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  1. Spotted today traveling through Ohio on I-75, heading northbound towards Canada! This was passing through Dayton, OH today. My roommate took this photo on his way to work, I asked if I could share here since he’s not a Redditor. I’m sure there will be many more like it over the next few weeks! B&M Track Heading to CW
  2. SAD NEWS GUYS! The ever so famous boat at CP is up in flames! Please take a moment of silence for this unfortunate tragedy. In all seriousness, I hope everyone is okay! Sandusky FD is responding to a fire at the CP Marina, reported in the last hour. Link to Video
  3. Stumbled across a couple aerial photos posted on Reddit, figured everyone here would love to see them! I did not take these. For the full album of other aerials not associated with CGA, CLICK HERE. Hes added a new one every few days, so he may add more. One thing to note, these were taken from a mounted camera under a airplane within FAA guidelines at around 1,400ft, not a drone. Credit: Michael E. aka "lensupthere" Twitter: https://twitter.com/lensupthere IG: https://www.instagram.com/lensupthere/ Website: www.skyimd.com HIGH RESOLUTION LINKS Gold Striker, CGA - 3.3MB 5000 × 3333 Patriot, CGA - 3.5MB 5000 × 3333 Demon, CGA Aerial - 3.9MB 2450 x 5286 Enjoy! Gold Striker Demon Patriot
  4. If this is true, it kind of surprises me there isn't a secondary safety system in place to prevent this type of harness failure. I know many enthusiast feel seat belts are not needed on harnessed rides, but the simple truth is they help prevent a full failure. And in this case it may have prevented the additional victims from falling out of their seats after the carriage fell from the ride.
  5. Took a couple shots from the train today, looks like we have a new inversion taking shape after the overbank in the structure. This is directly under the upward twist and ends at about were the old entrance use to be.
  6. In the defense of Magnum and the park, Magnum is smack dab in the middle of a construction zone at the moment. Many of the fences and gates around low-lying areas were likely missing for much of the off season, which made it impossible for the ride to be operated due to Cedar Points very strict lock-out procedures. Take that into consideration before laying fault on the park. Yes, they could notify guests ahead of time, but there are plenty of rides to ride elsewhere... They were running it on Sunday to ready it for inspection, since the state doesn't work on the weekends. It will likely be open next weekend.
  7. Kingda Ka can actually run 4 trains at once, they just choose to run a maximum of 3 because they're Six Flags and have only used 1 of the 4 available loading stations for years now. Now that Zumanjaro is attached to the ride, it's lowered capacity even further but they were only running 2-3 trains for years leading up to Zumanjaro. Dragster blows Kingda Ka away in that department. Rollbacks aren't overly common with people on the train. They generally happen first thing in the morning or right after a lengthy breakdown. Dragster can absolutely launch in cold weather (they probably don't run it below 40 degrees but that's rare at Cedar Point during their operating season) but it won't run in rain or high winds. It does have a higher wind threshold than something like Sky Ride or Windseeker though so it's very rare for Dragster to be down for an entire day due to wind. It's absolutely possible but not a major concern most of the time. Interestingly enough, there is some thought behind Dragster only running 5 of 6 trains during normal operation. When I worked there, the main reason was capacity. They found there was zero gain in capacity when adding the 6th train the the circuit. Eliminating the sixth train essentially cut down maintenance needed on trains and also left a spare to swap out when a train had to be removed. Another reason the remove the sixth is it cut down on idle time for riders waiting to exit the ride, improving guest comfort waiting to exit. They usually rotate the color that's idle for the season, you will notice it's usually the same color off track for the whole season unless another train needs a large repair.
  8. News of an accident involving Cornball Express from yesterday where a mechanic was struck by a moving train.
  9. Operations on Valravn are SOLID. I watched them several sub 60 second dispatches which is quite impressive for a dive coaster. Amazing crew, and amazing ops all around. One of the reasons I LOVE Cedar Point.
  10. Word on the street is the CP resorts are at capacity this weekend. Looks like we will see a Record breaking opening weekend for attendance! I don't think I have ever heard them selling out on Opening weekend, at least not in the last 10 years I've been visiting the park. When I worked there they typically sold out a few weekends in July and for Columbus day weekend, which we all know what those days are like... Oh well! I'm just excited it's coaster riding season again! Bravo Cedar Point in a winner of a ride, they really did a great job marketing it!
  11. A look at the completed Marina entrance and new midway under Valravn! The area looks VERY nice! Photos taken from The Sandusky Register.
  12. These pictures were excellent! Thank you for taking the time to capture the essence of the offseason and providing wonderfully composed photos. Maybe next year I'll get the chance to attend this event!
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