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  1. I have definitely, absolutely, never seen a spinning mini-golf hole before. Now I have.
  2. Yep, nothing like it anywhere else I'm aware of. BGT, I guess, but that doesn't really compare. I like a good hike. Thanks!
  3. Alright, we've done animals, we've done kiddie coasters... ...we're all here for Wildfire. A beautiful ride sign for a beautiful coaster. You want some facts about Wildfire? We've got facts about Wildfire. I'm going to start with a few wide-angle shots from the last trip, just because I didn't get much of that in 2019. Here's a nice view from behind the lift. (photo from 2016) Looking up at Wildfire's imposing structure from the marine area. As coasters go, this one looks good. (photo from 2016) Heading down on that impressive first d
  4. We've still got some more animals to visit. There are camels of the bactrian variety. Here's one taking a stroll. I'm going to call these animals by their proper name -- the Turkmenian kulan. But, really, they kind of look like donkeys, right? The kulan is closely related to donkeys, but they are not exactly donkeys. I think it's close enough for the purposes of noting that for all the donkey stuff at TPR, I've never actually posted any donkey stuff myself. So, here you go. Theme parks, roller coasters, and ... well, it's so clos
  5. Kolmården pictures! The majority of these pictures are from our visit on July 27, 2019. As with some of the other TR segments, I'll mix in some shots from the 2016 trip (July 1) to fill in a few gaps. An introduction ... beginning with a cool sign at the entrance to the park/zoo. Our first stop -- lunch at the Restaurang Safari. Not a bad view for a lunch break. Trees towering high on a cliff. Speaking of things towering high... ...ah, Wildfire. But we'll get back to you in a bit. We're going to start with the animals. Red P
  6. Saturday, July 27, 2019 Day 16: Kolmården Kolmården is a zoo. It's a really big, really awesome zoo. It's the kind of place I'd gladly visit on my own while traveling. It's maybe not, however, the kind of place you'd expect to find written up in a trip report on a theme park forum. But you're reading this at TPR, so you've likely already heard of Kolmården, and it's because of the big coaster investment they made in 2016: Wildfire. Before we get to Wildfire, here's some background on the zoo. Kolmården Wildlife Park opened in 1965, and was taken over by Parks and Resorts Scandinavi
  7. Thanks for reading! I wish I was that well organized ... more like I was putting this one together and just said "eh, I have some 2016 stuff I can throw in too..."
  8. This makes the whole thing make a lot more sense and I feel like it is something I should have known in advance. That would require an excessively large box...
  9. Sunday, July 3, 2016 Gothenburg: Shelter Where Available The third and final segment in this post covers my adventures around the city of Gothenburg! Or, if you'd prefer, Göteborg. In 2016, Stockholm was the end-point of the TPR trip. I decided to travel from there to Gothenburg by train. Definitely an efficient and interesting way to travel. Not the easiest thing if you're lugging a full-size suitcase because packing light isn't in your vocabulary. I arrived in Gothenburg early in the afternoon on Sunday, July 3. Most of these pictures are from a very long walk around the cit
  10. Monday, July 4, 2016 Liseberg: The Kanonen Era Jumping back in time a few years... Liseberg was the last park I visited on my first European trip in 2016. It wasn't officially a part of the TPR trip, which ended in Stockholm, but several people made the journey over to Gothenburg after the trip had ended. A few went on Sunday the 3rd, but I went on the 4th, meeting up with Joe S for some late-night rides on Helix to close out the park. As I mentioned in the main TR for the 2019 visit, the park's two premier coasters were running quite differently on both of my visits. While Ba
  11. This next TR segment is basically three mini-reports combined into one. The first bit is from the 2019 trip, and the rest is a look back to my 2016 visit to Gothenburg. That should finish everything up from the west side of Sweden. Friday, July 26, 2019 Day 15 Continued: Liseberg Backstage Liseberg is a place of class, magnificence, and history. But one tradition stands above all the rest: scribbling your signature on the wooden supports of Balder. Following that essential event, Pontus Hallsberg took a few of us on a backstage tour of three of the park's coasters: Balder, Val
  12. The absolute first thing I thought of when I saw the thread title, before I even read a single post, was Six Flags Great America. I'm just gonna go with my first instinct on it. I feel like I can give some credit to parks like Kings Dominion, Carowinds, and even Energylandia, just because they each have a few really good coasters -- even though they also have a metric ton of junk.
  13. Re: Helix -- Yeah, absolutely give this thing another chance sometime. I was really surprised about the rattling, since I've never gotten that on a Mack before. Helix is still my favorite coaster at the park, but no doubt Balder was having a better day. Re: Caroline -- Holy crap them are fightin' words. @rubysparkles , what do you have to say for yourself??? You did get to the Universeum, though, which (from your TR) looked pretty cool. Literally since it was indoors on a hot day. If you liked that one hill, wait until the next TR update: there will be more hills
  14. NO! She does not! It's kind of crazy how I basically forgot how hot it was that day. 88°F at the airport on July 26, officially the hottest day in Gothenburg in 2019. Maybe I just like the heat.
  15. Dinner break! Sorry, just one picture from the outside of the restaurant. Just pretend we are eating delicious things. And now, back to the rides. Lisabanana! The station, the queue, everything -- this was all re-done between my visits. It looked good before, but it looks fantastic now. Looking up at the Lisebergbanan lift hill. They were dispatching trains on this thing with a Knoebels-like efficiency. These are new trains. Do you want to see what the old trains looked like? Stay tuned for the next TR segment.
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