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  1. ^ The new castle projection show is VERY similar to Shanghai's to the extent that a lot of the scenes are pretty much exactly the same. As a result the new show doesn't really match up with the "shape" of the castle and it feels like a real step down from the last show. Dreams was custom made for DLP's 20th and really used the castle's shape and size to add to the show. It was MUCH better than the current 25th anniversary Illuminations show. I was so disappointed when I saw the new one this year.
  2. Who? I really think that all future trips to China I take will be short addons to longer Asian adventures. It was so nice being there knowing we had somewhere nicer to go next!
  3. Alright, let's see if I remember how to do this... It's been a while, folks! My theme park visits haven't been so frequent in recent years but the opening of Shanghai Disneyland last year had me desperate to figure out a way to get over there and see it for myself. So in March this year my girlfriend, Paula and I hopped on over to Shanghai for a few days to check out the new Disney resort and see if it was as cool as the reports and photos made it out to be. I should probably add the disclaimer up front that I visited China back in 2012 on TPR's awesome China tour and while that trip was
  4. The entire purpose of EPCOT was to be a fulling functioning city with 20,000 people living in it. It's not as if they were ever staying true to the original vision of the place even with the educational focus. The education focused mantra of the 1980s just isn't sustainable today. Disney need to keep evolving their parks to keep the majority of their paying customers coming back - IP is the way to do that in today's day and age. From everything I've seen of the Frozen section in Norway they've done a really great job of marrying up the IP with the country, surely it's a win for everyone
  5. Sadly, the only thing surprising about this is that it happened on the invert and not Tornado.
  6. If the Florida version is being left alone then I'm totally fine with this retheme. I also imagine that if DCA never had a Tower of Terror in the first place and it was announced that a Guardians of the Galaxy ride was being built in DCA using the ToT ride system then everyone would be ecstatic. I prefer to have as many different experiences between all the Disney parks of the world so if they want to try and differentiate this version from the more superior Florida ride I'm all for it (although if they wanted to add Shiriki I wouldn't complain too much either). With the short windo
  7. So I just visited the park last weekend. Overall I was pleasantly surprised with the park. Everything looks new and fresh. It's clear that they're really just getting started turning this park into something. The place has the vibe of one of those small Scandinavain parks what with all the ziplines, climbing walls, ropes courses and all that. The factory tour is cool, though nothing on the level of what you would see at a Hershey Park or even Cadbury Land. With the coaster... I'm glad I got to ride it in it's opening year. There are a few bits of floater air throughout but overall i
  8. I think the real shock is Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios Paris dropping a further 4.7% (after a 6.9% drop the previous year) despite a recovering economy and the opening of Ratatouille. The rest of the big European parks saw decent increases in attendance so it's got to be a little concerning that Disney is falling while the others are increasing. Of course, outwith Europe Disney is really looking fantastic and I guess these numbers goes to show that Universal's heavy investment strategy is really paying off in visitor numbers at least.
  9. Yeah, I won't miss Storm Rider at all. Has there been a movie responsible for more rethemes/unique attractions as Finding Nemo? Disney really have been able to put that IP to use in a hell of a lot of ways.
  10. If you haven't had the chance to ride StormRider in DisneySea yet, you better do it soon because Nemo and friends are taking over in 2017! Oriental Land Company just announced a new Finding Nemo simulator ride for Tokyo DisneySea! Submarine appearing in the story presented in the attraction. Artist concept only. The interior of the cabin. Artist concept only.
  11. Oh wow - Nintendo and Universal have signed a deal to bring Nintendo characters and rides into Universal parks! How exciting is this?! Press Release on Business Wire
  12. ^ I wonder if Pixar's The Good Dinosaur is a hit we might see an update of the Dinoland area to get rid of the carnival stuff and reflect the movie. Really looking forward to the Hollywood Studios redux announcement, when I was there last month it really hit home how little there is to do in that park now.
  13. Natalie White against Russell in Samoa?
  14. ^ My photo was taken October 14th. Glad to see they've cleaned it up! Hopefully they continue and move on to Frontierland next! Thanks for the responses, everyone!
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