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  1. One feature I was looking for and then discovered tonight is the ability to preview a post. There's a button for that on the editor toolbar. Another feature I was wondering about -- is there a way to save drafts like on the old forum?
  2. I usually edit down to 1800x1200 so that will be more than sufficient!
  3. The old forum software had that weird thing where the body of the post and the photo section were kind of separate entities, and arranging the post exactly the way you wanted it was awkward, especially if you wanted a few photos mixed in throughout the post. That is all much easier with the update -- just put the pictures and text wherever you want them. The old software also resized photos down to a width of 1200 pixels, and the new software keeps the dimensions larger. Just testing this out with a picture from an upcoming TR, totally unedited -- and the forum kept it a at 2400 width. No
  4. Great news. Whenever I get there again this thing should actually be open!
  5. Those are really cool. Coincidentally or not, it's sort of a Eurofighter thing, isn't it? Duinrell's got wood-painted supports on Falcon, which are also quite nice, but I've spent a lot of time in NH so I really like the birch version. The phone in the water made me chuckle.
  6. I think that means the splash goes out a distance of 287 feet, right? That's actually the one I'm most interested in, to be honest. I love the idea of water coasters, but I'm not sure any of the ones I've been on (Intamin or Mack) have really closed the deal for me. Maybe this will be the model that does it!
  7. It was just one thing after another, all day long, that didn't make sense. And I hate to speculate too much ... but if that was true to me as a guest, and true to you in your role as someone working with the park professionally, then what other aspects of their operations are they doing in nonsensical ways? Thanks! Yeah, if you're not a fan of lots of people in small enclosed spaces, that last room of the Hyperion queue is just not good. It's a concrete sardine tin. Your strategizing was great, and I was grateful for whatever advanced-degree calculus you were doing in your hea
  8. Thanks Chuck. I agree, the Napoleon cake ranks pretty high on the best things about Energylandia (the pierogies, too!) But can you do it while not being a viking? It was such a perfect cap on the day. Like, we'd seen so much "WTF" already, and then the Viking Show is cherry on top. It's kind of emblematic of the park as a whole, because it's such an incredible mishmash of theme and a failure to deliver on expectations. And yet, not a single one of us could deny ... there was plenty to look at. (ugh, Helix) But yeah, on Hyperion ... you've got it ranked sli
  9. It is so, so weird. And they have enough dragons at that park already, so a Zardoz-themed coaster would be kinda cool, except they'd have to use a knockoff Sean Connery. "Cohesive" is a great word ... for what Energylandia isn't. Thank you! (and also Garet!) Their autographed photo is probably already hanging up at the front gate.
  10. (pics, continued!) The RMF Dragon is laying eggs ... before it attacks the Swiss village. A two-coaster shot (Speed / RMF Dragon) ... with a cameo by Formula. "RMF" makes me think of that song by "EMF" because just about everything in Energylandia is unbelievable. RMF Dragon does a turn past the backdrop of the stunt car show. Oh, and they've got a whole water park, too! Not too many people over there on this ugly, cool day, though. Looking to the west, you can see the construction continuing near Dragon Zone. Just south of the Dragon Zone is the area where the new expansi
  11. After lunch, we decided to check out a show... What's on the schedule today? The Prince of Magic? The Western Show? The Fire Show? That one sounds interesting. The Viking Rock Show? Put a note on that one for later. I think we went with the generically-named "It's Show Time." Here's our host, telling jokes to the crowd before the show began. The theater was actually pretty much full. I don't know what all of this stuff is called so we'll go with "guy with yo-yo thing in front of glowing bald head." He sure yo-yo'd the heck out of that yo-yo. Feel free to correct me in t
  12. Tuesday, July 23, 2019 Day 12: Energylandia "There's just something kind of /off/ about the whole place." A quote from a tweet I sent the day after our visit to Energylandia in 2019. Looking back a year later, those words still resonate, well, fairly accurately. If you've read the other TRs from last year's trip, you know the basics -- a few top-tier coasters, an enormous collection of family/kiddie coasters, and a complete mish-mash of theming. I want to get into more of the details. For one, Energylandia is large. The park was about 50 acres even before the recent expansions, an
  13. 1) Millennium Force 2) Steel Vengeance 3) Top Thrill Dragster 4) Maverick 5) Raptor 6) Wicked Twister 7) Rougarou 8) Gemini 9) Blue Streak 10) Magnum 11) Pipe Scream 12) Valravn 13) Gatekeeper 14) Mine Ride 15) Iron Dragon 16) Corkscrew
  14. Meerkats, giraffes, and ... pig-cats? Europe really does has a bit of everything. You've got me missing Symbolica, Lech Coaster, and Untamed. Here's hoping we all get back there soon!
  15. I've been to Animal Kingdom 3 or 4 times since Primeval Whirl opened, and never got the credits. Always thought "eh, maybe next time, there are better things to do here."
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