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  1. It is actually on a island that has a park and a biosphere as well so yes there is parking. However, if you want to save a few bucks on parking then I recommend parking at the biosphere and walking down to the park as it isn't too far. I'm not certain if the biosphere charges for parking, but a better idea might be to drive down to the Yellow Line MÄ“tro station at the Universite de Sherbrooke in Longueuil (south of the Island of Montreal), and just take the metro one stop to the Jean Drapeau station which has busses that take you right from the station to La Ronde. I'd also recommend getting the day pass for this, which will cost 9 dollars. However, if Biosphere parking is cheaper, then go for that.
  2. Hey, remember when the promo video came out months ago and it said "YOLO?" LOL, YOLO!!!
  3. Palais des Congres in Montreal LA City Hall is also awesome, except I'm biased cause I worked there over summer.
  4. Skinny Love - Bon Iver I love this band so much.
  5. Epic. No matter what you do, if you deal with the public, you'll have this problem. I drive a Transit bus. For anyone in the L.A. area, you would know that we have Local lines (All Stops) and Rapid lines (Major intersections). So I drive the 33 (Venice Blvd) which also has a Rapid route (733) so a lot of times I get asked "When does the 733 get here?" And I try to be as polite as possible in telling people I don't know where every single Metro bus is at every single moment of the day. Ayyyy, maybe I'll be on your bus one day! I take the 733 every once and a while (it goes right near my school). My rant? Babysitting my incredibly drunk friends at a party is no fun...but at least I prevented something bad from happening, so yay.
  6. I feel like the insane boost in attendance IOA received last year completely negates this argument...
  7. Montreal, Quebec! Such an interesting place with an amazing cultural scene and lots to do!
  8. Tie between Wild Eagle, Leviathan, and Manta. They all look bland.
  9. ^ From a public standpoint, you're not really supposed to notice those overhauls. They're put in place so that you don't notice how terrible an area looks. Blue paint on Batman isn't going to draw anyone to the park or make a member of the public stop to admire it, but chipping paint on it might deter people.
  10. I know that, but I'd say it's capacity would be about equal to a ride like Abismo, and probably the standard sky loop. They're pretty similar.
  11. There has to be at least one park with a Sky Loop that's as busy as SFDK, no?
  12. Marketa Irglova on Thursday night at the Troubadour. If anyone's ever seen Once or heard of The Swell Season, she's the woman from that. She was great, and she's absolutely adorable.
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