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  1. When I flew to Beijing in 2003 the Austrian Airlines A330 had this feature. Was pretty cool when landing (While looking out for the Great Wall too )
  2. I'll stick with Opera. The best browser by far.
  3. I was over there in 2003 for 2 weeks and I had my picture taken by locals about 50 times. When not having a picture taken you just get stared at. Felt like I was famous for 2 weeks lol. I guess since the Olympics and all the tourists it's calmed down a bit as it's getting more normal to see westerners now.
  4. Mutainyu section? If so I've been on that alpine coaster and it's awesome. Watch out for the random chinese on the mountain telling you to brake lol
  5. Looking forward to these updates. I spent a bit of time in Beijing in 2003 and really miss the place. Have fun
  6. I'd go with that. Although Grand National comes a very close second to the wild mouse. It's about time we actually got some new decent coasters around these parts. It's starting to get quite embarassing
  7. Brilliant trip report. I actually lol'd quite hard reading those captions
  8. Never thought that the place that I was born (Hucknall) would ever be on TPR lmao. Glad you enjoyed it. I used to go to the Goose Fair every year when I lived in Nottingham.
  9. Thanks for taking the time to post the pictures. Must get back to there next year
  10. My Call of Duty PC clan's site got hacked by a Turkish hacker about 2 months ago.
  11. That fair just looks truly awesome! The beer tent looks cool too
  12. I enjoyed the style of that trip report. Photos with a paragraph or two underneath. Looks like it was a good day. I will be there in 2 weeks for a weekend.
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