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  1. I have been on this roller coaster around 20 times, since it is only 45 minutes from my house, and there is NEVER a line. The back row is sick, there was so much airtime I seriously felt like I was going to fall out. When you come down, you hit the seat hard though. Has anyone else rode in the back row?
  2. I have been on it 3 times, including front and back, and this coaster is better than Kingda Ka. The airtime is INSANE, and it is sustained. The hill over Rolling Thunder is just pure and nothing else. I think Team Theme Park Review should organize a trip to Gadv and ride this. The lift hill is FASTER than Millenium Force.[/img]
  3. The park that Robb & Elissa visited with the mystical 4th Arrow hyper is getting an Intamin rocket called Zaturn for the 2006 season. http://www.rcdb.com/id3454.htm Yay!!!
  4. It is going to be a Monte Makaya clone. http://www.rcdb.com/id3448.htm
  5. When will we get a press release? The ride is supposed to come out in July. I am hoping before February. What elements do you think the ride will have? There is a rumor that it will have a zero-g roll.
  6. Yeah, Kingda Ka's queue was long like I said, but after the big breakdown, they made a new queue which is a straight path, then turn left into a set of 9 switchbacks and a path parallel to the launch track up a ramp, into the station. The overflow queue is a large set of switchbacks, under a tent with a large fan & a blaring radio. It's queue is kind of hidden , nestled in the trees behind the lockers. I hope they bring back the old queue because it was nicer. It was in between the launch track & the bunny-hop, and it gave a good view of trains cresting the tower. Superman: Ultimate Flight's queue is nice, too. It is underneath the ride so it is very photogenic. By the way, does anyone know anything about Riddler's Revenge's queue or Goliath's queue at Six Flags Magic Mountain?
  7. Twisted Track, if you go on coasterimage.com, and go to Special Features, they have a section called "Dueling Dragons Queue" and it has tons of pictures. Here is a link. http://coasterimage.com/features/duelingdragonsqueue/index.htm
  8. Wow, I have never seen Talon with a full queue. Also, X has a very big queue. Batman: The Ride queues are nice, too. They are pretty big, also. The biggest queue I have seen is Kingda Ka. It's queue is twice as long as Dragster. First, there is a long straight path, then you turn left, go under the launch track, & 3 huge sets of switchbacks (only one is covered), then a straight path and stairs going into the station. It has vending machines, and some African music. It also has mist fans. At SFGAdv, that's the nicest queue to wait in.
  9. People do the circle thing on Nitro sometimes. Zonga's queue does make me pretty dizzy.You know what I have noticed. Cedar Fair is like obsessed with switchbacks. At Dorney Park & Cedar Point, every single coaster queue has switchbacks. Talon, TTD, MF, & Mantis's queue are all ONLY switchbacks. Raptor is just a straight path and then a huge set of switchbacks.
  10. Thanks COOOOLkid, wow so Scream! is just a straight line up stairs into the station. Does anyone know about X's queue?
  11. Yeah, those are some nice queues. Does anyone happen to have pictures of Scream at SFMM's queue. If you don't have pictures, can you describe it. Thanks.
  12. Wow, did you know that the line was 5.5 hours before you got in line. It must have been BORING in switchbacks for 5+ hours. The most I've ever waited was just over 2 hours for Kingda Ka. I love that ride. I wish it had lapbars like TTD, though.
  13. Here are 2 direct links: http://experiencethepoint.com/gallery/images/md1/imageviewerp.asp?img=P1010042 http://experiencethepoint.com/gallery/images/md2/imageviewerp.aspimg=IMAG00221
  14. Thanks for the welcome! TTD's queue is a huge mass of switchbacks in the infield. You enter from under the launch track and then it is switchback after switchback until finally there is a ramp into the station. You can find some pictures of it's queue on experiencethepoint.com. I hope that helps.
  15. Hi. This is my first post. My name is Neil, and my home park is Six Flags Great Adventure. I love coasters and I am also interested in coaster queues. I know, I am weird. Does anyone have any pics or descriptions of some queues from SFMM or Six Flags Great America? I would love to hear from someone. Everyone here seems like a great bunch of people. So, hi everybody.
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