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  1. I bought tickets during the flash sale last week that have to be used this week. Worked out well as I am moving out of the DC area on Saturday so this will be my last convenient chance to make the drive down to KD. Does TT generally run in bad weather? The forecast this week is pretty ugly, so I'm trying to pick the best day to come down and get my first RMC rides in. I don't care about getting rained on, but I would be bummed to get there and not be able to ride TT...
  2. If you would really prefer to rent a car, create a free account with USAA. You do not need to be in the military to create an account and use their travel perks. One of the travel deals is a car rental discount with a waived under 25 drivers fee, waived extra driver fee, and some other benefits.
  3. Thanks for the input. I didn't realize schools got out so early down there. I think we'll pick one of he weekdays and avoid the holiday weekend crowds.
  4. I'm planning to make a trip down to KD sometime next week to check out TT and get my yearly I305 laps in. Do you think it would be better to go on Monday (Memorial Day) when the park is open until 11:00pm or during the week when the park is only open until 6:00pm? I'm leaning towards during the week but that's a long drive for a short day. And when do area schools get out for summer break? Thanks, can't wait to ride my first RMC!!
  5. This is super random and a long shot that any of you will know what I'm talking about, but...Shortly after El Toro opened there was filming done for I believe a Japanese TV show. Do any of you happen to have the final episode that came from that filming or a link to any of the footage online? This just randomly popped in to my head recently and I realized I never was able to track down that footage back then. Thanks!
  6. Two things that these teasers have made me think: Rattle the windows makes me think of a station fly-through. The station building for Hurler was pretty huge so maybe they will use some of that space to fly through, coming in and/or out of themed shattered windows. And every time I see the "⊥T" it makes me think of the interlocking stalls on Twisted Colossus. I know it's extremely unlikely to see a similar element on this coaster since it's not racing but that is what I see when I look at the ⊥T.
  7. I will be in San Diego next week with a friend and we are considering coming up to MM for a day. I have a season pass from GAdv. What is our best option for purchasing one ticket for my friend? Are there any discounts for pass holders from other parks? Thanks!
  8. Any chance we see the first turn use an adapted version of the outward bank on Wildfire or the wave turn on Lighting Rod?
  9. When I was at the park last Wednesday there were two guys working on Hurler on the structure. They were on the hill closest to the road. The only equipment I saw was a bucket truck but that wasn't being used. It looked like a ton of the demolition phase has already been completed. We may see new supports and maybe even track go up pretty soon. And, bumping this just because I'm so curious as to why they would need to do this...
  10. I saw something interesting at I305 today that I'm hoping someone here can explain. A train was boarded and they proceeded to check the restraints. I'm guessing some error was being given so the ride ops had the restraints rechecked several times. They then had everyone get out and get back in the line. That train was sent around empty. They then loaded the riders into the next train but made an announcement that they had to sit on the opposite side from where they were originally sat. If you had been on the left, now sit on the right and vice versa. After several checks of the restraints that train was sent out. The empty train came around and the next riders boarded without issue. I've seen a lot of technical difficulties, block resets, restraint resets etc. This was the first I've seen where they had everyone on the train switch sides. Is it a weight/balance issue? Are the restraints on one side larger and they needed to accommodate a larger guest but didn't want to single them out individually?
  11. That turned out pretty good. Will you be able to do a video walk through of your haunt once you have it all up?
  12. Ah ok, I didn't actually read through that page very closely I guess. Just used it to show you what it looks like. If you have a way to "charge" the glow in the dark paint and it holds the charge for a while it should work fine. As for actor tips, sure. These are all pretty basic but you should definitely check out the HauntWorld forums for more in depth discussions on this stuff. 1. Don't touch the guests 2. Along those lines, be cognizant of their personal space and yours. When people get started they react in a bunch of different ways. One of those ways might be swinging. 3. With your budget, time, and space constraints you'll be relying heavily on startle scares. Noise helps. If you can get a good screamer that works but there are other (and arguably better) ways to make noise to startle. If they are screaming, advise them to have plenty of water and throat lozenges as it can get pretty irritating. 4. Stay in character and be ready. There will be gaps between groups but nothing will ruin the atmosphere for the guests more than if they walk through and see two of your actors talking about the football game. I'm not saying that they need to talk to each other in a creepy voice, just be aware of where the guests are and don't let them see or hear any non-scary talk. 5. Blend in to your surroundings. This will be really easy for the person in the mask if you end up doing that. Just be super still until you're ready to jump out. 6. Teamwork. It is super easy to scare people when you have one actor distract and another scare. Use misdirection. Work tegether to figure out what works best in the space you have. 7. Have fun. If your actors aren't having fun it will definitely show.
  13. ^Yes, glow in the dark paint on the masks makes for a cool effect as well. I think the last link I included above shows what it looks like with glow in the dark paint.
  14. I've worked on or for haunts at the high school, college, and professional level. I designed and built one room for a college haunted house on a very low budget. Basically you need to use darkness to your advantage. Black cloth/sheeting, dark costumes, minimal but effective lighting, etc. Don't expect to be able to build a serious multi-room haunted house on a budget though. Aim for a one room 60 second type of thing. One super effective scare is to get a bunch of masks, like these for example: https://www.amazon.com/Design-Your-White-Face-Masks/dp/B00BAD2F0O Hang them along both sides of a corridor where the walls are black. Use the black sheets or cloth to make the walls. Then have one person wearing one of the masks, dressed in all black, who jumps at the people walking by. The effect is easy but gets good scares. Here is a good description of this with pictures: http://mizerella.blogspot.com/2011/01/13-black-light-mask-room.html Basically, don't expect greatness but don't let that stop you from trying. Have fun and learn from the experience. I'd love nothing more then for you to manage to make a really successful attraction and prove us all wrong.
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