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  1. Black Widow is closed again, likely for the long haul
  2. Flying Witch is being removed. The current rumor is that it's going to Niagara Amusement Park.
  3. Holiday Lights is pretty fun this year! They're open for seven hours, and you can even ride the Jack Rabbits several times in a row if you come early. They're also running both trains on the miniature train most nights.
  4. Not just theme park fans... a lot of people in Pittsburgh REALLY care about what Kennywood does. I heard multiple people talking about this at school today. Also they're bringing back a decorative backdrop in the spirit of the one it had years ago. Hopefully they don't butcher the restraints. This is a good centerpiece for the park's rebranding and "new look" next year!
  5. 99% sure it involves the return of the Kangaroo (though I'm sure they'll find some way to screw it up), probably something else too... Volcano replacement likely
  6. Racer and Jack Rabbit will get a coat of paint, meaning that along with Phantom, all three wooden coasters will hopefully look their best next year. For next season, I'm pretty sure Kennywood will get the treatment Lake Compounce received this year. As long as they don't "update" the logo...
  7. Phantom's Revenge is getting a full repaint of its track next season. They're letting you vote if you want the color to change to purple or teal: https://www.kennywood.com/choose-the-color I'm sure that this will be just one of many cosmetic changes next year, as the park will be getting "rebranded" like Lake Compounce was. Also... this
  8. That's too bad, but I'm not surprised. As for Boulder Dash night rides, they were open until 10 most Saturdays this year, with Boulder Dash consistently running two trains.
  9. I noticed some fresh-looking welds during my visit. It would suck if they removed one of the first Arrow Corkscrews without warning, but it is 46 years old.
  10. Awesome! It looks like one of those seatbelt-only drop towers. I look forward to riding it. I think it could open in 2023 if all goes well.
  11. The highlight of my visit to SFNE was the free kiwis (sponsored by Sun Gold) outside of the entrance. It's a little hard to scan your pass with one hand while eating a kiwi with the other, but.... Six Flags
  12. Keep in mind if you're visiting the park this month that they've been running Jack Rabbit and Racer starting right around 10:30, while the rest of the rides don't start until 11. Steel Curtain was also on one train today and during my last visit in July, so I'm not sure if they're having maintenance issues with the second train or not.
  13. That Whip might just be tearing itself to pieces... look at this cable which desperately needs tightening. My problem with the Old Mill is the green rope lighting on the long corridors which are supposed to be long and dark!
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