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  1. that turn after the loops... genuinely felt like I received a karate chop to the neck from Bruce Lee
  2. the invert was my first ride of the day (I only thought of you guys after my 5th ride... ) and for what it was, it was pretty fun. That first hill pulled some decent G's, so I was pretty pleased with it. Otherwise, the rest of it was tame and, even though I rarely hold on to the restraints on rides, I was gripping onto dear life for those coasters - they really have some strong lats and ineefective banking...
  3. I've not heard of one in the UK, not sure about the rest of Europe. I personally thought this ride is like the Zipper rides - US only haha
  4. That is correct, up until 2006 (RCDB). I have heard nothing but horror stories about this ride! Have another: the turn right after the loops jerks so much you can see everyones heads jerk in the movement. From the back row, it looked and felt like the coaster in FD3 haha
  5. I've no idea - this is the first and probably the last time I go to the park lol
  6. Hey gang, So it's been a while since I was last on here, but if times haven't changed y'all still like a good trip review, right? To begin with, I'm usually based in London (UK), but I've been shipped off to Edinburgh with work the last 6 weeks. I decided that, seeing as I was spending so much time up here, I'd take a weekend to explore the area rather than work my butt off. After a tiny bit of research, I discovered Scotland has it's own theme park a few miles away! So off, I went on a freezing cold, cloudy morning that'd make The North from GoT seem warm. I had no idea where I was going, so going alone was probably not the best idea. I managed to make it within an hour of the park opening, so I was pretty happy. It also suddenly got sunny and warm, so I braved the water rides too! The park isn't as much a theme park as a Rollercoaster Tycoon 1 creation I used to make as a teenager - the rides are all bog standard off-the-shelf style rides with absolutely no theming bar the odd strip light here and there. The queues for the rides were roughly 20 minutes, and all roller coasters operated one train. It was surreal and so laid back - they didn't care if the train had empty seats or anything - it was a world away from Alton Towers and Thorpe Park! Anywho, on with the pictures! First ride of the day - Pinfari Invert. The first drop was better than expected and overall a fairly fun ride. Brake run was pretty harsh though Second ride was the classic Magic Carpet. After being on Quantum at Thorpe Park I was dreading this, but this one was really smooth and I kept losing my stomach before the ride moved Third ride was this awful contraption. This was another Pinfari and I was surprised to see the height restriction. The warning said "fast and furious" - they weren't wrong about the furious bit. Fairly sure this is why I have a headache 3 days later Best bit was sitting at the back and being yanked through these loops - so much g-force! Third ride was this awful contraption. This was another Pinfari and I was surprised to see the height restriction. The warning said "fast and furious" - they weren't wrong about the furious bit. Fairly sure this is why I have a headache 3 days later After getting battered and bruised, I decided that a nice water slide would be the next best bet. Got through all of these in about an hour *dies* As I was wet already, I decided I could just get the wet rides over and done with. Got an entire log on Log Flume 1 to myself As I was now thoroughly wet and cold, I decided to go to Amazonia, their indoor tropical paradise! *incoming animal overload* Couldn't get a clear picture, but this parrot was trying to be spiderman After drying off, I tried to get on this. It broke down soon after. Missed out on a credit Decided to go on this instead. These coasters really throw you about a lot. I've never had to brace so much my entire life! Nowhere near completed yet :c Teeeny advert for a Europe's First. Wonder why they're not bragging so much about it. Have a feeling this is like one of the thrill rides from RCT3 Classic ride galore! Even had a kiddie credit! (I didn't go on - I got weird looks for taking a photo...) Tiny little freefall ride Here's their Giant Wheel. You could spin the pods as quick as you wanted. Queue for this was massive though So photogenic (and big!) Another classic ride - Dodgems! Queue for this was pretty hefty too Bonus prize: hidden classic carousel!
  7. I've got a few... I actually get clammy when on drop towers - I really really hate freefalling Also, my (female) mate said she swears she had an orgasm on a ride 'cos of the negative g's... :s
  8. I remember watching the simulated POV of this a few months back - looks like a really interesting ride
  9. went to a waterpark in Spain, and they had a freefall slide which hurt like mad, and this spiral bomber slide that basically made you crash into the walls as you went down. Wasn't fun >.< ^ ouch!
  10. doing Thorpe Park (UK) in 2 weekends time Will be my third time there this year
  11. granted: it is no longer mediocre; it's much, much worse. I wish I had Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough Ice Cream
  12. iguana (I have no idea where that came from...)
  13. Hey there! I'm James from London, UK and like absolutely everyone else here, I love theme parks and rollercoasters
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