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  1. Not happy to hear Indiana Beach is closing! I enjoyed my visit with TPR back in 2010. Cornball Express was amazing - with surprising moments of airtime. Lost Coaster backwards was weird, random fun, as was Frankenstein's Castle. Loved the flats over the water. Rare Schwarzkopf Jet Star. Fascination parlor. And the setting was magic. I knew the park was going downhill even then but this is sad news nonetheless.
  2. Fantastic TR Andy. Love getting a glimpse into the beauty and history of the places you've visited. You can't do Europe without a bit of culture!
  3. Fantastic review (and photos) of Lightning Rod. I was lucky to get on this several times after travelling half way across the world. I thought it was daring of Dollywood to create something so extreme, but it fits in brilliantly with their top-notch line-ups of attractions.
  4. Cheers! Another GCI that got a bit rough - ah, well, maybe one day I'll get on this thing again.
  5. Random question all: Is Apocalypse running consistently (or at all?). Hasn't been open the last couple of times I've been at the park (years apart...) and I'm visiting in September. Not that I need the credit, but I did enjoy the ride in its opening year. Cheers!
  6. Great photos as always Andy! Love getting reviews of some of these quirky, out of the way parks.
  7. Lovely report! I also loved Superman and thought it had great airtime (but mostly in the front). Do they still have allocated seating at the Aussie parks? A definite policy downside... Sydney's Wild Mouse is pretty good but by all accounts didn't live up to Blackpool's version.
  8. This is a very respectable Six Flags park! I have an odd soft spot for The Boss - just a wild layout. Great selection of other rides too. Thanks for sharing!
  9. WOW, truly impressive, Disney have outdone themselves. Great photos as always guys!
  10. It's amazing how much this park has improved since the Six Flags days - what a turnaround! Looking forward to visiting in 2017.
  11. Very enjoyable TR, and I learned quite a bit along the way! Welcome back!
  12. Great TR Andy, and detailed as always! I think Dorney is a world-class park, but perhaps they are overshadowed by a number of truly awesome Pennsylvania parks nearby. Demon Drop truly terrified me!
  13. Great to see the progress. Big kudos to Six Flags from me for putting in the effort to revamp a classic in need of some love. Will definitely re-visit Magic Mountain in the next year for a ride.
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