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  1. Black Widow is closed again, likely for the long haul
  2. Flying Witch is being removed. The current rumor is that it's going to Niagara Amusement Park.
  3. Holiday Lights is pretty fun this year! They're open for seven hours, and you can even ride the Jack Rabbits several times in a row if you come early. They're also running both trains on the miniature train most nights.
  4. Not just theme park fans... a lot of people in Pittsburgh REALLY care about what Kennywood does. I heard multiple people talking about this at school today. Also they're bringing back a decorative backdrop in the spirit of the one it had years ago. Hopefully they don't butcher the restraints. This is a good centerpiece for the park's rebranding and "new look" next year!
  5. 99% sure it involves the return of the Kangaroo (though I'm sure they'll find some way to screw it up), probably something else too... Volcano replacement likely
  6. Racer and Jack Rabbit will get a coat of paint, meaning that along with Phantom, all three wooden coasters will hopefully look their best next year. For next season, I'm pretty sure Kennywood will get the treatment Lake Compounce received this year. As long as they don't "update" the logo...
  7. Phantom's Revenge is getting a full repaint of its track next season. They're letting you vote if you want the color to change to purple or teal: https://www.kennywood.com/choose-the-color I'm sure that this will be just one of many cosmetic changes next year, as the park will be getting "rebranded" like Lake Compounce was. Also... this
  8. That's too bad, but I'm not surprised. As for Boulder Dash night rides, they were open until 10 most Saturdays this year, with Boulder Dash consistently running two trains.
  9. I noticed some fresh-looking welds during my visit. It would suck if they removed one of the first Arrow Corkscrews without warning, but it is 46 years old.
  10. Awesome! It looks like one of those seatbelt-only drop towers. I look forward to riding it. I think it could open in 2023 if all goes well.
  11. The highlight of my visit to SFNE was the free kiwis (sponsored by Sun Gold) outside of the entrance. It's a little hard to scan your pass with one hand while eating a kiwi with the other, but.... Six Flags
  12. Keep in mind if you're visiting the park this month that they've been running Jack Rabbit and Racer starting right around 10:30, while the rest of the rides don't start until 11. Steel Curtain was also on one train today and during my last visit in July, so I'm not sure if they're having maintenance issues with the second train or not.
  13. That Whip might just be tearing itself to pieces... look at this cable which desperately needs tightening. My problem with the Old Mill is the green rope lighting on the long corridors which are supposed to be long and dark!
  14. Does Pandemonium really have a single rider line "hidden" in the Flash Pass line? I don't mind doing that if it saves an hour of waiting, but it also sounds like something that could make you look really stupid if the operators aren't using it.
  15. I'm going next Friday and expect the crowds to be pretty bad. Looking at queue-times.com, it shows Riddler Revenge as having one of the longest lines in the park. Should I prioritize this coaster? I'm thinking of doing Superman and the wild mouse first to get a low capacity ride out of the way. Then I might hit Riddler and Joker. I'd just rather be stuck in a long line for a RMC than a SLC.
  16. I'm not sure if they've ever actually run the VR on Sky Rocket since they announced it in 2017, LOL. Thanks for the report! I liked the wide angle photos and hearing a first timer's perspective.
  17. If anyone's wondering, I had no problem getting into Idlewild yesterday.
  18. I just wanted to give a really brief TR from my quick visit on Sunday. The best thing was that I got to ride Alpine Bobsled with a ten-minute wait. The bad thing that kind of ruined this park for me was Comet. I was expecting a ride with a decent amount of airtime, and I got about as much air as SFA's Roar gives. For comparison, I was not expecting much out of Canobie's Yankee Cannonball (which I rode today) like I was from Comet, but that coaster turned out to be many times more fun than Comet. Maybe I caught it on the wrong day or rode in the wrong train, but it was just not good, and that's too bad because this coaster could be another Phoenix. Overall, I think this park has loads of untapped potential and charm, and it's a shame that Six Flags has operated it for as long as they have.
  19. I had an great first visit to this park today! It was perfect weather, with a chance of rain that didn't come and kept the crowds away. I got to ride Yankee Cannonball (awesome ride in rows 1, 3, and 4) seven times, mostly with a one-train wait. The Canobie Corkscrew was closed, though, so I only got two credits today. There was also a construction wall around the carousel building that had a sign on it that said "wet paint," so I guess they're doing some refurb work? It seems kind of odd to be doing that at the beginning of July. Anyway, this park was really charming and I hope to come back someday. As a bonus, here's a video of some insane banking I saw on Ice Jet. I only saw this during this one cycle, and my cycle was considerably tamer. I remember @Canobie Coaster mentioning that the park's old Matterhorn ride used to bank like this, so it was neat to witness. I guess that either the operator was taking matters into his or her own hands for a minute or there's different programs that can be selected. 160262528_MVI_25691.MP4
  20. Thanks for making this topic. I upgraded to Platinum since I got a KW pass for free and am going to visit Lake Compounce this year. I appreciate the heads up about Idlewild!
  21. As soon as Cedar Fair realized they wouldn't be able to have four workers for the Forbidden Frontier rafts at all hours of the day, they realized that they needed to close CP two days a week.
  22. It was insanely crowded yesterday, but I still had fun. Believe it or not, I survived by riding Maverick before Steel Vengeance during Early Entry, without Fastlane. I even took a walk down Frontier Trail in the morning. The SV ride was pretty great because we got the back seat and had steam train smoke in our faces. I then got in line for Top Thrill Dragster as it was testing after being down. Once it opened, I waited an hour in line and had it break down again when I was two trains away. After they backed all the trains up to unload the stranded train, they launched one train successfully and dispatched ours with it, but we failed to advance and were stuck in the brake just before the light tree for about 20 minutes until we were backed up and unloaded. 20 minutes later and two hours into this debacle, we finally got our ride! Looking at the stats now, TTD didn't run for a full hour all day (not surprising)! For the rest of the day, I focused more on the smaller rides I enjoy. I appreciate the consistency, but I was surprised that Cedar Fair doesn't let you take pictures once you've stepped on to a carousel platform, even if the ride hasn't started yet. The crowds were preventative to riding other coasters - Corkscrew and Gemini had 45 min waits all day, for instance - but I was able to entertain myself until it was time to drive home taking pictures and riding flat rides. One thing that was slightly frustrating is how seemingly slow the operations were on smaller coasters, namely Blue Streak and Corkscrew.
  23. I emailed the park about the one train ops awhile back. Like Knoebels, they do it to stop the PTCs from tearing up the track too much, which I do appreciate. I was mainly curious if there were predetermined days during which they traditionally run two trains, and that's sort of the case. On Saturdays in late June, July, and August you'll see two trains if the crowds warrant it.
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