossus. Landmark and we miss her. But it was soon replaced by Looping Star, which is the delight of many today.
  12. In park here in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is another roller coaster of Schwarzkopf. It is the Looping Star, and she is in the Playcenter Amusement Park. If you want to see a picture of it, here's the link: http://bit.ly/iVYqLz.The same has been newly renovated. (:
  13. Thank you! Already finished hosting the photos here on the site! : D
  14. Today we had a great news! From the 'Hora do Horror' (Time of Horror), the horror event that happens in the park, Montezum, will return to operate with 5 cars in two trains as before. It will give even more to feel the "air-times" the roller coaster. The Evolution is a much larger cycle. They are returning four for each side, depending on the size of the queue, the operator leaves even more time. Now we'll wait for news, new attractions, new areas of the Looney Tunes and Justice League and the long-awaited new roller coaster! : D
  15. Hi folks, I'm creating this topic to make a little on the Hopi Hari, the second largest theme park in America Latin, located in Brazil. I'm Brazilian and I live in downtown São Paulo, 50 minutes from the park. I have the passport Annual (That's the same access as often as you want for one year) and then go several times. There is no topic to date, 2011, talking about the Hopi Hari, the current situations and so on. Hopi Hari is in the town of Vinhedo, São Paulo. The park has an area of ​​720 thousand m², with 58 attractions divided into five thematic areas, which are:
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