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  1. They're running CraZanity and the carousel empty, and you get to drive through Scream at the end. Looks fun!
  2. I was at the park on that day, too. It was actually my first visit, and I couldn't have picked a better day to experience the desolation that is Six Flags America on a November Sunday. There's no way that they were making any money. In three hours, I got 20 rides on all of the coasters. The second train was already gone for most of the coasters. I think it's funny that they still needed to sanitize and run the train empty after three cycles even if only a combined 10 people had ridden it. Overall, I really enjoyed Wild One and the coasters in Gotham City. Batwing was my first flying
  3. These are some top-notch pictures. Great job! I'm disappointed that even though you mentioned the lame Jolly Rogers darkride, you didn't take a shot of the Trimper's Haunted House.
  4. Is it too late for a surprise holiday reopening like Carowinds? Sent from my SM-J737T1 using Tapatalk
  5. I wonder if Palace would be willing for someone (you know....) to take the Kurve and Kangaroo off their hands for cheap. Sent from my SM-J737T1 using Tapatalk
  6. They slipped it in on election day, but Pittsburgh Facebook pages are blowing up. Did Parques really lose so much money that they need to do something this drastic? Maybe, just maybe, next season will be better and they will eventually recover costs. But in all honesty, these rides formed the heart and soul of Kennywood. I have a free season pass for next year and have no plans to use it if Conneaut opens.
  7. If anyone cares, here's the timeline of Idlewild since 2013... 2013: Removal of historic Caterpillar and Dizzy Lizzy's Saloon (Haunted Swing) 2014: Closing of Mister Rogers Neighborhood (of Sally animatronics) 2015: Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood (of cutouts) opens 2017: Mothballing of Whip after it stands SBNO for more than a season 2018: Ridiculous new Rollo Coaster trains 2019: Super Round Up returns after being gone in 2018 - a "new" ride! 2021: Ferris Wheel, kiddie wheel removed The Tilt-A-Whirl was also changed out at some point for a differ
  8. Kennywood is removing Bayern Kurve and Kangaroo, plus Paratrooper and Volcano (Enterprise). This is a major blow to the park's historic flat ride collection. Sent from my SM-J737T1 using Tapatalk
  9. From now on, every one of my posts will be in BRIGHT YELLOW TEXT. All joking aside, the update is welcomed by me! Hopefully it will make people more receptive to joining.
  10. You've got to be kidding me. I don't want to get my hopes up, but this could be seriously awesome. One of the first things I think of this flat is the horn at Kennywood, but I doubt that Knoebels would keep that feature if this pans out.
  11. Nice report! Are Nitro operations this year as good as they were last season?
  12. That was very thoughtful, InsaneCoasterJunkie. I can't wait for the day when when we see Waldameer expanding again. Right now, though, I'll just be happy if they decide to open next year.
  13. Can't you still get pierogis at the Round Stand in front of the Haunted Mansion?
  14. Oh well, I guess it makes since with most parks not looking for the "next big thing" to buy this year. The cost to plan an exhibit, transport it, and set it up and tear it down wouldn't be worth the return on investment. I'm not sure if government restrictions played into this choice or not. After Chance, GCI, Larson, and Premier stepped down, I'm sure that they really started thinking if it was worthwhile to try and hold it. I'll miss the pictures and video this November.
  15. I don't want this to become the main discussion thread for La Feria, but I thought I'd share this listing of Cascabel (Kennywood's former Laser Loop). https://www.usedrides.com/rides/217016?fbclid=IwAR06NCkg25gu-uMcmEqdyxkIk5G4AqY9z7Zm1Av3UFrs7kOigUTnLHkHtYw I haven't looked to see if there are any other rides from this park listed. 490k. For a forty year old coaster. With a flywheel launch.
  16. My experience with waits on an August weekday: Maverick was 30 minutes. Millennium Force was a walk-on. TTD was 20 minutes. Steel Vengeance was an hour at most. Non-access pass coasters were all 15-25 minutes. I guess that I just lucked out... anyhow, thanks for the report! I'm glad that you still had a fun time given the circumstances.
  17. Gotta love how the webcams are changed during the season. Right now you've got a view of the Marina with Valravn, Raptor, and Blue Streak in the corner as well as a view of just the launch track of TTD with 75% of the Iron Dragon layout and a lot of Rougarou. Interesting choices.
  18. Man, I do love Twister... and Phoenix... so much. Twister is for when you feel up for a great dose of wooden coaster intensity, but it's nice to know that Phoenix will always be right there if you want to take a "break" from the laterals. Knoebels really does go for quality over quantity, and I enjoyed the SFA report too! I will have to go there one day just for the experience and because it's really not that far away.
  19. Without Fastlane two days ago, I managed to ride Steel Vengeance four times (twice with a pass), Maverick twice, Millennium Force twice, and Top Thrill Dragster twice. I also did Gemini, Raptor, GateKeeper, Tiki Twirl, Valravn, Magnum, and Cedar Downs. The only thing I'm bummed that I missed out on was the Sky Ride! The main reason I was able to ride so much was thanks to my mom, who was really nice and went around and got passes for me in the morning while I waited in the SV standby queue. So you'll get the best experience this year if you visit with someone who doesn't want to ride anything
  20. I did enjoy Wildcat when I rode it... in 2016... at 12 years old. I also find it hard to like Lightning Racer. The dueling is the best part, but even with that, I don't find it to be a great wooden coaster. Man, after reading all of these reviews I wish that I had gotten another ride on Candymonium! But I did enjoy myself more at Knoebels that same day, so what's a guy to do?
  21. ^ Nope, but it is definitely on my bucket list and from what people here have said, I expect that I'll enjoy it when I eventually visit. I didn't want to try to squeeze too much into one day with the virus procedures in place and have no qualms about waiting a bit to go there!
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