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  1. Knott's is giving passholders a "Day for Day Extension" in 2021. I wonder if we'll see any of the other Cedar Fair parks do something similar.
  2. The one time I entered the parking lot and saw it running, we sped to the upper-most parking lot, but there was no operator in sight once we got there.
  3. Just like at Over Texas, I think that Great America may have leaked its plans for 2021!
  4. ^ Who cares about the kids when they could get another Schwarzkopf? https://coasternation.com/indiana-beach-to-get-new-coaster-in-2022-potentially-adding-kennywoods-former-laser-loop/?fbclid=IwAR2GBagx4v_dI8YOQPobelrO9nTqbnj0Zq8nXwW4iNWl0Pc-lYUEjNVDiAY So people are drawing the conclusion that the possible new coaster in 2022 could be the old Kennywood Laser Loop (Cascabel). That would literally be the most incredible thing, but I'll believe it when I see it.
  5. I highly doubt that, but the owner did mention that they want to add a second roller coaster in 2022. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=414930102976641
  6. Apparently they tried a free-admission Christmas event with just the carousel open as far as rides go for one year in the 90s, but it wasn't a success.
  7. Well, I mixed up the KI and KD threads, so here's a random picture I took this year of how full the parking lot was.
  8. Idlewild has stopped pass and ticket sales and is now waiting until "early 2021" to release ticket prices that "reflect the current conditions." I was honestly confused over why they released a calendar (with limited dates) so far in advance, so I guess this makes sense. If next year ends up like this year, though, I would definitely suggest making a visit to this small park before it's too late!
  9. They're running CraZanity and the carousel empty, and you get to drive through Scream at the end. Looks fun!
  10. I was at the park on that day, too. It was actually my first visit, and I couldn't have picked a better day to experience the desolation that is Six Flags America on a November Sunday. There's no way that they were making any money. In three hours, I got 20 rides on all of the coasters. The second train was already gone for most of the coasters. I think it's funny that they still needed to sanitize and run the train empty after three cycles even if only a combined 10 people had ridden it. Overall, I really enjoyed Wild One and the coasters in Gotham City. Batwing was my first flying
  11. These are some top-notch pictures. Great job! I'm disappointed that even though you mentioned the lame Jolly Rogers darkride, you didn't take a shot of the Trimper's Haunted House.
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