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  1. I loved getting lost in this report and pictures, as always. I'm guessing that once the two year lag time had passed from your 2016 trip, you were already planning the 2019 visit and just figured you'd save the pictures until now, nearly five years after they were taken! Happy to see those who included the date with their signature formatted it the right way! I would probably forget. I like the nicely padded chair for the operators - do other European parks do that?
  2. Conneaut says they intend to keep the The Devil's Den, Carousel, Blue Streak, and closest to my heart, the Tumble Bug, though it will be closed this season for refurb. Sounds like the right track to me!
  3. How much time and money did they throw at this joke (turn on subtitles)? I find it interesting that the Efteling YouTube channel has nearly 200k subscribers!
  4. Haha, you're right! Of course I would love to see the train completely refurbished, with the return of the fourth car and working headlights again! Let's dream! I just thought it was worth mentioning that the train does need a refresh... but yeah, I would be sad if they got rid of it. Whatever needs to be done to preserve the ride is fine by me! Sent from my SM-J737T1 using Tapatalk
  5. The trackwork they've done on the first three drops in the past five years has been impressive, and they were working on the lift hill pre-covid. It didn't seem like there was ever any new wood on the actual support structure, though. The train, on the other hand, didn't seem to have much visible work done to it. As much as I love the vintage look, it really needs replaced. Retrofit the original Vettel train? Yeah, right...
  6. Magic Mountain is planning to reopen April 1st! Six Flags is the last to announce but the first one to open!
  7. ^ It looks like Geauga Lake in 2008... so, basically abandoned?
  8. For those who didn't see it, pictures were posted this morning of lots of buildings with spray-painted Xs on them, obviously meaning they're slated for demolition. The park then posted this on their Facebook page: So yeah, Conneaut is still Conneaut. By the way, the building removals are all unattractive and run-down structures.
  9. Okay, I'm definitely not holding my breath for Guardians or Tron to open before October 1, 2022, then.
  10. I saw the Caterpillar at Idlewild but never rode it - still need to get to Canobie. I spent a half-day at Epcot in 2014 and didn't ride Universe of Energy. My first visit to Kings Dominion was a couple of days after Shockwave closed, which I would've liked to have ridden just to say I'd been on a Togo stand-up. These are weird ones but they mean something to me!
  11. That might be the Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in Oklahoma, which was known as White Water under Herschend. This is honestly quite the shock. I'm already thinking about how this park could change...
  12. Condos? The park's in the boondocks of PA. The rides are not on the lake like a boardwalk park, but the property does have some lakefront space.
  13. Knott's is giving passholders a "Day for Day Extension" in 2021. I wonder if we'll see any of the other Cedar Fair parks do something similar.
  14. The one time I entered the parking lot and saw it running, we sped to the upper-most parking lot, but there was no operator in sight once we got there.
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