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  1. I'm comfortable with some low-impact road trips with limited itineraries as it is, but vaccination will open up more ideas for me. And I usually go to Florida once a year so somehow I have to get there in 2021. I'm fairly pessimistic, though, about the idea of other countries letting us in any time soon. I don't have anything specific planned as of now but I am hoping to do a bunch of US-based travel in the second half of 2021. The "ideal" version would move Florida up from Sep/Oct to Apr/May, if things work out that I can get some needles in my arm by early spring.
  2. Thanks! Lech is definitely worth a trip back at some point. And it does have the more photogenic of the two in-station inversions. Oh, did they spin. I would have gotten a picture of the spinny thing in the middle of the cup, but yeah, other family in the cup with me so that was already awkward enough.
  3. I don't know the whole history behind the Kings Island Resort Hotel, but right now that land is owned by "Warren County Holdings LLC" -- a faceless company with a PO Box and no names attached. They purchased the property from "OHMI Investors LLC" in 2018. That's a whole lot of boring nothingness to basically say I have no clue who actually owns that property or what they're doing with it. On a similar note, it's interesting that the Camp Cedar property isn't owned by Cedar Fair. The plot is owned by "Kings 71 LLC" which appears to be related to Terra Firma Associates, who are mentioned as
  4. Guests of the new campground should have a great view of the rotting carcass of The Beach right across the freeway. Wonder if anything's ever going to happen with the big plot of land where the KI Resort and Conference Center used to be?
  5. I always try to capture the aesthetic of not just the park, but where it's located. Most parks in the US have pretty homogeneous surroundings, though you'll find the occasional oddball -- the arid mountains around SFMM, the surrounded-by-water feel at Cedar Point, or (lol) the graveyard at Little Amerricka. But in Europe, it's so much more varied. I don't disagree with the Eastern Bloc comment -- I definitely got that feel from some parts of the park and some of the older buildings nearby. However, both the park and the area around it have quite a bit of new development too, so change is on th
  6. More pics! Continuing with a loop through the park to check out some of the various flat rides. I mentioned in the TR that Dragon Wrestling Tournament was no longer. That's a shame. Mainly because it's one of the best names in a park full of awesome ride names. But also because ... this. This is amazing. RIP, Dragon Wrestling Tournament. (for those wondering, Dragon Wrestling Tournament was a Huss Flic Flac.) Next up on the way through the park -- Giant Water Pump. Giant Water Pump is an extremely small frisbee-type ride. I
  7. More pictures! ERT was complete, but we still had one more coaster to ride. Welcome to the Dream Hunters Society! It's ... a Galaxi. A very very pink Galaxi. Also, there's a random dragon thing, for whatever reason. As I recall, the run into the brakes was a little ... sudden. Colin is having the time of his life!!! So is Steve!!! Dreamflight Airlines was up next, and it's a Legendia original! These are the airplanes we'll be flying in today. It's a pleasant swing out over the park. A
  8. Pictures! We have arrived at Legendia! Wanted to show some scenes of the city outside the park. Bike path, train tracks. The view the other direction. The end of a rail line next to the park -- I think this line goes into the bigger Silesian Park that is adjacent to Legendia. Legendia flags... Legendia Coke machine... And this little guy, who I think is required posting for every TPR trip report on Legendia. Waiting at the front gate and just about to get into the park. Hi, Lech Coaster! Joa
  9. Wednesday, July 24, 2019 Day 13: Legendia Our second and final full day in Poland began with a drive west out of Krakow -- this time in a vehicle that was a little less refrigerated than the day before. Our destination: Legendia, a small theme park in the city of Chorzów, part of the Silesian Metropolis (and close to the larger city of Katowice). Legendia opened in 1959 under its original full name, Śląskie Wesołe Miasteczko. The park was originally more of a small city park, with less of a focus on amusement rides, but that changed over time. The biggest change came in 2015, when
  10. And if we're going to frame this discussion as an issue of "investment" or finance, Quimera is an old, portable, compact coaster, in less-than-perfect condition, from a park that no longer exists. Indiana Beach is probably picking it up for pennies on the dollar, even if it's going to require some refurb work. They get to add something thrilling at what I can only assume is a low financial risk. IB is exactly the kind of park that should be looking for this kind of opportunity.
  11. Well, that's a change. Montaña Rusa was rough and uncomfortable, but that layout should have been fun if they'd kept it in good shape. Given the park's new focus, I guess it's not surprising they opted just to scrap it. My first impression on the wheel is that 50m (164ft) is not particularly tall by modern observation wheel standards, but there's enough of a gradual increase in elevation from the downtown core to the center of Chapultepec Park (where La Feria is located) that it should be a nice view when looking into the city. It's a bit higher than the Castillo de Chapultepec elsew
  12. That's a great prediction and all, but it was made five hours after Indiana Beach announced the new coaster on Tuesday.
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