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  1. Chat room is up for tonight's show! http://www.blogtalkradio.com/FlashChat/Chat.aspx?cohost=y&HostUserURL=In-the-Loop
  2. Ryan... I just want to say I am sorry. I am sorry for all the text messages you may have received due to Robb being on In the Loop. With that said, Robb is going to be on In the Loop Monday! Ryan, again I am sorry for all the text messages you may get after this Mondays show. Oh and a picture I took just for you in Orlando! It had a copy of BTTF 1 on the dash board!
  3. Super cool!! My home park!! Cant Believe it!!! I did get some video of the park today.[/coastertube]
  4. Just got back from the park and they are loading up the supports on trucks and they are leaving the parking lot. Kinda crazy stuff. Herd lots of rumors, and am not sure how much I beleave them. I did get some pictures and video from the park.
  5. I had the camera so I don't think the slide would work well. Also the site has some stuff on it but its very vague as to whats going in.. other then a roller coaster.
  6. This gives you an overview of whats going on in the parking lot and site.
  7. The wood is to put the supports and track on so the paint does not get scratched.
  8. http://www.kdfansite.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=53 Just got back from KD. There were some other coaster geeks like my self out in the parking lot taking pics! Land clearing is really going fast. They are now working on an area behind rebel yell that you cant see from the tower. I got some shoots from Anaconda but still cant see all that well. The Anaconda employees were joking around that they are putting the monster rider from Geauga Lake there. Also trip down to KD is reported on my twitter page so if the track is there, the twitter will be the first to know! Also also... lol Kings Dominion said today that they will be doing specials all summer long via there twitter. So if you follow them and you get an update that says "Ice Cream at the (name here) is only $2.00 today" you just say hey my twitter said its only $2.00 and thats what you get. www.twitter.com/coastercrew <-- for that track twitter! www.twitter.com/KingsDominionVA <-- Great stuff!
  9. LoL I wanted to go up and talk to them but PR and Security said NO. PR is giving the basic PR blurb of "We are concentrating on the 2009 season" and when asked about the parking lot they said "yeah the pot holes could use some attention". They did make it a point in saying that if I was to go film the "pot holes" I would have to stay back, or I would not be filming for long.
  10. Got some video yesterday and edited up a nice little video. I threw in a cool time laps shoot I took earlier this year.
  11. http://www.kdfansite.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=53 There are the pics
  12. As far as what I hear, everything will be open at the park. I did not think they would open the whole thing up. Also the cookies they had out today were awesome! Me being a fat guy I head a few here and there well I worked. In fact I think I am fatter then the guy they have playing Santa! I did get the video done. If you want to check out the show.
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