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  1. ^SFDK is very hit or miss. Lately the park operations have been more on the miss side, but I am glad you caught the park on a good day. It is so relieving to hear that Joker is back on two trains. With that news, I may need to try to make one more trip up to Vallejo before the craziness of Fright Fest starts.
  2. I just got back from the park. Does anyone know why The Flash (V2) has not been open? It was open for a few weeks if I recall but has been closed for the last month. Joker is still on one-train ops. It is unacceptable for Six Flags to be running their marquee attraction at SFDK this way in the middle of peak season. I would not be surprised if the ride will just permanently run on one train at this point.
  3. ^To your last paragraph, I say they get rid of Kong and free up that space for a Gravity Group wooden coaster or (if they wanted another upside down roller coaster) a Gerstlauer Infinity coaster. However, that may be too much to ask for from Six Flags to add to SFDK. In my opinion, it just seems that Six Flags treats the park as the lower tier of their parks with SF America and SF St Louis.
  4. I went to Knotts on Monday and I was pleasantly surprised to see Ghostrider running. The website said it was scheduled to be closed on weekdays in May before Memorial Day. I was expecting not to get any rides on it and I was very disappointed since I made a road trip from Santa Cruz to get to Knotts before the summer crowds hit (my first visit in a few years). When I arrived to the parking lot, I saw Ghostrider testing which got me hopeful. Then I was elated that as I walked in the entrance, the queue line was open! There was a two train wait max for it all day which was incredible. Got four a
  5. I’m heading to SFMM next Thursday. It would be a really sad day if Twisted Colossus was closed as I am reading above. I haven’t been to Magic Mountain in almost eight years and I was really looking forward to riding TC for the first time. :/
  6. I may make a trip tonight to check out Winterfest. How are the crowds for Winterfest typically? Should I expect to wait an hour or so for the big three: Goldstriker, Railblazer, and Flight Deck? Sorry I have been posting so much here lately. Just getting back into the enthusiast scene and I am new to NorCal and the parks here. I appreciate all your guys’ help. UPDATE 12/2: So I ended up breaking down and got a Fast Lane wristband. They were only $42 after fees and I wanted to finally get some good rides on Railblazer without worrying about the long, slow-moving lines that it always get
  7. Thanks! I used it for one of my three rides on Railblazer today, but the last time I was going to ride it, the CGA employee at the front told me “we don’t do that” and turned me away. The line must have been two hours long at that point. Do they shut down single rider line when the standby line gets too long? It was pretty disappointing to say the least since I did single rider earlier that day when the standby was lengthy. CGA needs to stick with one policy or another. Besides that, I had a great day of riding coasters. Got on everything except for Grizzly and Psycho Mouse, which are jus
  8. Just a clarification, does Railblazer for sure have a single rider line? I am going to the park by myself tomorrow and I would like to take advantage of that. I heard you just go through the Fast Lane, is that correct?
  9. I went to the park today. It was my second time this year but the last time I went in May, Railblazer was not open yet. My main goals were to get on Railblazer for the first time and to process my gold pass. I got four rides total on Railblazer. It did not disappoint, especially my first ride on it. Non-stop intensity and positive/negative g's. The second and fourth times I rode it, I got a really bad Charley Horse in my leg. I am not sure if it was from putting my hands up, or slouching in the seats to accommodate the restraints. I am just above average height-wise, yet I still felt uncomfort
  10. Thank you for the response! I do not mind shows and some flat rides being closed. As long as I could get on Gold Striker and Flight Deck (possibly many times because it will be a pre-summer weekday), I will be totally content! UPDATE: I went to the park today. Again, first time ever, so it was a blast getting to experience Flight Deck and Gold Striker for the first time. I rode Flight Deck seven times and Gold Striker five times. I got a few rides on The Demon and Patriot, as well as one ride on Psycho Mouse and Drop Tower: Scream Zone. As expected, Flight Deck and Gold Striker kicked seri
  11. Hello there! I am heading to CGA for the first time ever tomorrow. Since it is a Thursday, the website said that there would be "intermittent limited operation" on rides. What does this usually mean? Are at least all of the major attractions going to be open?
  12. Thank you for your help! I bit the bullet and decided to go to SFDK today. First time! I will let you know how my trip goes! UPDATE: It ended up being a good day overall! All the major rides were operating, besides V2 being down for about an hour (I've heard that happens quite a bit). The park was absolutely dead for the first three hours. I guess everyone was sleeping in from their NYE gatherings last night, despite the park opening at 11:00 AM. The longest I waited for a ride was a two train wait for The Joker toward the end of the day. I got multiple rides on The Joker, Superman, V
  13. Thank you for the quick responses. I may end up getting the season pass since I do spend time down in SoCal and I may do a trip to Magic Mountain. I do plan on flying solo on my trip to SFDK so the group of four discount will not apply. The park is open such a short window of time (10:30 AM - 6 PM) and I am going to do all I can to avoid eating in the park (probably means an early lunch). If either The Joker or Medusa are not operating, I am not even going to bother making the trip. Have those rides been consistently running even during the winter season?
  14. Hey guys, it has been a long time since I have posted. I am new to Northern California and I was thinking about making a trip to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom this Monday (New Years Day). I have never been to SFDK before and I am just wondering what I should be expecting in terms of rides operating (or not operating) and crowds? Just seeing if it is worth shelling out $90 for a day ticket and parking as well as a nearly 2 hour trip from the Santa Cruz area. Thanks for your help!
  15. I'm heading up to SFMM today and I have literally not gotten one hour of sleep tonight! lol This will be interesting riding the roller coasters while being sleep deprived.
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